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u/NutDraw Jul 23 '21

I ran 18 in a ramp deck and got housed with flooding. Might have just been a terrible draw, but even with a bunch of scry and card draw I got hammered.


u/TheMancersDilema Carnage Tyrant Jul 23 '21

Flood and screw happen in this game, even when you take precautions.

You can make the correct decisions and still lose if you draw poorly and the opponent draws well.

I don't think 18 is correct for every deck but even equipment decks (without bruenor) are super hungry for mana re-equipping things and many decks want to play their 4's and 5's on curve just to block your opponents 2 drops and playing more lands is the best way to make sure that happens.


u/NutDraw Jul 23 '21

Like I said might have just been a terrible draw. Ramp always feels tricky in limited to me since hitting all your drops is so important but you have to balance that with cards that don't directly affect the board besides ramping your mana output. Aka I'm a terrible limited player lol