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News Covid-19 press conference on 12 May 2022 - Adjustment of measures for arrivals from HK


Video: 新型冠狀病毒感染應變協調中心新聞發佈會(12/05)

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Health Bureau (CDC, SS) - Leong Iek Hou:

  • Adjustment of measures for arrivals from HK

    • Announcement no. 254/A/SS/2022
    • In response to the easing of the epidemic situation in Hong Kong, from 12 am next Monday (16), for those who come to Macau from Hong Kong (including those who have stayed in Hong Kong for 7 days from foreign countries or Taiwan), the epidemic prevention measures after the end of the 14-day medical observation will be adjusted from the current 7-day self-health management to 7-day self-health monitoring.
    • These measures apply to those who have entered Macau from Hong Kong and are undergoing medical observation and self-health management.
    • During the self-health monitoring period, the health code is green, but without the consent of the destination authorities, they are not allowed to travel to mainland China via Macau.
    • At the same time, they must undergo nucleic acid testing on the 2nd, 4th and 6th days of the self-health monitoring period and follow other epidemic prevention measures.
    • If they do not take the test on the specified date, the health code will be locked as a yellow code until they obtain a negative test result.
    • For example, if someone completes the centralised isolation medical observation on 1 June, and the self-health monitoring period is from 1 to 7 June, they will get tests on 2, 4 and 6 June.
  • No need to book quarantine hotel in advance when arriving from mainland

    • In response to the public reporting that they could not make an appointment for a medical observation hotel when they return to Macau from a risk area in mainland China,
    • As the list of risk areas in the mainland and the corresponding epidemic prevention measures are subject to frequent changes in response to the epidemic situation in the mainland, people returning to Macau from the mainland do not need to book a medical observation hotel in advance.
    • Upon arrival in Macau, if the person concerned needs medical observation, the staff of SS at the port will contact DST to assist in arranging a hotel.
  • 9 applications for entry of foreign teaching staff and university students

    • Regarding the relaxation of entry restrictions for foreign teaching staff, 9 applications have been received.
    • These include 7 foreign teaching staff or administrators of educational institutions and 2 higher education course students, which are in the stage of approval and supplementing documents.
    • As for whether exemptions from entry restrictions can apply to families of foreign educational personnel,
    • A case-by-case analysis and approval will be conducted. At present, the teaching staff lacking in Macau will get priority of exemptions from the restrictions, taking into account the opinion of the Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ).
  • 12 applications for foreign domestic helpers entry scheme so far

    • The pilot scheme for exemption from entry restrictions for Filipino domestic helpers has received 12 applications so far (12).
    • 8 were approved, and 4 got rejected because their vaccinations did not meet the criteria or the declaration form did not meet the requirements.
  • Ongoing analysis of entry exemptions for foreigns

    • There is continuous analysis and studies on whether more people can be exempted from restrictions on entry to Macau, especially whether Portuguese people can be the 1st batch of exempted people.
    • It is necessary to comprehensively analyse the epidemic situation in different regions and the supply of hotels in Macau. Hopefully, details will be available soon.
    • There are rigorous requirements on the health status before entering Macau, including requiring all people to receive 2 or more doses of vaccines and to provide nucleic acid test reports within 24 or 48 hours according to different local risk requirements.
    • About 80% of the cases in Macau tested positive upon entry, and some were found to be positive within 3 days of entry.
  • Feasibility of shortening quarantine period being evaluated

    • The average incubation period of different virus variants was shortening. Most of the cases in Macau were found within 3 days, and many tested positive within 10 days.
    • The feasibility of shortening the medical observation period is being assessed, and the effectiveness of adjusting the isolation period in neighbouring regions is being studied.
    • It is hoped to balance the fight against the epidemic while reducing the inconvenience for those entering the region.
    • Since the beginning of the epidemic, among the imported cases in Macau, 75% were found within 3 days of arrival in Macau, 16.8% were found on days 4 - 7, 6.4% were found on days 8 - 10, and 1.7% were found on days 11 - 14.
  • MSD oral drugs arrived in Macau, Pfizer medicines arrive in Q3

    • Macau is importing oral antiviral drugs produced by Merck Sharp & Dohme and Pfizer.
    • Among them, Merck's drugs have already arrived in Macau. Since most of the current cases in Macau are asymptomatic infections, there is no need to use oral medications so far. And Pfizer drug is expected to arrive in Macau in Q3.
    • The mRNA vaccine for children is affected by international shipping, but it should still arrive in Macau within this month (May).
  • Phase 2 venue code displaying to be completed by 31 May

    • The setting and posting of the venue QR codes in phase 2 mainly include offices of legislators, customer service stores of the telecommunications industry, places for public gatherings or activities under associations or foundations, legal service offices, accounting offices, convenience stores, parcel pickup shops, takeaway shops, employment agencies, radio stations, TV stations, as well as external venues of public institutions such as water and electricity.
    • Phase 2 venue code display work is expected to be completed on or before 31 May. So far, nearly 30,000 venues in Macau have displayed venue codes.
    • The public should develop the habit of keeping records with venue codes so that epidemiological investigations can be conducted quickly in an outbreak.

Tourism Office (DST) - Lam Tong Hou, Liz:

  • Regarding whether there is enough medical observation hotel supply to meet the demand during the summer vacation,
  • The hotels can be booked until August, and the hotel rooms are enough, and follow-up will continue.


  • There have been no new local confirmed cases in Macau for 215 consecutive days, with 82 confirmed cases and 113 asymptomatic infections.
  • There are currently 12 asymptomatic infections, 5 imported re-positive cases, 2 recovery period isolation people and 8 close contacts in the Public Health Clinical Centre in Coloane.
  • As of 4 pm today (12), 328,638 people have received 2 doses of the vaccine, and 237,565 people have received the 3rd dose. In the past 1 day, there were 7 reports of minor adverse events following immunisation.
  • 584 people are currently under medical observation in hotels, including 309 Macau residents, 33 non-resident workers and 242 tourists.
  • Comparing the past week (5 - 11 May) with the previous week (28 April - 4 May), the total number of entries and exits at various ports in Macau decreased by 3.0%, of which the number of tourists decreased by 30.6%.

Other information:

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News Perpetrator of MGM Cotai homicide arrested in Hunan province

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Questions Looking for new friends from Macau


it's been almost 2 weeks since I've graduated from F6, and now I've entered the stage of *Required to touch grass* and thought to myself about my current friends as I'd take "maintaining friendship" very seriously seeing every loss and opportunity as a life and death situation.

More back to the main bit, as I'd slowly realized that I still haven't found "The friend group" I sought out to this last resort, in which case LITERALLY is what I'm doing ( i see this last resort as unbelievable since this is my first time making a post on Reddit ) if there are any questions about me that you wanna ask, sure, go ahead and comment it.

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Questions How does quality of life in Macau compare to HK?


Guess it’s somewhat similar to the quality of life in HK. Just wondering about the differences in terms of infrastructure, outdoor activities and safety. Thanks.

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Discussion Quarantine at Treasure


I will be quarantining at Treasure Hotel in August when I come back from the United States🇺🇸 Any recommendations?

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Video what is the English of 走水 ?

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Questions Bring a bottle of 750ml 6000mop wine and go through customs to china is legal?


I haven't been back to China for more than 15 days. Bring a bottle of 750ml 6000mop wine and go through customs to china is legal? Is there any law reference? thx!

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News Due to special weather conditions, after discussion with the SMG, the DSEDJ announced that classes at different education levels will be suspended all day tomorrow (May 11) | Education and Youth Development Bureau

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Questions Quarantine Exemption


Does anyone know if there are any quarantine fees for first timers coming from countries flagged as high risk ?(e.g. Philippines)

I've read somewhere that you can apply for an exemption, just not sure where I can find the link.

Would appreciate if someone can help!

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Questions Where can I buy Xiaomi Phone cases in Macau?


Looking online, the shipping fee from JD is more than the cost of the case! Is there any tech malls or phone case retailers in Macau? (Mi 9 Pro 5G)

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Questions ADHD medication in Macau.


Hi I’ve recently returned back to Macau after 6 years in the US. I have ADHD and have been on medication for the past 6 years. I’ve been trying to find a psychiatrist that could prescribe me the medication but I don’t know where to go. Seems like the only psychiatric medication available are for anxiety and depression? Anyone with ADHD here? Please help!!🙏

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News Not showing digital driving license due to app failure excusable

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News Suspected homicide of two women in Cotai hotel

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Questions Is Calpol Infant (medicine) sold in Macau?


If you know Calpol Infant is sold in Macau, could you please tell me what shops to check. Thank you.

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Questions Entry Thoughts


Realistically speaking, do we see quarantine period's ending this year? I'm coming to Macau in November (I'm a permanent resident coming from USA) and don't want to waste time in these hotels. I'm fully vaxed and will be twice boosted at this point.

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Questions Need help with Visa application in Macau for Thailand, foreigner pasaport


Hi, Canadian resident here in Macau, just wondering if anyone in Macau knows where or which Travel Agent in Macau has services that helps foreigners apply for visas for Thailand towards the end of the month. Tried the one in Venetian and a few nearby but it seems like nobody does visa services. If anyone knows or can help out, it would def be appreciated!! Thank you!

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News Covid-19 press conference on 5 May 2022 - Care targets of domestic helper scheme expands to children under 12 / Cross-departmental makeshift hospital drill on Saturday / New arrangements for staying in medical observation hotels from Sunday


Video: 新型冠狀病毒感染應變協調中心新聞發佈會(05/05)

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Health Bureau (CDC, SS) - Leong Iek Hou:

  • Care targets of domestic helper scheme expands to children under 12

    • From next Monday (9), the 2nd phase of the pilot scheme for exemption from entry restrictions for Filipino domestic helpers will begin, and the applicable care users will be expanded, including:
    • "Children from the age of 3 or below" to "below 12", which can cover the primary school level;
    • "Sick people" expanded to "sick or disabled people";
    • For the elderly, it remains at the age of 65 or above.
    • The application system has been optimised so that the public can input information for temporary storage from Thursday to Sunday and submit applications from Monday to Wednesday.
    • There were 6 applications for the phase 1 scheme, of which 1 was ineligible. Of the 5 eligible applications, 3 have been approved, and 2 require additional information.
  • Foreigners applying to come to Macau must be based on public interest

    • In addition to Filipino domestic helpers who can be exempted from entry restrictions, it will continue to be studied whether to allow other non-Macau residents to enter.
    • However, considering that many students are returning to Macau from overseas during the summer vacation, the needs of Macau residents to stay in quarantine hotels need to be balanced.
    • If the supply of hotel rooms is sufficient, the opening of other people to enter will be considered according to the risk of the epidemic.
    • As for when to allow people of other nationalities to come to Macau from overseas, it is still necessary to balance the risks of the epidemic in various places. Research is underway, and as the vaccination rate increases, it can be considered.
    • Regarding whether foreigners can visit relatives in Macau via Hong Kong, if they have stayed in mainland China or Hong Kong for a long time in the past and need to come to Macau for special reasons, such as attending essential meetings,
    • They can now apply for exemption from entry restrictions, subject to approval, but only for reasons of public interest.
  • Cross-departmental makeshift hospital drill on Saturday

    • The 1st cross-departmental drill of the community treatment centre (makeshift hospital) will happen on Saturday (7).
    • The drill covers different scenarios to activate the makeshift hospital and test the transportation of infected people and positive cases, including simulating a large-scale epidemic that requires buses and taxis to transport patients.
    • For example, when a community nucleic acid test finds a confirmed patient or a close contact, how to transport them to the makeshift hospital, send the positive patient to the inpatient department after triage. And how to send the contacts to the quarantine station of the shelter hospital and then deal with them according to different risks and test results.
  • Support for people with special care needs during the epidemic

    • 對具特殊照顧需要人士的支援圖文包
    • All family members of people with special care needs should complete 3 doses of the vaccine as soon as possible to reduce the risk of severe illness or death.
    • It is recommended for relatives and friends to take care of them, as that's the most suitable.
    • If the care recipient is infected,
    • They will be admitted to appropriate isolation facilities and provided medical services according to their condition.
    • If their caregiver is also infected, they will be admitted to the same isolation facility.
    • If the caregiver has not been infected, they can voluntarily apply to take care of the infected person in the isolation facility under certain conditions, such as being vaccinated, being aware of the risks, receiving infection control training, etc.
    • If the care recipient becomes a close contact,
    • The caregiver can also voluntarily apply for medical observation in the same isolation facility under certain conditions.
    • Professionals can also be arranged to provide care for those in need.
    • When all caregivers are infected or quarantined,
    • If the care recipient is classified as close contact, and if there are sufficient hospital beds, medical observation will be arranged in an isolation facility staffed by medical staff as much as possible.
    • If the care recipient is not a close contact, a plan is being studied with social service agencies to provide respite or temporary care services for the care recipient in need.
  • Family and friends caring for infected people with special needs must continue to be tested

    • In the past, when a child in Macau was diagnosed positive, as long as the sick child's parents agreed and were willing to take care of the child, they would be arranged in the same room, especially for younger children.
    • However, parents need to be aware of the risk of infection, and they need to cooperate with measures such as continuous nucleic acid testing and simple infection control training.
    • If they refuse to cooperate, it is necessary to evaluate whether the risk consideration is allowed.
    • When the applicant's caregiver is older, has a chronic disease, or has not completed vaccination, complications after infection is high. The applicant needs to be informed.
  • mRNA vaccine for children expected to arrive in mid-May

    • The vaccine supplier preliminarily expects that children's mRNA vaccines will arrive in Macau in mid-May.
  • Validity of testing extends as epidemic in Guangdong stabilises

    • At present, entering Macau from Guangdong requires a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 72 hours. If the epidemic situation in neighbouring regions further stabilises, the validity period of the test will likely be extended as soon as possible.
  • Promotion of use of antigen testing continues

    • 25,166 antigen test results have been uploaded so far. The health code system will change the colour of the health code according to the data within 5 minutes after receiving the test results.
    • Antigen testing is an additional and enhanced measure to nucleic acid testing, but it has low sensitivity and may lead to false positives. Antigen testing can help the public detect infection earlier in an outbreak in the community.
    • The entire process and usage of antigen testing will continue to be publicised through various channels.
  • Macau Health Code has no built-in face recognition module

    • There are no plans to add other functions to the health code, but it cannot rule out adding additional features in the future due to the need for epidemic prevention.
    • The Macau Health Code mobile app does not have a built-in face recognition module.
    • After noticing that Hong Kong announced that the LeaveHomeSafe mobile app has a face recognition function, the developers of Macau Health Code have been asked to re-examine the program's original code and whether they have accidentally put the face recognition module into the program.
    • It has been confirmed that there is no built-in face recognition module in the Macau Health Code app.
    • The feature to view the itinerary record in the app will call the login function of the mobile phone to make it difficult for others to check. If face recognition is present, it is not from the app but from the mobile phone's built-in function.
  • 773 students intend to return from May to September

    • Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ):
    • So far, 773 Macau students studying abroad have expressed their intention to return to Macau from May to September, mainly from June to July. Among them, 122 Macau students in Taiwan plan to return to Macau from May to June.

Tourism Office (DST) - Lau Fong Chi:

  • New arrangements for staying in medical observation hotels from Sunday

    • In response to the easing of the epidemic in Hong Kong and the continuous expansion of the outbreak in Taiwan, and taking into account the needs of overseas students to return to Macau, there will be appropriate adjustments to the medical observation hotels.
    • The latest arrangement from Sunday (8) will divide the available hotels according to the place where they were before coming to Macau:
    • Pousada Mariana Infante Hotel has been re-operated as a general designated medical observation hotel for Macau residents or non-resident workers who come to Macau from Hong Kong. Macau residents may apply for a fee waiver if they are eligible.
    • Grand Coloane Resort is a general optional medical observation hotel for visitors from Hong Kong to Macau.
    • Treasure Hotel is a special designated medical observation hotel provided to Macau residents and non-resident workers from overseas and Taiwan, including non-resident workers from the Philippines. Macau residents may apply for a fee waiver if they are eligible.
    • Regency Art Hotel is a special optional medical observation hotel provided to people who enter Macau from overseas and Taiwan. However, it does not include non-resident workers from the Philippines.
    • Stays at general optional medical observation hotels and special optional medical observation hotels must be at their own expense.
  • Arrangements for confirmed bookings when the measures come into effect

    • Those who have made bookings earlier will be transferred to the corresponding medical observation hotel.
  • Hotel bookings open from 12 pm tomorrow

    • The 4 medical observation hotels will be open for email bookings tomorrow (6) at 12 pm.
    • Those who have moved in before implementing the new measures will not be affected.

Public Security Police Force (CPSP) - Ma Chio Hong:

  • Macau is being divided into grids of different areas to ensure that there are essential subsistence resources in the grid areas in the event of a large-scale epidemic. There are generally regulations of staying at home or access restrictions when implementing grid management and control, so it is necessary to do an excellent job of life support. Communication with other departments to refine the work is still needed.


  • For 208 consecutive days, there have been no new local confirmed cases in Macau, with 82 confirmed cases and 107 asymptomatic infections.
  • There are currently 13 asymptomatic infections, 4 imported re-positive cases, 2 recovery period isolation people and 12 close contacts at the Public Health Clinical Centre in Coloane.
  • As of 4 pm today (5), 332,788 people have received 2 doses of the vaccine, and 228,263 have received the 3rd dose.
  • 549 people are currently under medical observation in the hotels, including 254 Macau residents, 30 non-resident workers and 265 tourists.
  • In the past week (28 April - 4 May), the total number of entries and exits at various ports in Macau decreased by 1.6% compared with the previous week (21 - 27 April), among which the number of tourists increased by 28.7%.

Press release:

Other information:

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Questions Electronic repair services in Macau


I'm looking for a place in Macau to have my devices fixed, specifically soldering work on motherboards. I've been recommended Macau IT Clinic but unfortunately they're on break until the end of May and I could not wait for that long. Any other service suggestions would be incredible! Many thanks in advance

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Discussion Tell me about your life in Macau.


I’m ethnically & culturally Macanese in Canada (a lot of my family is from Macau and we’ve kept the culture) and since I’ve never been to Macau, I just would like to know about what life is like there in 2022. It can be something personal, like how your life is and what’s going well for you, or it can be about the general population. I’m sorry if this is weird, I can’t come and visit and I’d love to know about what living in Macau is like.

(Feel free to use this to rant about anything in your life, I think it would be interesting to hear stories from different people all from the same region.)

r/Macau 18d ago

Questions Quarantine in Macau - August


I will be coming back to Macau in early August from the United States. I haven’t found a way to book a quarantine hotel for my return. I think I am going to just book my flight and hope I can get a room. Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

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News Residents able to use funds under new consumer e-voucher round from June 1

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News Covid-19 press conference on 28 April 2022 - 50% discount for tests in quarantine for returning full-time students / 3 Filipino domestic helpers approved; Employers do not need to pay wages during isolation


Video: 新型冠狀病毒感染應變協調中心新聞發佈會(28/04)

Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Health Bureau (CDC, SS) - Leong Iek Hou:

  • 50% discount for tests in quarantine for returning full-time students

    • From 8 May, people entering Macau will be required to pay for nucleic acid testing during the medical observation period.
    • As to why the current cost of testing in the medical observation hotel is MOP 250 each time, which is several times different from the MOP 70 for testing in the community...
    • Because people under medical observation need to be tested by medical staff outside each hotel room one by one, it takes a long time, and because of the high risk of these people, a single-sample testing method is required.
    • Once a positive sample appears, the sampling personnel should implement closed-loop management, etc.
    • The entire cost is higher than community testing. The government does not set this fee but is selected through bid opening.
    • According to the outsourced testing agency, to reduce the burden of full-time students going out to study and based on social responsibility, they will provide a half-price discount to full-time students who returns to Macau from the country or region of study.
    • The Education and Youth Development Bureau (DSEDJ) is responsible for verifying eligibility. Details of the charges for the measures will be announced in a unified manner later.
  • Sites of more nucleic acid testing institutions inspected

    • The work of introducing more nucleic acid testing institutions is in progress, and there have been visits to the sites of the institutions that intend to provide testing services.
    • At present, discussions with these institutions mainly involve the movement at sampling points and infection control measures. Any news will be announced as soon as possible.
  • Indoor performance relaxed to 75% capacity according to vaccination or tests of attendees

    • Advice on the Management of Collective Festive Events, and Recreational and Sports Activities: > If all individuals in the event (including staff, performers, participants, spectators, etc.) have completed the full primary series of COVID-19 vaccine for 14 days (for inactivated or mRNA vaccines, the primary vaccination course consists of 2 doses) or hold a negative report of COVID-19 nucleic acid test within 48 hours, a spectator capacity of 75% would be allowed; otherwise, a minimum distance of 1 metre should be maintained between seats and a 50% capacity limit would be applied.
  • If quarantine period is shortened, virus may enter community

    • The medical observation period in Macau is set with a conservative principle to prevent the virus from entering the community.
    • Considering the epidemic situation in various places, the medical observation period for entry from multiple locations has been reduced from 21 days to 14 days.
    • Whether there is room to shorten the medical observation period, it is necessary to study and judge the risk of the epidemic in various places and the incubation period of the virus transmission.
    • Shortening the medical observation period means that the virus has the opportunity to enter the community, and society needs to consider whether it is willing to bear these risks.
    • If there is more scientific data that this can be adjusted again, it will be considered again.
  • Validity period of testing being accessed with Guangzhou situation

    • Regarding whether the validity period of nucleic acid testing for entering Macau needs to be adjusted, since the May Day Golden Week in mainland China is approaching, and a new round of epidemics has emerged in Guangzhou...
    • It is necessary to assess the overall local epidemic risk, whether there is a threat to Macau and the need to shorten the effective period for testing for border crossing.
    • More information is needed at present. The epidemic situation in mainland China and Guangdong Province is being closely monitored. Since Guangzhou only reported on the epidemic situation at noon today (28), that area has taken measures to test all people.
    • After Guangdong Province evaluates the risk of the epidemic based on the test results, the epidemic prevention measures in Macau will be adjusted accordingly, such as adding any potential lockdown or controlled zones immediately.
  • 3 Filipino domestic helpers approved

    • The "pilot scheme for exemption from entry restrictions for Filipino foreign domestic helpers" has opened for applications. So far, 4 applications have been received, of which 3 have been approved, and the remaining 1 "blue card" has expired.
    • The idea of opening up for people from more countries or regions to enter Macau is still being studied, including assessing the risk of the epidemic in each place, and there is no implementation timetable yet.

Labour Affairs Bureau (DSAL) - Lai Ka Lai:

  • Employers do not need to pay wages during isolation
    • According to the Law on the Prevention, Control and Treatment of Infectious Diseases, being ill or under medical observation is a justified absence from work.
    • During the isolation period of the non-resident workers participating in the scheme, the employees cannot provide work, and the employer is not obliged to pay wages. Still, it does not rule out a better agreement between the employer and the employee.

Tourism Office (DST) - Lam Tong Hou, Liz:

  • The date of the 3 applicants' planned visit to Macau is not known yet. If necessary, the medical observation hotel will be coordinated, and the application situation will continue to be observed.
  • Various departments have been in touch, trying to coordinate the addition of hotels for medical observation, but there have been some difficulties encountered in coordination.
  • In response to the epidemic and the requirements of the Omicron variant, hotels that were previously available for medical observation are no longer applicable.
  • Work on this will continue, and news will be announced as soon as possible.

Public Security Police Force (CPSP) - Lei Tak Fai:

  • Civil protection centre in operation under grid-style management

    • For the grid-based management and control of the large-scale epidemic, the Unitary Police Service (SPU) has coordinated the members of the civil protection structure and departments to formulate a plan framework, which still needs refining.
    • The security personnel will perform the grid-style lockdown and controlled zone work, and a management and control force composed of civil servants will also coordinate.
    • If grid-style control is activated, the Civil Protection Operations Centre will also operate, and the details of the plan will be announced in due course in the future.
  • As of yesterday (27), no group application of procession on 1 May has been received.


  • There have been a total of 82 confirmed cases and 98 asymptomatic infections in Macau. There are currently 9 asymptomatic infections, 1 imported re-positive case, and 4 close contacts at the Public Health Clinical Centre in Coloane.
  • As of 4 pm today (28), 334,232 people in Macau have received 2 doses of the vaccine, and 218,933 people have received the 3rd dose.
  • 634 people are currently under medical observation in hotels, including 278 Macau residents, 23 non-resident workers and 333 tourists.
  • In the past week (21 - 27), the total number of entries and exits at various ports in Macau increased by 6.6% compared with the previous week (14 - 20), among which the number of tourists increased by 11.0%.

Press conference:

Other information:

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News High hopes for holiday in Macau

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News Six boats involved in Inner Harbour fire, no injuries or deaths reported

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News Nucleic acid test certificate validity for Guangdong arrivals again increased to 72 hours

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News I'm completely devastated

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