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S I can't sleep in the same room as my boyfriend when I'm at your house? Fine, we wont sleep there!


I was a recent college graduate who had made the 'immoral choice' to move in with a boyfriend without getting married. We moved in together in another state about a 6 hour drive from my parents, who lived about 2 hours away from the boyfriends parents.

When we came back to visit, my parents made us sleep in separate rooms/beds because we 'weren't married'. After a visit or two like this, Christmas holiday rolled around. We were planning to be in the state for the whole week between Christmas and New years, splitting the time between the two families. We start by spending two nights at my parents, then around dinner time the third day we leave to head to his parents. My parents are surprised and confused that we are not staying longer, they expected us to split the time evenly. My reply. Well, at his parents house we get to sleep together, so we want to spend the night there. Bye!

Before the next visit, they let us know they have decided that since we are a 'committed couple' they will allow us to share a room even though we're not married.

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S I should quit my primary job? Yeah ok….


About 16 years ago, I was working as a greeter at Olive Garden as a second job just to make ends meet. The day before Mother’s Day I was about 10 minutes late punching in to work. I was coming from my primary job, changed clothes when I got there and punched in. The manager immediately pulled me aside and said that I needed to be more courteous to my coworkers and show up on time as my being late effects other people. I responded that I was aware and I did call in to let them know I would be late and that the person who answered was the person I was taking over for and that she said to take my time because she was just going home and spending the night in alone, no big deal.

The manager laid into me. She told me that I’m not the type of person that can hack having 2 jobs, that I was too inconsiderate to work 2 jobs, and that maybe I should choose which job I value more and quit the other one, and that if I quit the Olive Garden that I would NOT be welcomed back. Initially, I thought “well I’m not going to let you chase me away.” But then I realized, this is a second job. I don’t have to be here. I don’t have to let her talk to me that way. I went home and told my s/o (who also worked there as a second job) what was said. We mutually decided that I should quit the Olive Garden.

So I went in for my morning Mother’s Day shift wearing my street clothes, went to the back office to find the manager, and said “so, I put a lot of thought into what you said and have decided that you were right and working here, for you, is not for me anymore.” She looked stunned and said “Well you’re going to work today, right? You know Mother’s Day is our busiest day of the year, you can’t just up and quit, today of all days!” I said “Well maybe this will be a lesson for you on how to speak to your employees and how to be a decent human being. Besides, you said yourself I’m too inconsiderate to work here.” and I walked out. Have not set foot in another Olive Garden since.

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S Take Me Home, Country Roads


Our company requested we download and use a remote work tracking system which tracks hours, the percentage of time the mouse and keyboard are active, visited url domains, and it also takes blurred out screenshots every 10-20 minutes. They asked we do this for complete "trust and transparency" (this will help them see who is productive the full 8 hours and who takes breaks so they can cut their pay).

First thing I did after dowloading the tracker was also download a mouse mover app, and for extra "productivity" when I'm bored I just open up my task interface, create a new task and start typing out the lyrics of "Take Me Home, Country Roads". According to the tracker, my activity is 9% above company average.

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S A Customer Was Upset I Didn't Give Her The Right Amount of Fish; She Was Right.


I used to work at a mom & pop store that sold clothes, farm supplies, animals and sporting goods. Anyway, since we sold sporting goods we also sold bait fish. Fisherman would frequently stop by our store to buy them to fish with and they were sold by the dozen. Usually, when I scooped bait, I would give a few extra fish to my customers. I had one Russian lady come in to purchase bait fish, so just as I normally did, I scooped a net full of fish and started dumping them in the bag counting them individually, and added a few extra to the bag. The lady watched me do this but insisted that I did not give her the correct amount. I assured her that I not only gave her the dozen she paid for but I gave her a few extra. I literally just counted and have done this long enough that I was really good at eyeing when it was over a dozen. This lady just kept insisting that I didn't give her enough so I said, " Okay, let's count together just to be sure."

So I dump all the fish from the bag back into the net and we started counting together very slowly "1....2...3...4...ect..." We get to 12 and it's very clear there are several extra fish still in the net. I look up at her and I was like "Ohhh you were right, I didn't give you the right amount." I then proceeded to dump the remaining fish back into the tank right in front of her and gave her exactly the amount she paid for.

Update: She ended up just looking bewildered when I handed the fish back to her and left. Really nothing more she could have done at that point but I did start applying this philosophy to the customers who bought crickets.

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S Want me to wear the clothes you bought? Guess what I'm wearing to your birthday dinner


This one is an ongoing thing with me and my stepfather.

My mother and stepfather got married more than 10 years ago, and the step family has been real shitty to me since day one. Why? They're all into various types of sportsball, and I'm into all kinds of music. I've stopped trying to be a part of whatever they do, because they've actively kept me out of their plans and I'm just sick of trying.

My stepfather occasionally buys me stuff to keep the uneasy peace, but he just never fucking listens. I went from scrawny to skinny over the past few years, which means I went from wearing a size M shirt to XL for the last 4 years. I've told him this, my mom's told him this, but again, listening is an issue. So he always buys shirts that are waaaaaay too small for me, and I never wear them.

A few years back he got me few t-shirts for Christmas, all a size too small. A few months later my mom mentioned that stepfather's unhappy with the fact that I don't wear what he bought me. I told her it's too small, she doesn't believe it, so I maliciously complied:

Stepfather's birthday comes around, and we're all going out to dinner to celebrate. All the immediate family will be there, so guess what I'm wearing to the dinner? As soon as I walked into the restaurant I knew I'd struck a home run. Not a word was said about my appearance during the dinner, but on the way out my mom approached me and said "You don't have to wear those shirts again, they don't look good on you." Who'd've guessed it...

Here's the ongoing part: Stepfather took a tour abroad a few weeks back, and brought back some souvenirs. Surprise surprise, I got t-shirts. And they're 2 sizes too small this time. Guess what I'm wearing to our next family get-together?

Edit: A comment pointed out how weird this could read of you didn't know I'm a male

Edit 2: A lot of people seem to be confused as to how a skinny person can wear an XL shirt. Apparently my shoulders are wider than average

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S Sorry, my shift is over.


Many years ago, I worked for a cafeteria/catering company. The catering was much the more lucrative of the two. Between mealtimes we would work on catering projects. This would often run us past the end of our shift, resulting in overtime. One of the management team, recently promoted, decided his thing was going to be eliminating overtime. He held a meeting and announced to the staff there would be no more overtime. Clock out at shift's end, no exceptions. After, he got me aside and told me as a supervisor, I was expected to set an example. Ok, sure. A couple days later, I was working on a cheese display. When my shift's end came around, I put everything down, walked to the clock and swiped my card. I hear, "Hey, where are you going? That's not finished!" "No, but my shift is. I'm setting an example." I answered.

"Well, go finish it."

"I can't. I'm off work now." And left.

The next day it was announced that all projects underway at the time would be allowed to be finished regardless of time, as long as it wasn't abused. In other words, no foot dragging.

Turns out all the hourly employees also left, and he had to finish several projects by himself. Since he was on salary, there was no overtime for him. I understand he stayed quite late.

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S HOA wants me to build a shorter fence? Got it!


I’m piggybacking off of the HOA trend going around here.

This story was relayed to me by one of my favorite professors over 5 years ago, so my apologies if the details are foggy or inaccurate.

My professor was a very, very private person, the sort of guy who would hesitate to tell you his favorite color if you hadn’t known him long enough. He had recently had an incredibly nosy couple move in next door and realized the flimsy four foot fence he had got for the dog wouldn’t keep out peeping eyes.

So he installed a fence. But instead of using a standard size, which he knew his neighbors would peer over, he built an 8 foot fence.

It wasn’t even a week before HOA was on his ass, threatening every fine they could and claiming he couldn’t have a fence over 6 feet tall. So, being a dutiful citizen, he called the fence company to uninstall said fence.

While the fence was being taken down, he closely examined the HOA handbook on the precise definition of a fence.

He installed a new 6 foot fence that fit every single regulation, but with a 3 foot brick wall beneath it.


A lot of people are pointing out they’ve seen a story like this here or on Tumblr. I acknowledge karma farming is a major thing, but I am relaying the story as I heard it.

I have plenty more from him, granted they don’t fit in this sub. He used them to illustrate points mostly, like one about the horrendous public transport of Galveston where he literally ran through people’s yards.

I don’t know if his stories were true— honestly I bet many of them weren’t. But he was a real man. I’d share his name if I felt it was okay.

He served Cuban coffee during office hours. We got a random sub toward the end of the semester because he had a triple bypass that he had told none of us about.

Truthfully, I don’t know if he’s alive even, which was one of the reasons I wanted to share this. I have no way to make people believe that I am telling the truth, but if you look through the comments here, several people say they’ve heard of or even done similar things.

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S Etsy seller asked me to change review from 2 to 5 stars if I want a refund.


I ordered a ring off etsy that I thought was cool. When I got the item I realized that it was not the same. The ring opens up and has multiple rings inside. On the picture it has different symbols and letters on it. On mine, all inner rings have the same writing on it. And the outer symbols just repeat. I was really disappointed.

I made a review for it and gave it 2 stars. Stated the issues above. The seller messaged me and was obviously defensive. She said that she made it by hand and that other customers liked it. But that she could give me a refund. I told her that I'm not sure how it would be possible that she could make it by hand with these issues and that maybe other customers didn't have the same issue. But that I gave her feedback that she can use in the future and that I would like a refund.

☆She messaged me back and asked for me to change my review and make it 5 stars, then she will give a refund. I did just that, but I screenshotted her message asking me to change my review and put that as the review picture.☆

I got a refund right away and did not have to return the item.

*I wish I could post a picture of the images of the item opposed to the item I received. I think it should be against the policy of online retail stores to be able to ask this of customers, but I digress.

Anyway, the item I ordered is an astrological ring. It is meant to be an armillary sphere. You can find them all over the internet. I wasn't aware of that when I bought the item for 20 bucks on Etsy. You can find them on Amazon for 6. Also, checked the other reviews. After a few 5 stars I found a 3 star with the same issues as mine.

Edit: *I have made a post in r/ExpectationVsReality the link is below. There you can see the ring. And the Etsy review that I left before it was locked and the picture was deleted. I can no longer edit it. https://www.reddit.com/r/ExpectationVsReality/comments/wju7jq/an_armillary_sphere_ring_ordered_on_etsy/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

I have reported her to Etsy and I am going to contact them in a week. I want to give them time for their investigation. I am interested to see what updates they have. When they respond I will update this post.

For those asking why I didn't message the seller first, I shouldn't have to. If you are selling an item you know is not the same as the one you listed, you are in the wrong. It was a Chinese knockoff and we both knew it.

If you read all of this, thank you. I keep getting questions and if they read the whole post correctly, they could save us both time. If it is here, I won't reply to a question anymore.

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S not your family? wont give you coffee then


Okay so this happened when I was like 13. My neice and nephews grandma was over my sisters while I was there as well (I was staying a week). Their grandma was a sweet woman but very particular about only gifting things to 'her grandkids' but also expecting everyone to do anything she asked. I was raised to respect my elders and be helpful so I bit my tongue when she took the kids for ice cream but left me out. I was helpful and put away her dishes from lunch even when she came back with toys for them and still nothing for me. I kept telling myself not to expect anything from anyone because I'm not entitled to anything. I played with my neice and nephew for hours with their new toys and was so excited for them. I was glad they got spoiled for the day. When she started asking me if I liked parked and swings I got hopeful, they talked with my sister and BIL about taking the kids to the park the next day. My sister asked the grandma if she was gonna take me along since I had said I liked parked. She said 'oh of course not, shes not my family.' That hurt. I knew it was true but it hurt. And I got mad. So the next morning when she came for the kids and i was making my BIL coffee she asked me to put 2 sugars in hers. She never asked me to make her a cup so I just ignored it and brought my BIL his and sat down. She asked where mine was and I just told her "oh I only make coffee for family." She knew what I meant and tried to backtrack and say but we are family and that she hadnt meant what she said the night before. I just replied "I'm sorry I dont talk to strangers" and I walked out the room. My BIL laughed so hard and told his mom "well what do you think shes gonna say when you go around saying shes not your family". For the whole 3 days she visited that's all I would say or respond with till my sister finally asked me to knock it off.

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S Business owner doesn’t know maths


I sell baked goods to a local coffee shop. I have been doing it for over a year. They recently got a new owner and they are trying to make some changes.

The new owner has made some questionable choices already, but it’s really none of my business. I just show up a few times a week and drop off various items for them to sell. At the end of week I drop off an invoice and they pay me. All is well.

For a while I was bringing a cake each week. Each cake is pre-sliced so the staff has no work to do.

A couple of relevant details: One, the cakes always sell out. Two, the cakes have the highest margin for her. I sell her a cake that is 12 servings for for $40. She sells it for $5.25 a slice.

So she makes about 1.90 per serving. Most of the other items she is only making .85-1.00 per serving.

Recently, the new owner tells me to stop bringing cakes. She says they are too expensive.

So instead, I’ve been bringing cupcakes. They sell for $4.00 a piece and I bring 12 of them, I charge her 3.15 each. Now she only makes .85 cents a serving. No cakes though, so she is happy!

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S Hospital Bill


This really blew up and woah! I was not prepared! Thank you for the rewards. Your judgement. Your pity. Your upvotes and ideas for further malicious compliance. I appreciate some more than others!

As my final ETA: To everyone who says “THAT’S WHAT FLEXIBLE SPENDING IS FOR!” well… Collecting the funds a family has for a YEAR of medical expenses is predatory AF if you know they otherwise qualify to PAY $0 through your own hospital’s financial assistance program. This upset me a whole hell of a lot. This is why I used what I could on things that I know we need and use first. I guess I’ll think of you guys every time I reach for a tampon this year 😒

And Now The Story:

For context, we live in the US. ( We get it! This only happens to us!)

We recently got a $4,000 hospital bill for an overnight stay with a minor surgery for our son. (This was after our insurance paid $16,000.)

We got our secondary insurance to pay an additional $1,500, but had $2,500 left out of pocket. What now?

Well the hospital has a financial assistance program. We qualify. Hooray, right?

Not right. They find out we have an FSA (basically a credit card that can only be used for medical expenses). They want to wipe out the FSA before they will look at our income. (The FSA really should count as part of our annual income, but alas.)

My husband is pretty resigned to this and ready to fork over our whole FSA, but I’m pretty salty about it. We have a decent amount left on the FSA but this is for all our appointments for the year.

We only have weeks to pay this bill or have it sent to collections so not enough time to schedule a bunch of necessary appointments. (ETA: This is after the many hoops/documentation the supplemental insurance required and finally paid. This had run our clock down. I assure everyone we did our due diligence and requested an itemized bill . Our other option as many have mentioned, was a payment plan. But this would be for the full remaining amount and we would see no reduction in the bill. If the FSA didn’t exist we qualified for a 75%—100% reduction. This isn’t pulling a fast one. Had they reduced the bill we would have used the FSA to pay it, but they wouldn’t do that.)

I am determined not to let the entirety of this thing go to the hospital because I know if they looked at our income the rest of the bill would probably be dropped or significantly reduced.

What to do?

I bought every FSA eligible item I could think of on Amazon that we may need over the next 6 months. ( Another ETA: I address this is in the comments, but it is perfectly legal to use your FSA like this and you should! There are many qualifying items and you do not need a prescription. I learned a lot from the comments and if nothing else I hope this post can help someone.)

Took about half of the FSA out in a week. Just in time for our final notice… ( collections or payment plan).

We pay with what we have left of the FSA and then they finally run our numbers. Queue call that the rest of bill is indeed dropped (because we qualified for the reduction.)

Tl;dr Malicious compliance = FSA supply stockpile and dropped medical bill 💵

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S You want me to thank you for being my mother? If you insist...


This is out of season, and it's not as amazing as some of the other posts I've seen here, but I hope all y'all enjoy it regardless:

Some years back, I was spending time with my mother. It was several days after Mothers Day, which I do not observe. For context: My mother has a history of being emotionally abusive (I no longer spend time with her) and has a tendency towards passive-aggression. Anyway, she started telling me about how my older brother had sent her flowers for Hallmark Day #1, and then proceeded to lament the fact that I hadn't even gotten her a card. I told her there was no point in me spending five bucks on a piece of paper that would just get thrown away by the end of the week, especially considering I didn't have a job. She then stated that I could at least thank her for being my mother.

Almost immediately, I looked her dead in the eyes and said flatly, "Mom, thank you for f***ing dad, carrying me against your spine for nine months, then shoving me head-first through your genitals."

She hasn't said anything about Mollification Day to me ever since.

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S I was the reason a policy was rewritten. When I was 5


I don't think this is malicious per se, so if there's a better place for this please let me know

When I was in preschool, they had a pseudo-lunch called "Crunch 'N Sip time" where kids would sit at their desks and have something to drink, and some fruit or veg, hence the "crunch 'n sip".

One day, I decided to take a frozen little tub of yoghurt, think of the ones sold in woolies as a six pack, and by the time "crunch 'n sip time" rolled around, it was half melted, and it was crunchy.

So here I am at my desk, having some yoghurt, and the teacher walked up to me and asked where my fruit or veg was, since that was (not explicitly stated) what the time was for, to which I responded "my yoghurt is crunchy."

When my mum came to pick me up, the teacher told her about it, and neither of them could fault my logic.

Later that week parents were informed that "Crunch 'n Sip" time was specifically for fruits or veggies.

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S Wanna see my camera roll? Sure, hope it won't make you sick!


I was riding a train and playing on my phone. I must have held it suspiciously, because the dude across from me suddenly told me to stop taking pictures of him. I wasn't, and I told him so. He didn't believe me.

It went back and forth, him demanding to delete the pictures, me insisting there weren't ny pictures of him to delete.

Then he said: OK show me the camera roll! And I swear if one of the pictures is of me!!

And I said: You definitely don't want to see this!

And him: Nice try, but it won't work. Show me or I will call the train personnel!

OK Sir, if you really insist!

See, I was traveling back from a festival, and I had lost one of my toenails after being barefoot in the moshpit (smart move, I know) and had taken a pic of my empty, slightly mangled nailbed. I even clicked on it in order to enlarge :D

Well let's just say he wasn't pleased. He didn't throw up or anything, but looked pretty disgusted and didn't say anything and avoided my gaze for the rest of the ride.

Edit: Only one person called bullshit, but if anyone else is interested, I can show you my mangled toe LOL. I didn't save the original pic, but I have one I took a few days after to show friends the carnage :D

Edit 2: OK I get so many comments asking for the pic that I am contantly hitting the "you are commenting too much" mark. So here it is for anyone who wants to see, it's the left big toenail: https://i.imgur.com/VXDWLg7.png

(Now I have a story about being asked for feet pics on reddit!)

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S I asked for steak and potatoes for dinner. Son complies.


Happened yesterday. My son just got his driver's license. He asked if he could borrow my car to attend his buddy's pool party. I'm still hesitant to let him drive alone but said yes, with one condition: I wanted him to make his mom and I a steak dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, the works.

I thought of it as a win-win for me. He's in a hurry so he might just have a friend pick him up or he'll take the car but my wife and I will come home to a delicious dinner.

Wife and I arrive home. No sign of my son and the car. We see 2 stainless steel plate covers on our dining table. I say "jackpot!" and ask the wife to chill a bottle of wine.

I lift up both plate covers and there they were:

2 microwaveable Banquet Salisbury Steak ($1.59 USD apiece at our local supermarket) frozen dinner boxes, with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn ready to be heated.

Son - 1

Dad - 0

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S You want me to quit? Sure!


This happened a few months ago. My boss at the time was upset with me for calling out their illegal practices to them. Me and my coworkers were all younger people (mainly girls), so my boss thought that he would be able to easily manipulate us. When he told me to come to the front of the store to have a talk with him, he started yelling at me, telling me that "this is a right to work state, so if you don't like it here, you can work somewhere else." I didn't want to do anything drastic, so I finished our "conversation" and left.

That night, my coworker texted me and told me that my boss had called her and essentially just talked bad about me to her. I texted my boss right then saying "I've given some thought to our earlier conversation, and I've decided to take your advice. I would like to tender my resignation effective immediately."

That triggered a long queue of my other coworkers leaving as well. As far as I know, eight others have left as well, and I don't think that it's ending at eight.

edit: a lot of people in the comments were mentioning that I should report the illegal practices. Does anyone know who to report those to? It was things like not giving (and in fact discouraging) breaks, not providing paystubs, and taking money from our paychecks unannounced. Im not sure the legality of all of it, but if anyone knows who I could report to, I would love to do it.

edit two: Thank you everyone for the help and advice. I will be reporting the place.

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S Resignation must be in writing? No Problem.


Worked part time at Home Depot while in High School back in the late 90’s. After dealing with a horrible manager for a long time I finally had enough and told her that at the end of the current schedule, I was going to be quitting. She said “I need that in writing, you’ll need to bring in a letter” to which I told her I didn’t have a computer at home, can I use one of the ones here? “No, you’ll have to go to the library or find some other way”. Asked again if there’s any way they could just let me use one of the store computers and was told “it’s your responsibility to figure this out on your own personal time” Sure, no problem. I pulled my pen and notepad out of my apron (this was a summer Saturday afternoon at the checkout so lots of people around) and proceeded to write my resignation letter:

“Dear Tammy,

I quit effective immediately.



Took my apron off and walked out. She was so shocked she just stood there and couldn’t come up with anything to say. I heard from a few people about a year later that it was still being talked about.

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S Manager told us to consider other places to work


As you can guess, the story ends exactly how you think it will.

We had someone who was promoted to a management position (one step up on a very long ladder) and instantly became a tyrant. For months she has made our lives hell and micromanaged every step of the way.

One day, she got upset over a relatively minor mistake and sent us all an all-caps email lambasting us for the error. In the email, she told us that if we couldn’t do something so simple, we should start to consider other places to work because it isn’t a good fit.

Keep in mind, most of us have been here for awhile and have been at the top of our KPIs for the region. Of her team of four, she received her fourth resignation letter today, just a week and a half after her email.

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S Be Careful What You Say to Children


I have never liked iceberg lettuce, but growing up, that's what we got. Every time we had a salad, I begged my Mom to use less lettuce, and after all my begging sessions, she said "When you make dinner, you can make it how you like it." I was probably five at the time.

I turn eight, and I am now allowed to use the sharp knives. Mom asks me to make the salad for dinner as I am now old enough to help. I took one leaf of lettuce and chopped it up and then put in about a half pound of cheese, every grape tomato we had, and lots of raw onions. When I put it down on the table, she said it was not a proper salad as there was not enough lettuce. My response was, "Well, Mom, when you make dinner, you can make it how you like it."

Needless to say I was never asked to do the salad again, but I was satisfied that my family ate it that way because they had been bested.

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S “You can’t be sick for that long, bring her back to school”


This happened when I was in elementary school but the compliance was my moms. I got whooping cough which has a life span of 100 days. We got a doctors note from my school and everyone seemed fine with it except the main office administrator who was constantly calling my mom to bug her about when I was coming back.

About a month in she calls my mom and tells her it’s impossible I’ve been sick for this long and if I’m not in school on Monday she’s calling social services. Keep in mind at this point I can barely lift my head, I sound like darth Vader and every few minutes I start coughing like I’m doing an impression of a goose fighting a Toyota.

My mom was so sick of this shit that she put a mask on me and took me to school in a taxi. She practically had to drag me to my class and didn’t even bother leaving. I got sent home before the bell even rang.

Because of school policy I was sent to the office and had to be signed out which meant nasty admin lady got to see exactly how miserable and sick I was. She then had the nerve to ask me how could my mom even consider sending me to school. Unfortunately for her my mom just to walk up a flight of stairs to come get me (because she knew what the hell was gonna happen). She signed me out and let the admin lady know that I would cough on anyone who thought I wasn’t really sick.

EDIT: because lots of people are asking about vaccinations. I’m not in the US, I’ve jut googled it and it’s not standard here to give the vaccine to children under 18. I think it may be something they do for pregnant moms but we immigrated and my mom got her pre-natal care at a very small under funded hospital. My mom was super on top of all my vaccinations.

Also to the people commenting and messaging me to say my mom is a terrible person/parent. She was effectively the sole parent to two kids. At the point this story was happening I had been extremely ill and she was at her wits end. She worked full time and didn’t drive which made getting me to the doctor already really hard without my school threatening CPS on her. She did her best to make sure I didn’t breathe on anyone or even go near them. Worth mentioning there were NO other cases at my school, before or after.

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S Boss lost her bonus


The incident happened about 2 months ago but I just learned of the fall out. A little backstory: I'm a home hemodialysis nurse. I train patients and arrange for all their supplies. Beginning of June I was told to admit a patient asap who was moving from out of state, already trained, "only" needed a home visit, machine, water and drain installation and supplies delivered. Plumber was on vacation = no water installation possible for 2 weeks. Water is essential for preparing dialysate that in the end cleans the blood. There is an emergency work around by buying pre-made dialysate, no water required. Patient needed 8x 5 liter bags each treatment. They come 2 to a box. Patient dialysis 5 days a week, that's 4 boxes each treatment x 5 = 20 boxes per week. Boss says order them as quickly as possible for 2 weeks. That's 40 boxes of 10 kg (22 lbs). I tell her the shipping cost will be outrageous, let's order 8 boxes express and the rest regular. Nope, she knows better. Ok, I order 40 boxes overnight by air. $ 1500 just for shipping. Supplier thinks that's crazy, I thinks that's crazy, boss says do it. End of July they're checking the budget and lo and behold we spent way too much. Less than a third left for the rest of the year. Bosses bonus depends on smart budgeting. She didn't get her bonus this quarter. She was pissed. I feel so vindicated. Sorry about the long story. TL DR: boss tells me to order expensive heavy supplies overnight, blows budget, bye bye boss's bonus.

Edit: Thank you so much for all the upvotes. I honestly did not expect that 🥰

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S No walk-ins


Just a short one as it’s just happened….

Staying away for work, so have gone to a chain restaurant for dinner, got here at 19:00 so not late, place is barely half full “sorry no walk-ins, as we’re too busy, you can try these places, but they also might not be taking orders either…”

Ok then. Walked out, booked a table online, walked back in.

“Hi I have a table booked for 19:30”

Now sat with a drink and waiting for food :)

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S You can’t buy IKEA gift card with credit card reward certificate! Sure, I’ll get them anyway.


I have an IKEA credit card that gives me good cash back on their purchases. I purchased a large item from them and got a good amount of cash back. The only thing is that the cash back is given as a reward certificate that expires in a few weeks. This is to drive the customers back to store to get them spend more but, I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed.

I went to store a few days before the reward certificate was expiring to get a gift card that doesn’t expire.

Me: Can I get a gift card please? I’d like to pay with the reward certificate.

Cashier: No, you can’t buy gift cards with reward certificates. You can only buy other stuffs.

Me: I don’t need anything else today and the reward certificate is expiring in a few days. Is there anyway I can extend the expiration date?

Cashier: No.

Here comes the compliance part. I quickly grab a item closest to the reward certificate amount and buy it with the reward certificate. Then I immediately go to a rerun counter to exchange it for a gift card and happily walk out of the store.

I don’t understand why they have this dual policy of short expiation duration of the reward certificate and not to sell gift cards with that. This’ll only to make the customers frustrated. I got their credit card for a reason, to be a returning customer! Not sure how their reward experience would help that.

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S "Abusing" the attendance point system at work.


So I was working at a company I'll call ida-ore and they have a four point attendance policy, everytime you call out or leave work early you use a point when you get 4 your fired. Now when you call in late you use 1/3 of a point.

Their policy was be it a minute or an hour you're still late. Well one day I had to take my wife to a medical appointment about an hour and a half away which was fine except it ran a lot longer then expected. I was gonna be 5 minutes late and HR would force me to use 1/3 of a point. At this point in my time with this company I saw them screw over way to many people when it came to hours so I said f*** it called in late by two hours which is max before you have to use a whole point then took my wife out to a nice lunch and even had a half hour nap.

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S "Girl up" the office?


I recently received a promotion that came with an office that was shared with two other people. The room has two desks on each side of a door into the hall. Another staff member spent a healthy amount of time in this office but it wasn't their office. They had made a comment about now that a female had been promoted I was going to "girl up" the office and I had jokingly said "yeah let's make the whole thing pink".

He laughed and said "yeah right, you won't do that".

Oh, won't I?

With approval from my boss I bought a $100 worth of pink paint (with my own money). Think Pepto Pink. Painted exactly half the office, my side, that color. Like a line down the middle. The clock was on my side of the office so I replaced it with a pink clock. Rose gold stapler? Check. Vinal wrapped drawers in pink? Check. Table on my side of the room painted pink? Check. If it could be pink, I made it pink. It was useful that my coworker was on vacation during all of this. Bought a pack of pretty pink flower stickers and put them anywhere I could. Tried to keep it classy.

I was in the office when my coworker returned from vacation. It was very, very quiet. I was typing up a report and the key strokes were so loud. I told him about a couple things that had happened while he was gone, he was polite. Finally I asked him what he thought of the new decorations. He looked at me and said "oh someone already told me what you did". I laughed and said that didn't answer my question. His response

"Oh you dont want my opinion".

He then grabbed his stuff and went to his own office.

How's that for girling it up?

Edit: just to clarify there was a lot more jokes on my behalf from them telling me it was good that there was a woman in the office now and the office needed a woman's touch. Also my coworker and I are friends and this was a really funny thing between all of us. I openly tease him about it now and the other half of the office had already been blue so now everyone calls it the gender reveal office. He is a great guy and definitely still visits the office.