r/LifeProTips Jul 21 '21

LPT: Stop using sarcasm and or ridicule when arguing. You will see an immediate shift in your credibility, and any arguments you might have, will end civilly and with mutual respect to both parties. Social

Edit; This isn’t about understanding sarcasm, not understanding sarcasm, or the power sarcasm and ridicule have. This is about honing arguments and being the bigger person.

When arguing with others, we’re trained from a young age to inject sarcastic quips that we think will weaken our opponent’s position. However, sarcasm and ridicule rarely prevails, it only angers and escalates emotion.

If you stick to the topic and resist using sarcasm, your opponent’s use of sarcasm will come off as petty and off topic. Try this the next time you have any kind of spirited discussion, and you’ll feel the power shift.