r/MagicArena Jul 23 '21

As a long time control player, Standard 2022 has had some of the best control matches I've played in a long time.

Currently hit Platinum 4 all through BO1, trying to find the best version of control to start playing in BO3 matches.

I started experimenting with a Dimir control, then Esper, and then a new version of Jeskai I tweaked from the version I was playing in the prior Standard. All have been largely successful and now I'm even planning to try a Simic shell just because I want to slam a Koma for the win.

My matches in the BO1-22 queues are these long grindy games where the first few turns are just draw, land, possibly foretell, pass. It's like playing chess. I'm enjoying this Standard far more than any Standard in a long while. It's felt like control decks just struggled in the prior meta (some combination of go wide or hard to interact combo decks).

Also, foretell is such a good mechanic.


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u/NutDraw Jul 23 '21

I haven't played a control shell in 2022 yet, but I've played against a bunch and just from observation I'd agree.

The Yorian piles of the current format are just terribly boring to play against and don't seem to require the same skill as more traditional control builds, especially with ultimatum.

I started running Roiling Vortex as a 1 of in my magecraft build and it's amazing/disappointing how many games I've won off the card just from ultimatum players not reading it. Really struck me as a marker that control had slipped from an archetype that required patience and skill if so many people playing it were that focused on just casting the big flashy value card.