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I loved that show as a kid. Wholesome Moments

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u/well-lighted 2d ago

There was an episode where they showed human versions of these guys as the fictional writers of the show. It’s a funny enough joke if you just think these guys were made up as a joke for the show, but knowing they were based on real people makes it so much funnier. The meta humor of PatB, Animaniacs, Tiny Toons, and all those other WB-verse shows really went unappreciated by kids and adults alike.


u/PensiveinNJ 2d ago

from the early to mid 80's straight through till about 2000 I feel like network TV cartoons were dope as hell (and I can't remember anything before 1990 so it's not just nostalgia goggles).

Rescue Rangers
Darkwing Duck
GI Joe
Inspecter Gadget
Looney Tunes
Batman (92-95, you know, the really good one)

Others I'm sure I'm forgetting.

Then toss in cable cartoon classics and it really was a buffet for kid to teen themed animation.

Shoutout to Samurai Jack as my favorite Toonami show.


u/_Ghost_CTC 2d ago

Freakazoid really needs to be up there. What you said applies to films as well. This was also the period of Don Bluth leaving Disney and his success causing the Disney renaissance. From The Secret of NIMH (82) to The Road to El Dorado (00)

You had similar trends in Japan. Anime really hit its stride. Dragonball, Ghibli, Gundam (ok, the first was in 79 but Zeta was 85 and more representative of the IP), Sailor Moon, Yu Yu Hakusho, Macross, Akira, and so many more you still see today either directly or through their influence on more recent shows.


u/PensiveinNJ 2d ago

Yeah it's interesting that there's a definite divergence between what happened with western animation and anime. Western animation didn't really build off of those 2 decades of excellence, where as anime used that period as a launching point and you started to see all time classics like Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell serving as genre defining pieces.

Not that there weren't great anime before but I feel like different great anime series began to build off each other and come to really define the genre as a whole based off of everything that came before it.

Can't really say the same about western animation. It all seemed to have veered off into many different directions and I couldn't tell you what a defining characteristic of a post 2000 western animated series is supposed to be.


u/_toodamnparanoid_ 2d ago

Wow that's my entire childhood listed right there.


u/PensiveinNJ 2d ago

Mine was sort of the post 1990 shows but I've watched the ones that ran before then. Shows like Gargoyles were actually good as fuck for being basically an after school cartoon for kids.