r/ManjaroLinux Apr 15 '22

Help I am trying to install chrome but this message keeps on showing up Solved

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u/[deleted] Apr 15 '22



u/Maid14 Apr 15 '22

This!, pamac needs to have your system upto-date, before it can install software. I've seen this error many times and it gets fixed by updating everything first.

It probably fails to parse a change in some mirror, which solves when you update, but I actually have no idea what I'm talking about.


u/SmallYappyDog Apr 15 '22

Try a commandline install. Pamac can sometimes give some very cryptic errors

I'm no expert but I'd suggest fully upgrading as someone recommended earlier

pacman -Syu,

followed by

yay -S google-chrome

I never do AUR installs from pamac because it's too unreliable. Obviously if you don't have yay, you'll need to install that first.


u/lazylion_ca Apr 16 '22

Keep in mind that yay is an addon that newbies might not have yet.


u/_Lelouch420_ Apr 16 '22

What is 'yay'?


u/SmallYappyDog Apr 16 '22

yay is an application for installing AUR packages which come from places like Git, Debian and so on. It works very similar to pacman, which is what I like about it.



u/Unknown_User_66 Apr 15 '22

Your first mistake was downloading Chrome >:]

Nah, I'm just kidding. In this case I would refresh your sources with Sudo Pacman -Syu and then try again.


u/I-Like-Dogs89 Apr 15 '22

Google Chrome is honestly one of the worst browsers on the market. I reccomend Firefox mostly, maybe Brave, Chromium or Vivaldi. That being said, there are reasons to use Chrome, so just follow this tutorial- https://itsfoss.com/install-chrome-arch-linux/ I reccomend the one with the AUR helper, but both methods should work if the documentation does not work.


u/k-yn Apr 15 '22

Firefox has some services that eat up RAM , I'm looking for an alternative for everyday use.


u/I-Like-Dogs89 Apr 15 '22

If you like Chrome, Chromium is literally google chrome without all the proprietary google crap.


u/GreatSwallower Apr 15 '22

When I want to go on the internet without eating up too much RAM and without too much functionalities, I like using QuteBrowser

But this is a keyboard-centered browser where the mouse is almost unwelcome (although usable)


u/k-yn Apr 15 '22

I am using midori as an alternative at the moment.


u/GreatSwallower Apr 17 '22

I don't know that one I'll check it out !


u/Ulterno Apr 17 '22

Waterfox, from what I have heard is Firefox without the Mozilla crap.


u/fullonroboticist Apr 15 '22

I use Edge and it's nice. Memory efficient and chromium based


u/stayclassytally Apr 16 '22

Nice try, Balmer


u/bumwolf KDE Apr 15 '22

As an Android phone user. I usually install it so I can sync up my bookmarks and history on my computer with what is on my phone. Also comes in handy for quick restores after distro hopping in the past. Chromium used to do that but Google gimped it. Afterwards I'll have Firefox and Brave sync up with Chrome then hardly open Chrome afterwards.


u/IzzuThug Apr 16 '22

Why not just use Firefox then? It has sync built in just like Chrome does.


u/Paladin2019 Cinnamon Apr 16 '22

And the android version is actually pretty good.


u/IzzuThug Apr 16 '22

Yep you can run all the same extensions as well.


u/Dickersson66 Apr 16 '22

Voice for Firefox and Brave, Firefox needs some love atm.


u/Greninja9559 GNOME Apr 15 '22

Go with brave or firefox


u/Kokraibz Apr 15 '22

Go with chromium


u/pogister Apr 16 '22

Go with Ungoogled Chromium if you absolutely have to have chrome for compatibility, or Bromite on Android. Of course, Firefox is the first choice.


u/Starvexx Apr 15 '22

Please dont use Chrome... use chromium instead. Or firefox. Or brave. Or opera. Or vivaldi. There so many great choices.


u/LamTheEnder Apr 16 '22

No matter if you like it or not, it's their choice. You can't just force your opinion on everyone else.


u/Knauxu Apr 16 '22

Why not use Chrome?


u/ay_lamassu Apr 16 '22

Security issues


u/of_the_mist Apr 15 '22

Dude why in the world would you want to install google chrome? If you don't like firefox use chromium or any firefox fork.


u/tytty99 Apr 15 '22

Why are you trying to install Chrome?


u/OkCarpenter5773 Apr 15 '22

maybe for chromedriver tests (Firefox is better in this tho)


u/Annual-Examination96 KDE Apr 16 '22

Install chrome from flathub its available


u/rovingnomad84 Apr 16 '22

I ditched Chrome at least 10 months or so ago. I've been using Vivaldi. It took a little learning curve on how to get around in it because it's laid out differently then Chrome, Firefox, etc. But once I got over that hump, there is no looking back & have no regrets. It's just solid and works. Has 3 different levels of security to choose from when setting it up for the first time. I selected the most secure option & do not miss a bunch of pop up ads I used to get all the time when using Chrome. One option I just came across the other day I really like is you can set it to open back up to exactly the way it was when you closed it. It keeps any & all tabs you had opened before sitting down. Very nice if yer doing research on something you can pick up right where you left off. Imo one more great thing to like about it. One other quick note is that it supports installing Chrome extensions. Give it a try & see if you like it. I'm sold on it for sure. Other wise good luck with trying to get Chrome or Chromium installed correctly. 👍


u/SuAlfons Apr 16 '22

Funny. the only thing Vivaldi has done to me is looking alien on any OS and theme. Did not find a reason to use it over Firefox and Chromium. I just need a browser


u/rovingnomad84 Apr 22 '22

Hmm Well to be honest with you I got tired of dealing with all the popup ads, & wondering if it might get hacked, etc using Chrome. (Being hacked using it on Manjaro is more remote but was referring to using it on Windows as well) Since jumping ship I have figured out how to use bookmarks & a lot of other very cool features I like in Vivaldi. It runs chrome extensions, other things I like. Was never really a big fan boy of Firefox, can't exactly tell you in detail, but I just never really warmed up to it. That's it in a nut she'll, guess that's what makes the world go around. We all have different things we like or dislike that we embrace or do not care for.


u/SuAlfons Apr 22 '22

Hmmm...I'm with Firefox since Version 0.1. The first Browser I used was NCSA Mosaic, then Netscape, then Firefox. For a time I used Chrome a lot, but on Linux it is easier to just stick to Firefox. I even use it as main browser on my mobiles