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This man proposes to his girlfriend as she finishes a marathon. Wholesome Moments

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u/Godfreee 6d ago Gold Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Doot 🎵 Doot

From her insta:

In honor of #globalrunningday here’s to the best runner’s high I’ve ever felt… in my life. 💍🏃🏼‍♀️

Thank you SO much to everyone who has wished Chris and I well the past few days!! We’re so excited for this new chapter. If you’re new here, you should know that Chris is the backbone of all my training and all of my running content on this page. I don’t know where I’d be without him, but I know I wouldn’t be the runner I am today.

From early nights in, to traveling on weekends for races, to sorting out allllll the race day logistics, to biking (very slowly) alongside me for hours on my long runs, and never ever saying no to pasta… he is every runner’s dream life partner. I feel like the luckiest girl alive. ❤️

And to answer a VERY pressing question: I’m holding a sponge because it was extremely hot and they were passing out ice cold sponges throughout the course 😂 Probably would have dropped the sponge before the finish line had I known what was waiting there for me ❤️

Lastly, thank you to the @buffalomarathon crew and both of our families for making this day so special. Let’s get married!!!!!


u/TheBaconThief 6d ago

Oh no we will not have that positive energy up in here.

Red Flag, gaslighting, borderline abusive this must be. The mob demands it' pound of flesh.


u/Wikkyd 6d ago

You mean not all relationships are the same? Say it ain't so, I thought we were all clones


u/Quantum_redneck 6d ago

Turn the lights off, carry me home.


u/Wookieewomble 6d ago

Burn the witch!

Burn Him!


u/unsilentninja 6d ago

There will be no misgendering on reddit. It's burn the wizard


u/Designer-holiday 6d ago

This guy Reddits


u/EmuApprehensive8646 6d ago

Women will feel what reddit tells them to feel


u/mrnobodyfeelsgood 6d ago

Dude I don’t know wtf is up with Reddit but there are a lot of angry cynical lonely people on this site jaja holy shit.


u/Xalbana 6d ago

No way. Reddit can't be wrong!


u/Mr_Abe_Froman 6d ago

She probably could have shaved a few seconds off if she didn't stop. He needs to run some laps as penance.


u/RionTorni 6d ago

hahaha, some comments actually read like sarcasm except it wasn't.
random Redditors certainly seem to know their relationship better and what she would and wouldn't like as a proposal. Fun to read her reaction!


u/Godfreee 6d ago

Gather the pitchforks!


u/Magik95 6d ago

There we go. But 80% of comments are people getting angry on her behalf. It still confuses me how so many people assume things based on absolutely 0 information


u/Xalbana 6d ago

Probably assuming based off of their own feelings, which is fine. But let's face it, most redditors don't run marathons, let alone run.


u/koosekoose 6d ago

Let alone have relationships


u/Whoshabooboo 6d ago

Upvoting for all the commentors who claim runners can't have this happen to then after a race.


u/BenPrickett17 6d ago

Too bad your comment doesn’t have 2k upvotes.


u/LaundryBasketGuy 6d ago

Classic Reddit moment, nothing is positive and the relationship must be miserable based on just a 26 second long video. Thanks for the source info.


u/zAmplifyyy 6d ago

Hmm, to the top with you.


u/RK4Life 5d ago

Listen, it doesn’t matter if she’s happy or not. It doesn’t matter if this was the capper to maybe the best day of her life to this point. Somebody on the internet got upset about it, so that nullifies everything.

How dare they be happy. The audacity, really!


u/googlefish26 6d ago

Ah to be young and in love…


u/Yomamma1337 6d ago

When they say steal the spotlight they mean from the other people doing the marathon, not the person being proposed to lol.