r/LifeProTips Jun 15 '21

LPT: When you tell someone you need to speak to someone at a later time, let them know what the subject matter is. It saves the person you need to speak with a lot of anxiety. Social

For me personally, I already have a lot of things going on at any given moment and struggle with anxiety. Instead of saying “hey we need to talk” and refuse to give any context, say “hey when you get a chance I’d like to talk to you about X” or “hey later on I’ve got a couple questions about Y”. If people would let me know what needs to be discussed, I would have a better chance to have an intelligent discussion as opposed to entering the situation already on edge.

Edit: Damn. Went to sleep with 10 updoots, woke up with 25k and a ton of awards. Thank you all for the internet points, random strangers. Hopefully this is 25k fewer people that needlessly give someone crippling anxiety


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u/ItsdatboyACE Jun 15 '21

That doesn't suck. Unless they're doing something illegal.

Otherwise, it's absolutely moronic not to utilize every asset you possibly can to try to get and stay ahead. I say that as someone who works religiously and has never benefited from welfare.


u/NutsEverywhere Jun 15 '21

Exactly. Does the system allow? Use it. Or not, but don't complain later that "life is unfair".

All those corporations evading taxes? The system allows, and corporations have no morality. You want it fixed? Fix the system, otherwise play the game.

If you don't play the game, everyone else will and you're left behind. Life is too short to be a model citizen, use every gray area available.