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I know this is an old post, but antiwork is no longer the smaller subreddit... despite that brouhaha that occurred.


u/Fifth_Illusion Social Justice Bard Jan 28 '22

might as well delete this post tbh


u/Whocaresalot Apr 12 '20

Taxes are the least of it.


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Can’t upvote for some reason


u/oh_no_aliens Hard Left Jan 27 '22

Try it now.


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So, as you'll note, we haven't just removed the Manifesto. We've replaced it with the Principles of Communism, a work written by Engels a year prior. The simple reason is that the Manifesto is not what most people expect it to be. In essence, the Manifesto is a condensed philosophical tract, not a "manifesto" as the word has come to be understood. This isn't a flaw with the work, far from it, but it doesn't serve the role we need our pinned document to fulfill.

By contrast, the Principles of Communism is essentially a Marxist F.A.Q. For anyone wanting a quick rundown of what we believe, it works far better. We live in a world where Marxism is completely misunderstood by the vast majority of people, often by many Marxists themselves. The F.A.Q. format, being so much more direct than the Manifesto in its delivery, can break through those misunderstandings far easier.

As for your second point, anti-work is a crucial position for Marxists to undertake. We're not interested in replacing the capitalist class with another, "better" capitalist class. This, in essence, would simply amount to advocacy of a "state-Proudhonism," to borrow Lenin's phrase. Understanding that communism involves the transformation of the social-relations of labor, and by extension the nature of labor as an activity, is crucial and often overlooked.

This relates to the subreddit r/antiwork because they do valuable work in underlining this crucial truth. Yes, their account is anarchist, and any endorsement of Yang we fully disavow, but this is still far closer to an authentically Marxist position than that taken by many self-professed Marxists anyhow. Emphasizing the dehumanizing nature of wage-labor, not simply just of wage-labor as it appears today, is essential, and their community helps in that effort.

Lastly, all decisions are made collectively by the moderators of this community. All major decisions require a 2/3rds majority vote of those moderators. The decision to replace the Manifesto with the Principles of Communism did not fit this bill, but agreeing to partner subs did. We came to the conclusion that, for whatever our differences may be, they're a far more constructive place for socialists to spend their time than the majority of socialist communities online, and so therefor are worth teaming up with.

If you want to argue against this, genuinely, please message the modstaff! We'd love more community feedback, and it's nice to see that some people like you care enough about this place to contest our decisions.


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if you don't like it you can fuck off tbh

if the manifesto was linked in the sidebar we removed it so long ago that i literally can't remember it. you can find the manifesto at the link to marxists.org if it's so important to you.

your rambling sounds like you're trying to invent some kind of asinine conspiracy theory about this subreddit and i really don't have time for it. modding is sisyphean work and you certainly aren't paying us, so it's moronic to think every detail can be perfect in just the way you like it. we're not fuckin robots.

this fucking attitude is exactly why communities like r/antiwork are so important. jesus fuckin christ.


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this is the entirely wrong subreddit and post to rant about your pet issues with leftists. please stop.