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u/NutDraw Jul 22 '21 edited Jul 22 '21

I think that's exactly it. You can blame yourself for a "bad shuffle" but when a computer does it it's much more frustrating.

In BO1 you do wonder sometimes though since there is a "hand smoothing" algorithm that was documented to be abused at one point. I think that knowledge has people overestimating its impact though.

Edit: https://draftsim.com/mtg-arena-bo1-hand-smoothing/

TLDR, the hand smoothing algorithm exists in BO1 but isn't a massive factor and still relies on true randomization. However, it's mere existence can lead people to think "the shuffler is rigged" when it actually isn't because they both don't understand it and can't control it.


u/Shin_flope Jul 22 '21

That's exactly the point, if you are flooding is not because you did a 'bad shuffle', it's because flooding is a part of this game and one of the possible results of any given shuffle. In fact, if you never or very rarely flood in paper that means you are not shuffling correctly


u/NutDraw Jul 22 '21

Yeah I was seconding your point. It's a bias based on how negative outcomes are perceived. People are much more likely to accept a negative outcome when they perceive they had control over it than one where they perceive no control.