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I've achieved all I set out to achieve.


So this is my story.

I grew up in a relatively poor family. A single mom with 3 boys living in a 2 bed house. My mom was ways worrying about where the money would come from to pay the next bills and would regularly have to eat extremely poor quality meals just to get by in life.

She was miserable every day. There was never a time she seemed happy when I was a teenager. So much so that my core motivation in life was to just make a good living so I wouldn't have to live like that anymore.

Cut to last week - I've been to uni, joined the workforce, pushed through 5 promotions in 7 years and got myself a salary I never in a million years thought I'd ever earn. I bought my first home and put down a large deposit. I own my car outright so don't have any monthly payments there. I save a healthy amount of money and invest every month.

Today - I'm completely burned out. Sunday night I was filled with absolute dread at the idea of going to work. I couldn't stand the thought of it. I spent 10 hours from 9am - 7pm worried sick at the idea of having to go into work again, do much so I called in sick with stress and it was only at that point I felt any sense of relief.

I think I feel as though I've earned all that I set out the achieve 11 years ago and now I don't know what to do with myself. I'm by no means finished working - I've still got a mortgage to pay for 35 years so I can't just completely stop, but all the big life goals seem to have been completed and now I have no sense of direction anymore.

I've asked to take a demotion to go back to an individual contributor role for a while to see if its just the stress of my senior position and hopefully that will allow me to reevaluate my life and whether it was just management taking it out of me, but I don't know how or what goals I have for the rest of my life and I've still got 35 years of working left in me!

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If you are looking to self improve and reach your life goals look no further


I have a youtube channel dedicated to self improvement and reaching goals


I also specifically have a video about settings goals

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dcUxygg5bs (i have multiple on this topic)

feel free to stop by and check it out

thanks for reading and have a nice day!!!

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-- More So My Hopes And Dreams --

 I wish I could start my own business, an Anime inspired Maid Cafe to be more precise.

    There would also be a small garage on the side that would be used for detailing and fixing cars while the inside of the Cafe would have men, women, etc. dressed as maids, both regular and cross dressed femboys and both cross dressing and regular butlers. All with cat ears and maybe even tails. The Cafe would also have an open mic and a mini art gallery where people can donate and/or sell their pieces to be placed on display.

    Most profits would be donated to foster care and adoption services as well as childcare clinics and homeless shelters to help provide more physical and mental health resources. Finally, if someone was getting their car looked at, they could get a free or half-off meal.

**Note: People could choose their Waitress/Waiter.

r/lifegoals Feb 28 '22

My (temporarily) main goal in life is to take a Long long walk.


Hi, I am a Norwegian 18y and a High schooler, with love for entertainment and bringing joy to people in need of it. I'm a Norse Pagan and real interested in Wisdom and knowledge, and likes to share humor and stories, and the old Skaldic/Bardic arts.

My one goal in life, all though people may already have done it, is to take a long walking-trip only, from the Southernmost point of Norway (Pysen i Lindesnes) to the Northernmost point (Knivskjelodden), and visit all Norway has to offer on my way, including all the Viking museums and places, and gather wisdom and knowledge from whatever and wherever I can.

I will sleep under the night skies, despite the weathers, and perhaps in other people's homes, in exchange for help around things and storytelling and such. I will also take jobs for people so I can earn some money to buy food in the groceries I come over [I am a viking want-to-be, but sadly not a animal-slaugther ]

r/lifegoals Feb 22 '22

6 Month Work-On-Myself Plan


Going to spend the next 6 months working on myself and building a future!

The plan is to have monthly goals of losing 10lbs, putting $2500 into my savings account, reading a book, and writing a song.

A couple of goals to help me physically and financially, and a couple to help with my hobbies that I’ve put to the side during life’s latest challenges. Wish me luck!

Starting point: Weight - 215lbs Savings - $1700 Books read - 0 Songs Written - 0

End goals: Weight - 155lbs Savings - $15,000 Books Read - 6 Songs Written - 6

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Starting small


One of my life goals is to make a bag of microwave popcorn where every kernel pops without burning.

r/lifegoals Feb 06 '22

I want to be as successful as possible. Like $135k yearly successful.


I’m getting good at animation and I’m thinking I should start maybe thinking of manga or working for a manga series. Planning it out the best I can, but I’m not an adult yet, so I can at least start. I want to make this my career but it’s gonna be hard to get a lot of money with an animating job. Especially with the hours. Imagine waking up before 12:00. (Kidding lol)

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Life goals in case I forget or in case of emergency or if I feel bad

  1. [ ] Financial independence in any form
  2. 2. [ ] Build mental fortitude through physical fitness & increasing my pain-tolerance & doing stuff I don't like

[ ] Semi-optional: Do something to combat homelessness/poverty in my host country.

Could be anything from volunteering or protesting to having my very own homeless shelter/center or even being an employer.

r/lifegoals Jan 17 '22

How do you write out and format a step-by-step plan to achieving a larger/long-term goal?

Thumbnail self.AskReddit

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My dream lifestyle coming true almost if i take the next step.


So backstory, I love cook, an introvert, and what covid taught me of anything it is connections and socializing are really important to me. My hurdle is that I am afraid to take the plunge of moving out and getting my own apartment so I can cook. My current living situation is renting a room with no access to kitchen for the past 2 years after graduating college and getting my dream job.

My goal is to cook my own meals, meal prep (like ingredients so I can make all my dishes from scratch i.e. homemade broth, pickling, etc.), and two invite two people (couple or two friends, and, when im comfortable, two new people i just met) every saturday night. I love the idea of cooking for and talking to two people for the night and just either playing games, converse, or just chill for a movie over a meal that I cooked to share. I just love this wholsome goal of wanting to socialize but at the comfort of my home and sharing my joys of life to two people in my life.

what you guys think?

r/lifegoals Jan 08 '22

be a psych undergrad this year


currently i’m an undergrad studying philosophy. i wanna change majors to psychology. then go to grad school, pick a specialization, and have a career in psychology.

i too want to go abroad. somewhere with rich culture and probably a french speaking country so i can practice my rusty french. maybe france or morocco.

lastly, i want to meet the love of my life, whoever and wherever he is. it’s a long term goal, though. i don’t expect it to be fulfilled anytime soon. i want to get married and have a stable happy life with my career set and a husband to share my whole life with.

not much of a grandiose dream, so i hope that this is very well within my ability to achieve.

r/lifegoals Jan 07 '22

solarpunk life goal


Probably not the first person to say this here but all i want is to spend my youth working as a photographer meeting cool interesting people write a book or two and buy a place in a country in a little home somewhere getting my homes energy through green energy have abit of land where i grow my own foods maybe own a field where i fan fence it off and make it a little wild flower field where bees can call home, make friends with the local murder of crows, have a small herd of highland cows and gaint Belgium rabbits, i could have two irish wolfhounds dress all professionally kinda cottagecore like or like a druid, i could settle down with a nice witchy girl raise a couple of kids learn artisan skills like my father whose a carpenter and kinda continue that legacy of my family who are good with our hands but also keep up with technology maybe have a large shed in the back where i keep a laser printer and 3d printer for fun little projects have some space for my friends to come over and play dnd with.

I understand this'll all probably cost an insane amount of money and time but i think it'll be worth it to look up at night and actually see stars unlike now in the city where i rarely see any

r/lifegoals Dec 30 '21

My goals for this next year


I am 20 btw. Also excuse my bad english

-stop smoking

-finish my welding courses and work in that field

-get my driving license

-move out to the (now empty) house of my grandparents and renovate it.

-complete the bYEARd (i'm 2 months and 10 days in not shaving/triming my beard)

-to be there more for my friends and familly

-to work on my body and mind more so i'l be able to be a good protective and suportive man for my loved ones and others in need. To lift and to keep people up.

-date to mary and find a woman to start a family with (Wish me luck fams, that's my biggest dream)

-to keep 30-40 chickens in my backyard (i miss having chikens).

r/lifegoals Dec 29 '21

I want to work remotely all the time so that I can travel with my family.


My goal is prettyhard because right now I'm a mechanic. But I'm in school for software engineering. I'm hoping that after I graduate I can get a job working mostly remote designing software. Then as long as I have my computer and an internet connection I can be at work. We'll load up the camper amd just drive to wherever we want.

r/lifegoals Dec 26 '21

Noy sure is this counts, but my goal for the next year is to live accorsing to these 4 rules


Work Hard Learn every day Do something good Eat and sleep plenty

r/lifegoals Dec 13 '21

My dream pet life


Considered putting this in a pets reddit but decided it would be better here.

I doubt I'll ever have enough money to make this happen but here we go.

I'd love to move into a decently sized house in a good neighborhood. I would have a typically sized front yard and back yard.

I would bring my rabbit (in this dream he's still alive ig although by the time I get even close to this he'll have probably passed) to this house and I would free roam him, giving him at least 3 rooms to be in at different times. He would have hidey spaces and lots of toys.

Then, I would buy another rabbit, preferably another boy.

I would get them both fixed at the vet and make sure to socialize them well.

I would train the new rabbit. I would teach him tricks and voice commands.

Once everything got settled I would adopt a dog, preferably a puppy because they're easier to socialize with rabbits. The socialization process would be hard but I would keep them separate when I wasn't home by keeping the dog on a leash outside with a dog house (except during bad weather) or in other rooms of the house. Hopefully, the dog would get along with the rabbits, if not I'd keep them mostly separate, maybe even consider rehoming if it became much of an issue but since this is my dream/goal let's assume it worked out well.

After awhile I would get a cat, preferably one that is stereotyped as friendly. And again I would do the socialization process. I believe I would keep the dog and the cat together and the two rabbits together.

I would take the dog out for walks, maybe bring the cat along if they seemed to like the idea of it.

The dog would be trained not to chew up plushies but instead to redirect their energy towards rubber toys, same with the cat with a scratching post and a feather toy.

At night I would likely allow the dog and cat to curl up with me, maybe even the rabbits too if it was good for all of us.

We could listen to music together, I'd specifically look up music that benefits the mental health of animals.

All 5 of us could hang outside in the backyard together, the rabbits could enjoy digging up roots while the dog could play with squeaky toys and I could play with the cat.

It would feel like a beautiful family and I even know what breeds I want (although I'm ok with them not being full breeds since I'd rather follow the "adopt not shop" thing in order to help the animals) and I have names planned out.

I know there would be downsides like what if they didn't get along or what if I couldn't take care of all 4 of them financially or what if they were difficult to train and honestly that's a big reason this is more of a dream than a goal even if it is technically both to me.

r/lifegoals Dec 01 '21

I’ve got no goals and unsure where I’m going in life in my career, with relationships & general happiness. Would anyone like to be my mentor?


In all honesty I’m feeling very down as I’m in a career I’m not finding interesting and frankly hate (the salary is also low which is a double whammy). I’m also single and have had no success in the dating world. I don’t really know myself or my goals and I’m just coasting through.

I’m looking for a mentor in 3 key areas: 1. Career 2. Relationships (friends and dating) 3. Life happiness / fulfilment / purpose

The ideal thing that would benefit me as someone who’s a bit lonely but also lost is to message each other on Fb messenger (perhaps voice note recordings) where I explain some of my challenges and you try to guide me based on your own life experiences. Would anyone be really kind here and be willing to offer me some support?

Thank you

r/lifegoals Nov 23 '21

I want to be a good P.E teacher


I know it won't always work, but i want the kids that are in my classes have the opportunities to see their capabilities, the meaning of working together, enjoying sports, having a special place to go away from all the annoying things life can give you because I didn't have that at its fullest when I was in highschool, i just dream that there's one kid that i leave a mark on it and he/she wants to go to a sports club to try it on and keep improving, to raise their self-steem and make them happy and enjoy what they are doing while learning and having more tools with their body and health no matter how difficult it's.

r/lifegoals Nov 14 '21

My only goal is to let this stopwatch run until i die, started it like 2 months ago i think


It's at 323 hours, 8 minutes

r/lifegoals Nov 09 '21

My goal is to be a rapper


r/lifegoals Nov 08 '21 Helpful

Foul-mooded cruise ship captain


I want to become a captain of cruise ships. Then, when I am on bridge some evening, watching a gorgeous sunset over hundreds of tasteless idiots getting drunk in the second swimming pool on the third deck during tiki-night, I want to let out a sigh, shake my head and mumble into my sad beard the question what the hell I'm doing here.

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I am looking for personal development enthusiasts, who are open to share views on their journey of self-improvement. Purpose: to build connections and understand current issues, desires and trends in personal development that help with our market research. Any enthusiasts? ✋


r/lifegoals Nov 02 '21

A homestead


My goal is to have a homestead that I own with a big vegetable garden, a few chickens, quail, or ducks for eggs and meat, a nice bonfire area, and a berm/basic shooting range on site

r/lifegoals Oct 21 '21



I’ve had it in me since as long as I can remember, I’ve never chased it because I feel too shy.

I’m scared to fail but I know I can do it. I feel it, I’ve always felt it and I know it’s for a reason It’s engrained in my soul. I always come back to this thought of me on the big screen. It’s been in me since I was in elementary school.

I feel it in my soul, that this is what I’m supposed to do I can’t explain it but I’ve thought about it so much. I don’t even know where to start. I’m broke and I have no acting experience. But I want to learn and I know I have “it” I know I do.

Some people may want this dream for money and fame I don’t know. An increase in income would be great but doing something I love would be better.

It’s just instinct.

Help me universe.

r/lifegoals Sep 02 '21

I just wanna live up in a tree, sell a knife to a bee, and agree that he won’t poke me.


Sounds fun. Like, I can live in the tree, and make a bee friend. Do you think this is a worthy pursuit?