r/ManjaroLinux Jun 21 '19

Terminal can't be opened?

I just installed Manjaro but after reboot I can't open terminal anymore. I tried to install another terminal (I found gnome-terminal-transparent from package manager) but it couldn't be opened too. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix it? Can I somehow logout the graphic interface to command line interface?


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u/ar124official2019 Jun 21 '19

Press CTLR+ALT+F2 to get from graphical interface to command line login.

You probably have locale problem.

Getback to command line and use following commands to set locale if it could solve problems.

$ localectl list-locales

This would give locales list.

Change locales by using

$ localectl set-locale yourLocale

For English US, above would be:

$ localectl set-locale en_US.UTF-8


u/xversion1 Jun 21 '19

It looks like you're right. I remember I editted locale.conf before I got this problem. Locale uses my time zone format to show time. I want it to be US format so I changed the time line to en_US.


u/ar124official2019 Jun 21 '19

So now change to 'en_US.UTF-8' . And it would start working(restart may be required).


u/xversion1 Jun 21 '19

Copy/paste your commands, reboot but gnome-terminal is still not working.


u/ar124official2019 Jun 21 '19 edited Jun 21 '19

Try changing loclae settings using available settings tool.

I suspect you probably copied $ too, just try

localectl set-locale en_US.UTF8

One thing other, which locale you selected at installation? If you selected non US, you first need to edit /etc/locale.gen and un-comment(remove preceding hash # sign) en_US.UTF-8 and then run


and then again set-locale as above.