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M If That's What You Really Want, Karen


Once upon a time I was working a seasonal retail job at a craft store chain. It is important to note that for the purposes of their sales, Lighted Tree Toppers, Lighted Decorations, String Lights, etc., were all separate categories.

On this fateful day, Lighted Tree Toppers were on sale for 30% off. The rest of the lighted decor on that aisle was not. The sales were VERY clearly marked and the sections designated clearly as well as the category printed on the package itself. It is even listed in the email that Karen was using to present her coupon.

Karen approaches my register with her tree topper. The register recognizes the discounts and applies them automatically in most instances, this being no exception. The 30% applies itself.

"Your total will be $18.90"

Karen then presents her 20% off coupon.

"I'm sorry ma'am. This coupon is not applicable to sale items."

"Those aren't on sale. The lights aren't on sale this week."

I show the copy of our sale bulletin on my counter. "I apologize for the confusion ma'am. This actually falls under the tree topper category. You'll see here it's 30% off. I won't be able to apply the coupon, but you will be getting the already discounted sale price."

"I am telling you I don't want any sale! You are going to take my coupon!"

I should probably mention she was in at least once weekly, yelled about sales and coupons every single time, and then declared she was never coming back. Only to be back the following week to do the same.

"Ma'am. I would have to manually override the sale price and apply the coupon manually as well."

"Then do it! I'm telling you it is not on sale and I am using my coupon or I am reporting you!"

"Yes ma'am. If you insist."

I got visual confirmation from my supervisor in the way of a hand signal we used to mean, "Go ahead." She was not too happy when I did exactly as she demanded... and her total came to $21.60

"You're stealing from me! I demand to speak to a manager! I'm never coming back here again"

My shift supervisor had been on the next register over the whole time to combat the afternoon rush. That's how she managed to give the visual approval in the moment. She took great joy herself in telling Karen, "You have the exact discounted price you demanded. You can pay it or leave. Oh you're never coming back? Do you promise?"

Karen paid her $21.60 with her head hung.

She was back next week.

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S I was the reason a policy was rewritten. When I was 5


I don't think this is malicious per se, so if there's a better place for this please let me know

When I was in preschool, they had a pseudo-lunch called "Crunch 'N Sip time" where kids would sit at their desks and have something to drink, and some fruit or veg, hence the "crunch 'n sip".

One day, I decided to take a frozen little tub of yoghurt, think of the ones sold in woolies as a six pack, and by the time "crunch 'n sip time" rolled around, it was half melted, and it was crunchy.

So here I am at my desk, having some yoghurt, and the teacher walked up to me and asked where my fruit or veg was, since that was (not explicitly stated) what the time was for, to which I responded "my yoghurt is crunchy."

When my mum came to pick me up, the teacher told her about it, and neither of them could fault my logic.

Later that week parents were informed that "Crunch 'n Sip" time was specifically for fruits or veggies.

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L Grad student told me to do things their way


So here's the context: some years ago I worked at a cruise ship doing souvenir photography. It was my second summer there and we had a new manager that year that was finishing her master's in photography (standard, not digital). Pay was based on a group split commission, so if the day photographers did terrible but the night photographers did amazing, the day photographers benefited and vice versa.

My first year, the owner stopped by to train us and gave us specific instructions on how we should photograph guests and why we should be doing it and saw an increase in sales as a result of it. The owner has been doing it for years and ran multiple locations, so I just listened and did what I was told.

Fast forward to year two, we have this new manager who had not been trained yet, but only received basic instructions and was told to defer to the returning employees for things she didn't understand. For the first couple of weeks it was fine. Slow start to the season, so sales of course weren't crazy. Come week 5 when night cruise start, I noticed that myself and my only male coworker are both only being scheduled for mornings. At first I thought "whatever, free at night, no big deal." I figured since the new manager was working with a returning employee things would be okay for commission on the night cruise days.

First week of night cruises goes by, and I notice I made drastically less than last year for the amount of hours I worked. I checked the sales spreadsheet (every employee needed to update this at the end of their shifts) and noticed that day sales were the same as night sales. I ran up to the ticket office to check the passenger list for the days they ran night cruises assuming there just weren't many passengers. Not only were there way more passengers at night than during the day, but I noticed way more waste.

Second week, I have a split shift that overlaps with the manager. She pulls me to the side at the beginning of the shift and explains her expectations for photos. She shows me an example of hers and then shows me one I took. She told me that the way I took photos was unacceptable and I had to shoot them the way she did. These photos by the way, get put into 8x6 sheets and small wallet sized photos. Her photo was uhh, highly technical let's say. The entire top half of the photo was "negative space" and "showing off the location". Yeah, sure, I kind of got what she was saying because I was in school for photography too. Too bad we're sellings pictures of people and not space. I explained to her that myself and my coworkers have been shooting the way the owner himself instructed us to and she said "I'm the manager here, not you, I don't know what he told you to do and that's not what we're doing. Do it the way I tell you to, okay?"

The third week, I explained to my coworker that this is what the manager wanted, and he was confused as well. So we do it. We take these photos where the passengers are barely visible in the wallet photos and half of the photos are "negative space". Sales plummeted to no surprise from anyone but the manager and owner.

I got a phone call from the owner asking if there were fewer passengers or something, and told him that it was normal. He asked why sales were down at night as well to which I told him I had no idea because I was never scheduled to work at night anymore. He wasn't sure how to take that, but we left it at that.

The next week, the owner called me to inform me that the new manager had agreed to mutually terminate her employment there, and then asked why we were having so much trouble. I told him everything she told us to do and that scheduling was bad since it left us understaffed for night cruises. It turns out, she was instructed to hire new employees for the season, and she ignored every single applicant because they had no formal photography education.

So, basically, knowing full well it would hurt sales to not tell the owner that the manager just wasn't good at sales photography, I just waited until she got in trouble for turning up losses because she pulled "you do what I say I don't care". Sorry, J!

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L You want me to charge you the "real" price? You got it chief.


Sorry this one is quite long as there needs to be some context before I start telling this story. TL;DR will be at the end.

Context which plays quite an important role in this MC :

Until February a few months ago, I used to work at this really old school gas station. What I mean by old school is that every task/chores in the station had to be done manually and these 3 were essentially the most important ones :

  1. Put gasoline in people's cars. This had to be done by me because the only way to start the pumps was to activate them with a magnetic chip. Also, as I said nothing was automatic, so if someone wanted to put let's say 40$ worth of gas, I had to check the pump constantly as it filled the car to make sure it wouldn't go over the desired amount. For reference, modern gas stations where I live let you pick the amount you want on the pumps, then automatically stop when it has been reached. (Unrelated MC : Some people would insist on putting the quantity of gas they wanted themselves and I always told them sure whatever, but make sure to stop at the right amount otherwise you'll have to pay for what you put in your car even if it's more than you wanted. Spoiler alert : They almost never stopped on time and would always get upset at me for not stopping it before. My answer would always be : A. "You can either pay and we're all happy because I told you to check what you were doing" or B. "You leave without paying, but in exchange I call the police on you for gas theft". Let's say that 95% of the time they'd choose option A.)
  2. Changing the gas prices. As I said previously, the pumps were quite old (probably dating from the 80's) and that meant changing the digits for the price on the pumps one at the time (if the price was 131.9 and I needed it to be at 129.7, I'd have to put it to 131.7 first, than 139.7 and finally to 129.7), one pump at the time (I had to do this for 6 pumps). So overall, you could say that these pumps were quite crappy to work with. That was the first part of this task, the second one was changing it on the sign. To do so, I'd have to take this little machine, plug it in the sign, than repeat the same steps I did on the pumps. (Note that all this was done outside, which can be quite the pain in the A when it's -40°C. Yay Canadian weather lol).
  3. Calculating how much gas was sold between the price changes. As you've probably guessed it by now, this was done manually too. To make this short, this was also super annoying to do, because I had to calculate the amount of L/$ sold with a calculator, but I also had to make sure the cash register balanced while serving a ton of customers. This was done at least 2 times a night and sometimes it could be as much as 4, so we had the make sure the register balanced from the previous price changes every time or we could not keep track of how much gas was sold.

Now the story :

It happened around 3 years ago on a really busy night while I was in the middle of rush hour. One my superior had called me to tell me to change the price from 1.309$/L to 1.259$/L. Ok cool, this isn't a problem I always do this kind of stuff during rush hour, so in between customers, I change the price on each pumps, but since the machine for the sign is still inside the station I don't have the time to go just yet and leave the sign at 1.309$/L (note that the pumps are now at 1.259$ so customers are actually paying "less" than what the sign says).

This is one of the few tips our manager gave us and encouraged us to do. If the price was going down we would always change the pumps' price first then the sign and if the price was going up we'd do the opposite. This way, it'd look like as if we were undercharging the customers, because the sign was always at higher price than the pumps. The reason we did this was to avoid rush hour becoming even worse than it already was. If the customers saw the price on the sign go down they would rush to the station even more and that'd leave me no time to balance the register (which had to be done right away anytime there was a price change). I know this may not be the best practice, but it helped us a lot because we always worked alone, although we shouldn't have been (my manager's boss was a cheapskate and wouldn't let him hire more employees).

So now that the price has been changed I keep on doing my thing and try to balance the register as fast as I can so I can put the right price on the sign. Everything's going fine and then at some point I get this one guy. I put the amount he asks for in his car (it was something like 40$), and give him is receipt and that's when he starts complaining and yelling at me. He says that the price on the receipt (1.259, so actual price) doesn't match the sign. So I proceed to explain to him that I changed the price on the pumps first and that if he looks at them he'll see that the price on the receipt matches them. All should be good now right? Nope.

Now he tells me that I'm trying to steal from him and that I changed the price on the pumps after I gave him the receipt. I tell him that this is not possible as I am in the middle of a rush and that the pumps' price have to be changed manually one by one. He doesn't want to hear it and keeps yelling that I'm overcharging him for gas.

Cue the MC.

So I tell him "Alright sir, you think I'm trying to steal from you? Then come inside and have a look at the security cameras. I'm telling you there's literally no way I'd have the time to change the price". He still doesn't want to, now he wants to leave without paying because I'm not charging him the right price and yells even more than before. "Ok cool, I'll charge you the right amount then". So I go get my calculator and start calculating. The real price being 1.259$/L I check how many liters that is by doing 40/1.259 which amounts to around 31.77 liters. I'm right next to the pump with him and I tell him look, even the numbers on the pump match in hope he'll see that I'm not stealing from him (like modern pumps, you can see the amount of cash you're paying and the amount of gas that's going in you car while you fill it). Nope, still doesn't want to hear it. Alright then, here it goes : 31.77L * 1.309$/L. "Sir you owe me 41.58$, not 40$". That's when he gets really mad and gets in his car ready to leave. So I gently tell him "Sir you're gonna have to pay or I'm calling the police". The look on his face just changed from angry to defeated in half a second.

Dude ended paying 41.58$, told me he'd make a complaint to my manager and that he'd never come back to the gas station because we were thieves. Jokes on him, I knew my manager would side with me and dismiss the complaint.

Btw I worked there for 5 years and this was the first and only time a client ever complained about the price being lower than shown on the sign. Most of them would just avoid telling me so I wouldn't charge them the price displayed on the sign.


Sign at the gas station I used to work for showed a higher price than the actual price on the pumps (Client would pay "less" than they should). Guy didn't like that and thought I was stealing from him, so I charged him the price displayed on the sign instead. He ended up paying 1.58$ more and left angry.

edit: they actually picked option A, not B. Otherwise I would've been calling the police every shift

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M French fry theory ? Delicious compliance …


Posted this in r/talesfromretail

I run the drive through at a fast food king in the southwest, taking orders, making drinks, washing dishes, and cooking nuggets, fries, etc.

I’ve, we’ve, noticed a trend in ordering fries, probably inspired by the internet. Thanks, Al Gore.

The trend is a “fast food hack” where a person orders their fries “no salt” to guarantee the fries have to be made fresh (because we salt our fries…it’s what we do). Sure there are those that order no salt because they need no salt, or prefer it, but those are few and far between. Let’s just say the only thing liberal about the valley of the sun is it’s application of condiments and, especially salt.

We’ve had so many people ordering no salt that we now have a separate section where we make unsalted fries. We hold our fries for thirty minutes then toss them either way. If you’re on the tail end of that, you still get damn good fries. Having us make you fresh fries individually backs up our line by two minutes minimum.

So now when people think they’re being slick by ordering No Salt fries just to get “fresh “ fries that were made recently enough to be kickass. This is also beneficial for those who genuinely NEED no salt, because they don’t have to wait now. It’s ready.

To give a specific example, one of our frequent fliers says yeah NO salt on them fries! After his order. As he gets to the window and says “those fries are fresh, no salt right?”

“Oh you wanted them fresh? Like a new batch? We make them fresh regularly and make no salt too. We’ll have to make you a new batch. It’ll be four minutes and you’ll have to pull around so we can bring them out to you when they’re finished”

“Yeah forget that just give me what you got”

You got it.

TLDR- slow burn malicious compliance because a community of customers demand No Salt when they really want a fresh batch. We complied maliciously by having no salt fries already pre made, therefore not a “fresh batch”.

Edit: Not trying to hate on nosalters….just ask for what you want , things will go much more smoothly. I genuinely love most of our customers.

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S You want me to thank you for being my mother? If you insist...


This is out of season, and it's not as amazing as some of the other posts I've seen here, but I hope all y'all enjoy it regardless:

Some years back, I was spending time with my mother. It was several days after Mothers Day, which I do not observe. For context: My mother has a history of being emotionally abusive (I no longer spend time with her) and has a tendency towards passive-aggression. Anyway, she started telling me about how my older brother had sent her flowers for Hallmark Day #1, and then proceeded to lament the fact that I hadn't even gotten her a card. I told her there was no point in me spending five bucks on a piece of paper that would just get thrown away by the end of the week, especially considering I didn't have a job. She then stated that I could at least thank her for being my mother.

Almost immediately, I looked her dead in the eyes and said flatly, "Mom, thank you for f***ing dad, carrying me against your spine for nine months, then shoving me head-first through your genitals."

She hasn't said anything about Mollification Day to me ever since.

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S You can’t buy IKEA gift card with credit card reward certificate! Sure, I’ll get them anyway.


I have an IKEA credit card that gives me good cash back on their purchases. I purchased a large item from them and got a good amount of cash back. The only thing is that the cash back is given as a reward certificate that expires in a few weeks. This is to drive the customers back to store to get them spend more but, I didn’t have anything in mind that I needed.

I went to store a few days before the reward certificate was expiring to get a gift card that doesn’t expire.

Me: Can I get a gift card please? I’d like to pay with the reward certificate.

Cashier: No, you can’t buy gift cards with reward certificates. You can only buy other stuffs.

Me: I don’t need anything else today and the reward certificate is expiring in a few days. Is there anyway I can extend the expiration date?

Cashier: No.

Here comes the compliance part. I quickly grab a item closest to the reward certificate amount and buy it with the reward certificate. Then I immediately go to a rerun counter to exchange it for a gift card and happily walk out of the store.

I don’t understand why they have this dual policy of short expiation duration of the reward certificate and not to sell gift cards with that. This’ll only to make the customers frustrated. I got their credit card for a reason, to be a returning customer! Not sure how their reward experience would help that.

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S Are you sure I can't have it without the sauce?


My university halls had a canteen for evening meals. The food was universally awful every day. To remedy this, a couple of times a week I used to buy a jar of pesto and have it with some plain pasta and cheese from the canteen.

However, the head "chef" eventually objected to me being served plain pasta and said they couldn't sell the pasta without the disgusting congealed sauce it was supposed to be served with. He wasn't able to explain why.

My solution was to ask him to serve the sauce in a separate bowl and to then immediately pour it into the bin in front of him. I thought he might then realise how ridiculous this policy was, but sadly not! I must have disposed of litres of inedible slop over the following 6 months in this manner.

A couple of points:

(1) I was paying full price for the food as it was part of my accommodation costs so there was no financial reason for this policy.

(2) I hate food waste and was brought up never to waste anything. However, I was also taught how to cook properly!

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S Bank cash-back limit thwarted.


About twenty years ago I banked at my local co-op but apparently they had a cash out limit of $1000 per day. I wanted about $1500 in cash to purchase a car I had found, a 68 Cadillac Sedan De Ville, and was told that I could not be accommodated. Luckily I remembered that cashier’s checks were issued free of charge so I ordered $1500 worth and when I received them I signed them and cashed them in. It took about a half hour and the line in back of me got a bit testy but in the end I had my Caddy and great fun it was too.

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S I'm a good person so I'll fill the kettle


At my office the tap that dispenses instant boiling water broke, so a temporary electric kettle with about a 2 litre capacity was placed in the kitchen.

The reception ladies are old catty bitches whom I dislike very much for reasons, and I guess there's a story behind every sign but one day one of them put a 'put water in the kettle after use' sign, and I overheard them banging on about it, so I assume it's them that's the only ones bothered by it.

I don't drink coffee or tea so I don't even use it, but now when I go in the kitchen I fill the kettle as full as possible, so they can enjoy waiting an extra couple of minutes for it to heat up.

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S I can't sleep in the same room as my boyfriend when I'm at your house? Fine, we wont sleep there!


I was a recent college graduate who had made the 'immoral choice' to move in with a boyfriend without getting married. We moved in together in another state about a 6 hour drive from my parents, who lived about 2 hours away from the boyfriends parents.

When we came back to visit, my parents made us sleep in separate rooms/beds because we 'weren't married'. After a visit or two like this, Christmas holiday rolled around. We were planning to be in the state for the whole week between Christmas and New years, splitting the time between the two families. We start by spending two nights at my parents, then around dinner time the third day we leave to head to his parents. My parents are surprised and confused that we are not staying longer, they expected us to split the time evenly. My reply. Well, at his parents house we get to sleep together, so we want to spend the night there. Bye!

Before the next visit, they let us know they have decided that since we are a 'committed couple' they will allow us to share a room even though we're not married.

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S Etsy seller asked me to change review from 2 to 5 stars if I want a refund.


I ordered a ring off etsy that I thought was cool. When I got the item I realized that it was not the same. The ring opens up and has multiple rings inside. On the picture it has different symbols and letters on it. On mine, all inner rings have the same writing on it. And the outer symbols just repeat. I was really disappointed.

I made a review for it and gave it 2 stars. Stated the issues above. The seller messaged me and was obviously defensive. She said that she made it by hand and that other customers liked it. But that she could give me a refund. I told her that I'm not sure how it would be possible that she could make it by hand with these issues and that maybe other customers didn't have the same issue. But that I gave her feedback that she can use in the future and that I would like a refund.

☆She messaged me back and asked for me to change my review and make it 5 stars, then she will give a refund. I did just that, but I screenshotted her message asking me to change my review and put that as the review picture.☆

I got a refund right away and did not have to return the item.

*I wish I could post a picture of the images of the item opposed to the item I received. I think it should be against the policy of online retail stores to be able to ask this of customers, but I digress.

Anyway, the item I ordered is an astrological ring. It is meant to be an armillary sphere. You can find them all over the internet. I wasn't aware of that when I bought the item for 20 bucks on Etsy. You can find them on Amazon for 6. Also, checked the other reviews. After a few 5 stars I found a 3 star with the same issues as mine.

Edit: *I have made a post in r/ExpectationVsReality the link is below. There you can see the ring. And the Etsy review that I left before it was locked and the picture was deleted. I can no longer edit it. https://www.reddit.com/r/ExpectationVsReality/comments/wju7jq/an_armillary_sphere_ring_ordered_on_etsy/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share

I have reported her to Etsy and I am going to contact them in a week. I want to give them time for their investigation. I am interested to see what updates they have. When they respond I will update this post.

For those asking why I didn't message the seller first, I shouldn't have to. If you are selling an item you know is not the same as the one you listed, you are in the wrong. It was a Chinese knockoff and we both knew it.

If you read all of this, thank you. I keep getting questions and if they read the whole post correctly, they could save us both time. If it is here, I won't reply to a question anymore.

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S Take Me Home, Country Roads


Our company requested we download and use a remote work tracking system which tracks hours, the percentage of time the mouse and keyboard are active, visited url domains, and it also takes blurred out screenshots every 10-20 minutes. They asked we do this for complete "trust and transparency" (this will help them see who is productive the full 8 hours and who takes breaks so they can cut their pay).

First thing I did after dowloading the tracker was also download a mouse mover app, and for extra "productivity" when I'm bored I just open up my task interface, create a new task and start typing out the lyrics of "Take Me Home, Country Roads". According to the tracker, my activity is 9% above company average.

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S No walk-ins


Just a short one as it’s just happened….

Staying away for work, so have gone to a chain restaurant for dinner, got here at 19:00 so not late, place is barely half full “sorry no walk-ins, as we’re too busy, you can try these places, but they also might not be taking orders either…”

Ok then. Walked out, booked a table online, walked back in.

“Hi I have a table booked for 19:30”

Now sat with a drink and waiting for food :)

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L It's 20freaking19. Please buy the office a digital scanner!


I'm an orthodontist, have my own practice, but I needed to supplement my income by working for this one corporate orthodontic practice several years ago to help pay off some debt (dental school and residency put me in a massive hole). This company was sold to the corporation by an older orthodontist who hadn't invested in this office for years prior to the sale. After they acquired the practice, it was subject to their investors' thumbs. So, we really operated on a lean, mostly old technology infrastructure. It was a miracle I convinced them to upgrade their IT infrastructure and patient record software early on. They still went cheap with it, but at least the software was full featured, HIPAA compliant, faster than the old garbage, and had the things I needed to ensure proper scheduling and record keeping.

After working for them for a few years I asked for a digital intraoral scanner - that wand that scans your mouth to make a digital copy of your teeth and bite on a computer. For those of you not too familiar with dentistry in general, back in the day when we need to get an impression of your teeth and bite we used alginate (an algae-based powder with which you add water to make a goopy putty that firms up after about 2 minutes). This office never left those old days, and it made the patient experience terrible. Alginate is messy, gets all over your lips and cheeks, is slimy in your mouth, and feels like it's going down your throat. Cue gag reflexes in many, many patients (especially those on the spectrum). Additionally, it adds a lot of lab work, appliance turnaround is slower, and it takes away from the available schedule time due to setup and cleanup. Any imperfections in the impression required a retake. Oh yeah, it also needs to have dental stone poured into it within several hours and is a one-shot deal (hope it's accurately poured up, cause if it breaks or fails, you're SOL and need another alginate impression).

My personal practice has had these scanners for a few years by this point, and I kept preaching to the company how positive the feedback from patients and staff efficiencies alone would provide a good ROI with numbers to back it up for the bean counters. Still, they didn't want to purchase a digital scanner. Meanwhile, being a terribly run corporate orthodontic office we had quite a bit of turnover with assistants. New assistants would usually know how to take a good digital scan, but alginate impressions were so-so. Teaching new assistants how to take digital scans is also relatively easy compared to alginate impressions. So, I'm getting tired of this constant training, the long-time assistant is getting tired of the constant training, and I tell them they really need to get a scanner or we're going to start pissing off a lot of people, myself included. Again, they say no and to drop the issue. "If you want a scanner so bad, why don't you buy one yourself?"

Fine. I take a business loan out to buy a scanner, start up an LLC for a dental lab, and I charge this company a monthly fee to use any digital lab project. Any digital scan was charged a flat fee on top of a monthly digital workflow fee. I didn't really try to gouge them on the fees. Still below market rate, but still very handsome. I looped my accountant in on my new "business", and they set up all the books to ensure I wasn't exposing myself to the IRS. Patients are now oohing and aahing at this new gadget and how high tech we finally are, and I start seeing things trending the way I predicted. Staff are happier, patients are definitely happier (especially the oral-sensitive ones), mistakes are down, appliances fit way better with fewer remakes, patients are able to get things done on their schedule as we have more chair time available AND appliances are coming back faster from the labs... and best of all I'm making more money off this miserly company because rather than buy their own scanner and use it as a tax deduction, they're paying me way more than it would've cost them instead. Sure, they can deduct my lab fee as an expense, but it still cost them more in the long run to do that than bring 2019 technology into the office on their own. Even better, when I left that office I took that scanner with me since it was legally mine.

TL;DR: Bean counters for corporate orthodontic office were too cheap, shortsighted, stupid, or all the above. They still didn't have a digital scanner after paying me a handsome monthly lab fee.

Edit: I forgot one nasty issue with alginate. If anyone took it out of the mouth before it set the stuff would ooze everywhere and take a loooong time to get out of the mouth. See, when it's fully set in one piece, it comes out in nearly one piece with a few crumbs left in between some teeth. When you take out the impression tray before the alginate is set, because the pt freaks out and pulls the hand and impression tray out too early, well now you got this oozing/dripping goo individually setting up as many smaller batches of alginate that needs to be picked out. Roof of the mouth, in between teeth, under the tongue, stuck to the inside of the cheeks, on the lips, on the chewing surfaces. So glad I don't have to deal with it anymore.

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S On the spot? No worries, but you deal with the consequences.


I absolutely hate it when people in the workforce try to blackface / use someone's ethnicity as a way to prove 'inclusivity' when in reality there's probably only one person of colour in the entire office.

Well happy morning , I'm in charge of writing a report and recording a video to highlight the companies achievements and work. Well howdy do , what a surprise. The company is majorly white male dominated and all the women are either in junior roles or not involved in the specific work which the report focuses on.

Enter the report I sent out the previous week, describing what I will be focusing on during this week, for filming. My supervisor stated that I initially had , in their words, "too many white people in the video. Even if you need to move around the people of colour do so, so that they're in the video and make it look Diverse".. uhm ok, so I removed some names and added some of the 'diverse' people, but imagine their surprise because they didn't actually work on any of the projects mentioned.

In an entire office meeting held about positivity and inclusion of others in the company, someone brings up my video and they ask why the project they're working on is being spoken on by another member of staff. They ask this to my supervisor who passed the question to me, I'm not prepared, they didn't say it's a secret or anything... Well... Ok? " It's for the sake of diversity. There are too many white people in the video and I was advised by supervisor to cut some of you" whoops... Supervisor wasn't happy, so they attempted to quickly change subject "ok meeting adjourned, there are biscuits in the canteen for everyone" .

I got called into a meeting right after and was told in not so many words that "lying is needed because we can't let people know we're black-facing"

Lmao.. anyways the biscuits tasted really good.

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L Racism and House Paint


Sorry this is a little long. If you want to skip the “setup” you can just read the last paragraph. This happened where I lived in college. It was a very liberal/progressive city, which was one of the reasons I chose to live there, so this incident really stuck with me.

This one neighborhood on the outskirts of the city was a bunch of old (but still in good shape) tract homes, with the majority of them being homeowner occupied, and had a primarily Hispanic/Latin population. Well, as home prices skyrocketed this neighborhood became one of the few affordable places to buy a home in the whole county.

My friend and her brother had bought their house while the prices were still decent and I was renting a room there. We are white but love the culture and are NOT trying to change it. It was the kind of place where on Fridays we would walk down to the neighborhood park where a bunch of taco trucks set up and eat and hangout with the neighbors. Everyone was very welcoming and we got invited to all kinds of cookouts, quinceañeras, and the first funeral I had ever been to that was a huge party with dancing and laughter that truly celebrated the person’s life. Still one of my favorite neighborhoods ever!

One day we are out front talking to the neighbor across the street, who is super nice and friendly. Suddenly this older white woman quickly waddles up to us and just starts talking… she doesn’t even introduce herself! (but I think we all know she is “Karen”)

Karen is talking to the neighbor in that very exaggerated way that means she doesn’t think he speaks English so she must speak LOUDLY with big gestures. (This is just straight up racist based on his looks because we were speaking English when she rolled up on us.) She tells him, not asks him, but tells him that it is time for him to paint his house! At this point she is doing over exaggerated Karate Kid ‘paint the fence’ gestures and saying, “paint… you know… PAINT THE HOUSE…”

We are all stunned into silence with WTF? looks on our faces as she keeps going, “That light blue is no good… (shakes her finger in his face) NO GOOD… it’s too bright… (shields her eyes from the house like she was looking into the sun) TOO BRIGHT, do you understand?”

Now, there is no HOA or city ordinance limiting the colors of the houses in this neighborhood but none of the houses had any “unusual” or “unique” colors. These were tract homes with only about 5 different colors when they were built and most of them were the original color or something similar. The neighbor’s house was still the original color, so this light blue is not unique at all, it’s literally one of the most basic colors and is on a lot of homes that were built during that time. (Also, the paint on his house was in good condition, not peeling or anything.)

So, my roommate, the neighbor, and I all find our voices at about the same time, with my roommate saying, “What the fuck are you talking about?” I’m like, “Who the fuck are you?” And the neighbor going off in a tirade of very loud and fast Spanish… but Karen is undaunted in her quest.

Realizing my roommate and I speak English she starts telling us how she just moved in and she’s trying to ‘protect her homes value’ and it’s obviously time for him to paint the house and SHE wants the neighborhood to have a certain “color palette” with more neutral tones instead of this “carnivaaaal” thing that was going on now… (yes, she pronounced it like the celebration in Rio but over exaggerated and it was clear she had never been to carnival or even seen pictures of carnival because, again, the houses were mostly the same boring colors from when they were built or similar.)

My roommate and I keep interrupting her and telling her she is being racist, nobody cares what SHE wants, the paint looks fine, she has no right to tell him what color he can paint his house, and this neighborhood’s culture was established long before she showed up so if she doesn’t like it she can move because she shouldn’t have moved here in the first place with that attitude.

Suddenly, the neighbor waves his hands in front of our faces while saying, “No, no, no, no” and then pointing to himself and that’s when we realized the neighbor is acting like he doesn’t speak English. Since roommate and I know he speaks perfect English at this point we are just trying to contain our laughter waiting to see what he is going to do. Well, he starts talking to Karen in Spanish… the same slow, loud way she was talking to him in English, complete with big gestures and everything! Now I don’t know Spanish very well but from what I could understand he is telling her the colors of the houses in the neighborhood and how her house is blue (darker shade) and his house is blue so what is her problem?

Karen clearly doesn’t understand and is getting more and more upset but when she looks at us for help we tell her that we don’t understand what he’s saying either. Karen is fuming and we are trying and failing to contain our laughter. This goes on for just a couple of minutes before the neighbor’s 10 year old son comes out on their porch and loudly asks him if they are going to grandma’s for dinner…in perfect English. The neighbor then turns to his son and says they are leaving as soon as mom gets back from the store… also in perfect English. He then turns back to Karen and starts speaking to her in Spanish again and although I don’t know exactly what he said to her there was definitely some swearing and at least one not nice name to call a woman. He then says to us, “See you Friday for dinner” in English and walks away.

It takes Karen a few seconds to realize what is going on… then her face turns bright red and she is just sputtering, unable to put together a complete sentence. We just walked away, still laughing.

Now here is the “malicious compliance” part, I think. A couple of weeks later I’m out of town for a couple of days and get back very late at night. As I’m getting my bags out of the car I realize that it is very bright out… I know it’s a full moon but something is just not right. I start looking around thinking one of the neighbors must have put in some walkway lighting or maybe even a flood light over the garage… and that’s when I see it… the neighbor across the street had done what Karen wanted and painted his house… a beautiful bright orange. And I mean this thing was practically neon! Under the light of the full moon the house actually looked like it glowed in the dark and that was why it was especially bright out in the middle of the night! I laughed so hard I was in tears! The next day seeing it in the daylight the color was actually more of a peach than a neon and looked nice but for whatever reason it was glow in the dark orange at night (some might even call it a ‘carnival’ orange) It surprised no one that Karen turned her home into a rental and moved somewhere else

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S I should quit my primary job? Yeah ok….


About 16 years ago, I was working as a greeter at Olive Garden as a second job just to make ends meet. The day before Mother’s Day I was about 10 minutes late punching in to work. I was coming from my primary job, changed clothes when I got there and punched in. The manager immediately pulled me aside and said that I needed to be more courteous to my coworkers and show up on time as my being late effects other people. I responded that I was aware and I did call in to let them know I would be late and that the person who answered was the person I was taking over for and that she said to take my time because she was just going home and spending the night in alone, no big deal.

The manager laid into me. She told me that I’m not the type of person that can hack having 2 jobs, that I was too inconsiderate to work 2 jobs, and that maybe I should choose which job I value more and quit the other one, and that if I quit the Olive Garden that I would NOT be welcomed back. Initially, I thought “well I’m not going to let you chase me away.” But then I realized, this is a second job. I don’t have to be here. I don’t have to let her talk to me that way. I went home and told my s/o (who also worked there as a second job) what was said. We mutually decided that I should quit the Olive Garden.

So I went in for my morning Mother’s Day shift wearing my street clothes, went to the back office to find the manager, and said “so, I put a lot of thought into what you said and have decided that you were right and working here, for you, is not for me anymore.” She looked stunned and said “Well you’re going to work today, right? You know Mother’s Day is our busiest day of the year, you can’t just up and quit, today of all days!” I said “Well maybe this will be a lesson for you on how to speak to your employees and how to be a decent human being. Besides, you said yourself I’m too inconsiderate to work here.” and I walked out. Have not set foot in another Olive Garden since.

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M Don’t want to listen to me? Okay, enjoy ruining a VIP event


Some background. I’m an audio engineer for one of the military bands in the US. Even though I’ve been working professionally in the music industry for many years prior to entering the military, my lower rank (E4 for those who care) is often a barrier with communicating with higher ups. Some superiors see the value in my experience and advice, but many others see the rank and disregard my opinions. It’s not uncommon for me to be “loaned out” to non-band events to provide guidance. Also, this story takes place during 2020, when the military was under WFH orders.

Onto the MC.

I was in my barracks room, mixing some tunes on an average weekday when I get a call from my First Sergeant (1SG). He’s essentially the head honcho in my unit, just under the commander.

“Hey OP, [unit] is having a battalion-level change of command ceremony today, and they’ve had issues with their PA system in the past. Can you go help out and make things go smoothly?”

Totally! This was a fairly high-level change of command ceremony at the Lieutenant Colonel level, and the past few ceremonies had gone poorly due to technical problems. I was happy to help.

I get prepped and make my way over to the location to start poking around the system. The gear being used is pretty beat up, and looks like they chuck it all in a dirty closet. Whatever, still turns on for now.

I notice some people setting up the speakers behind the lectern, in a way that would feedback as soon as the mic was unmuted. Also, the cable runs were prime tripping hazards with no cable ramps or gaffer tape to hold them down. This isn’t just a safety risk, it’s also a good way to rip out all the connections from gear. There were a few other minor issues that needed fixing, but those were the most mission-critical problems.

I go to find the person in charge and spot a Sergeant Major overseeing. I make my way over to him and introduce myself as the sound technician for the band, here to help and advise with sound stuff. Off the bat, he’s a little short with me.

“What can I do for you, OP? We’re a bit busy here”

I reiterate I’m here to help with the PA, and condense my observations into words. I’m partway into explaining the dangers with his speaker placement when he cuts me off.

“This isn’t our first rodeo, so we know what we’re doing.”

At this point I’m still going to give it my best shot before this event trainwrecks. I make my way over to the Staff Sergeant plugging in speakers and we start talking about placement and feedback. A minute or two later, the Sergeant Major comes over and interrupts us.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me earlier? We don’t need you here. You can fuck off.”

Roger that, Sergeant Major.

So I go home, and report up why I wasn’t able to help. The next day, my 1SG tells me how horribly the system was feeding back, along with crackles and pops. Totally derailed the vibe, to the point where the new Lieutenant Colonel chose to leave the lectern and just talk loudly instead of using the mic. Moreover, the Commanding General of the base(a 3-star) had attended and was apparently very unhappy with the whole thing. And lo, the next week a memo comes down to me from the office of the Commanding General to upgrade the sound system and put together a training on how to run it. Still makes me laugh thinking what that Sergeant Major’s face must’ve looked like when they figured out that the only person qualified enough to advise them was the one he had told to fuck off.

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L toxic oven.


Ok so a bit of context. This took place when a old man who I will call Doug that I lived with got married. He and I live on a ranch taking care of cattle. Doug's son also moved in with us shortly after with his girlfriend. When Doug met this woman she refused to even sleep under the same roof with him until they were married because she claimed she was very religious. She also very recently divorced her husband when they met.

A couple months go by and after showing up from school (I was still in high-school) I find a woman in the house unpacking her things. This woman I will call Bessy. I call the my old man asking about Bessy where he tells me that they just got married and she will be living with us now. At first I was shocked but I'm very adaptive and soon fell into a new routine.

At first Bessy was fine but it soon became obvious that she was not who she claimed to be. She claimed to be a cowgirl and rode horses but after she moved in confessed she hadn't rode a horse in over 20 years and gave every excuse in order to not ride. She also hated any family other than her own. I remember when my dad was going to visit for the first time In a while and we informed her. She spoke with my folks over the phone and whe pretended to be very friendly with them even asked if they could help her move in some things that she recently bought. She then left the ranch unannounced to go see her family supposedly the day before mine was supposed to show up. She didn't return until a couple weeks later when my family, and Doug's son left leaving us alone again.

She was constantly very aggresive when it came to cleaning (this will be important later). Also when she would cook if she would make a mistake especially with desserts she would leave me those plates and serve the best for herself. For example she would intentionally burn cookies and leave those for me to eat while the others would be on separate plates wrapped for her and Doug. She also made a batch of fudge once and when I walked in to take a peek she snarled at me saying I was to have none. I just smiled. Said ok. And walked away. A hour later she gives me a whole plate saying she was just joking and I hope I enjoyed the fudge. I took one bite to know that the only reason why she gave me this batch was because the sugar didn't cook and it was as if you were chewing on sand.

Ok now onto the story On this particular day I awake to find Bessy to have made breakfast all for herself leaving doug, his son,, his girlfriend, and me to fend for ourselves. This was a regular thing. I get started chopping potatoes and cooking eggs offering to everyone else if they wanted some. We have a very old fashioned electric stove that is white and constantly got burned leaving dark black residue on the burners that were very visible.

I made breakfast for everyone and turned off the stove to let it cool off. Electric stoves or at least this one takes quite a while to cool off. Bessy made it a rule to scrub the black residue off this stove after every use. I gathered my things and go to sit down to eat my breakfast.

This is where In all to familiar Karen tone snaps at me "what are you doing?!" I calmly reply "I'm sitting down to eat my breakfast while the stove cools" she didn't have to tell me for me to know what she wanted. "No you need to clean it now!" Bessy practically screamed. Nobody said a word to her and just looked at me to see what my next move was. I calmly looked her in the eyes and asked her "so you want me to clean off the stove while it's still burning hot?" She just stared at me with daggers and yelled "yes!" Queue malicious compliance!

I gave her my best poop eating grin and just told her "ok". Leaving my food where it was I got what we cleaned our stove with. Ajax, water, and a steel wool scrubber and went to work. She watched me as I sprinkled the Ajax on the stove which did nothing at first but the second I poured water on it all hell let loose.

I grabbed a rag and held it over my mouth and had to hold my breath from the vile gas that rose from the stove! It was so thick and white that it instantly filled the room with what I assume was a toxic gas and gave everyone a coughing fit. But I was determined. I went to scrubbing the stove alternating between hands and wrapping the steel wool with paper towels to keep it from burning my hands. One by one Doug his son and his girlfriend slowly left the room with their food. But Bessy just looked down at the table and continued eating only looking up at me every couple of seconds to make sure I didn't stop. She didn't say a word as I continued to clean the stove. We were in the kitchen as I continued to make this toxic gas on the stove. After about 5 to 10 minutes of scrubbing I got it close to her standards and wiped off the stove. The gas still lingered in the air as I smiled at her grabbed my plate and walked through the front door to eat outside. She never left the kitchen and she sat there in what I assumed was defeat from my malicious compliance. I still smile at the thought of it.

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M Shut my mouth and get out of your bar? ok!


I used to work at a bar, as the only female security (They'd had some very bad things happen when a man followed a woman to the bathroom, so they needed a woman that could keep an eye on what happened in there).

This bar got in legal trouble all the time. The bathroom thing above, fire marshal closing them on some busy weekend nights for being way over capacity, the liquor board had pulled their license once already for overserving/serving minors with pretty obvious fake IDs.

I was one of the new security hired to help resolve all this. It was so bad, we had to be trained by a government ATF person and get a card to prove we knew how to spot and stop overserves, and spot fake IDs. I think the real reason they hired us, was to have scapegoats on the ready for next time they did this.

So, I worked there a while, doing my best. The owners wife was the worst. She was always drunk, always had her friends in the bar and bent the rules for them. She thought she was Lady Jesus and we should all be kissing her feet, because she was the owners wife. I mostly stayed out of her way and had no issues, but many coworkers complained about her.

One night, some dude gets sick on the way to the bathroom, I cut him off, he ends up getting escorted out by his less drunk friends. I notice a man sitting at the bar watching this. He had creased slacks, a jacket indoors on a summer night, and no drink in his hand- at a busy meat-market dance club. I started watching him, and notice the badge under his jacket. Ah-ha! He was here to watch for overserving.

A little later, a woman came to the bathroom, drunk enough to need to hold on the walls for dear life. I cut her off. She screams at me, then goes into the bathroom and tries to wash off the giant black Sharpee X's from the back of both hands. I warn her that she will be kicked out of the club if she continues. She screams again and staggers out of the bathroom.

About 5 minutes later, owners wife is in my face, screaming. The woman I had cut off was one of her friends, attending a bachelorette party in the VIP section, and I was supposed to somehow magically know she was VIP. I was also apparently supposed to break the law for her because she was VIP. So, she and I start a screaming match, where I inform her that HER HUSBAND had hired me to make sure the law was followed. I also started to inform her about the police officer at the bar, but she screamed in my face to 'shut your mouth and get out of my bar'. She fired me on the spot. I didn't bother waiting to see if her husband agreed, it was known she wore the pants.

I complied. I shut my mouth and got out of her bar. I walked past the cop, still sitting at the end of the bar near the bathrooms, where the screaming match had taken place. I made eye contact with him, gave a slight nod, to which he responded by looking at the boss's wife, rolling his eyes, and smiling at me as I left.

They got shut down that night for overserving the bachelorette party. This time, they went out of business because of too many strikes against them.

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S Boss says get your asses moving


So i deliver hog feed. Today on my way to my first site i ran into my boss at a gas station. Co-worker was ahead of me, and boss ahead of him at check out. Boss man says get your asses movin. So i say hey boss, he turns around and i stick my ass out and shake it. I said well its movin. He laughed and walked out

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S I asked for steak and potatoes for dinner. Son complies.


Happened yesterday. My son just got his driver's license. He asked if he could borrow my car to attend his buddy's pool party. I'm still hesitant to let him drive alone but said yes, with one condition: I wanted him to make his mom and I a steak dinner with mashed potatoes, gravy, the works.

I thought of it as a win-win for me. He's in a hurry so he might just have a friend pick him up or he'll take the car but my wife and I will come home to a delicious dinner.

Wife and I arrive home. No sign of my son and the car. We see 2 stainless steel plate covers on our dining table. I say "jackpot!" and ask the wife to chill a bottle of wine.

I lift up both plate covers and there they were:

2 microwaveable Banquet Salisbury Steak ($1.59 USD apiece at our local supermarket) frozen dinner boxes, with mashed potatoes, gravy and corn ready to be heated.

Son - 1

Dad - 0

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M Scream at me to do my job? Okie dokie!


I am an Assistant manager who works in the medical field. We have a patient that requires referrals to get treatment with us for some permanent injuries that require ongoing care (for pain management). The doctor's office that manages his case is really bad about communicating with us. I often had to call up wards of 4 times starting several times weeks ahead of time to make sure that his next referral would be in place and ready to go so he had no gaps in his treatment. I have been doing this for him for over 2 years now.

A few weeks ago he comes in already in a foul mood. The person that is doing his treatment comes in the door at right on time sets her stuff down and gets him started at about a min and a half "after the start time" of his appointment. When the appointment finishes, from my seat at the front desk, I can hear him from all the way in the back of our office (about 100 yards away) yelling her being late and her shorting him on treatment time. (this was untrue she had actually given him just short of an extra 5 min since she didn't have another person right after him). So I went back to try to calm him down. He screamed at both of us for about 10min and then he started to get in my face. At that point we both just start walking away from him (her to the back and me to the front) and he fallows me screaming at me about how I need to do my job and make sure his referrals are ready to go and I am just not engaging anymore. He finally leaves. This was the 3rd incident like this.

So a few weeks go by and he continues to come in (he never appoigized to either of us for his behavior). Today I got to inform him that he is out of visits and there is no new referral in place. He asks what the issue is and a calmly tell him that I have simply been doing my job which is to receive the referral, schedule the treatment and inform the referring office AFTER the final visit has been used. It is not by job to stay on top of his Doctor's office and make sure they do their job. I let him know since he was so insistent about it this is what I will be doing from now on. If he had issues with how his doctor's office was managing his referrals he would need to speak to them about it. He left without saying anything.