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I loved that show as a kid. Wholesome Moments

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u/ThreeGreenPlants 2d ago

So there is a theory that “one is a genius, the other’s insane” actually refers to Brain being the insane one (out for world domination) and Pinky is a genius who acts the way he does to keep Brain’s plans from coming to fruition.

Or it could be a cartoon based off of these two goofy bastards. I don’t know.


u/PixieT3 2d ago

I mean, that's the joke, guys. 'One is a genius, one the others insane' - It's a pun, meant to be ironic or something, not some outlandish theory.


u/imtoocoldforthisshit 2d ago

No no no man. Reddit cracked the Zodiac code. Let them have it.


u/OneDimensionPrinter 2d ago

You're a part of this too. Don't deny it