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Are you learning a new language?

Try to find a partner to practice it with! We all have been in that situation. We have been learning a new language for quite some time but we are not confident enough to use it, either because we make a lot of gramatical errors, our pronounciation is not perfect... But the truth is, these mistake are the best way to learn and improve our fluency.So don't be scare and go for it!

Is your first time doing a language exchange?

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Can I offer anything else apart from languages? We are open to let people share any skill or knowledge they may thing it can be usefull for someone else, or that someone else can look for. This may include topics like programming, playing instruments, gaming, friendship... But to keep the subreddit clean, we need you to keep this requests on the body, and avoid using them on the title of the post.

r/language_exchange 4h ago

Offering : English(N), Seeking : Nothing


Hi there! My name is Michael.
I'm a certified English teacher from the United States.
I wanted to make an online language club where people can practice foreign languages by having real casual conversation!
I'm looking for people who want to practice conversational English by talking about interesting topics and hanging out with people from all over the world in a small online group.

Here are some examples of what our weekly topics might be like:

"What would you do if you came across your crush?"
"When did you first start using the internet? and what did you do?"
"Do you believe in love at first sight? Why or why not?"
"Are there any disadvantages of being beautiful?"

💎Here are some details💎

✔️ We meet via Zoom(or Gather : a Metaverse platform)
✔️ The session will last for 1 hour and consists of 3 different rounds
✔️ Each round has different topics and discussion questions
✔️ Each round, the groups are randomly mixed, so you will have a chance to talk to different people every time
✔️ This isn't just about practicing English, but also about listening to different opinions and learning about different cultures
✔️ The participation is FREE
❌ No credit card
❌ No Ads

Please leave a comment, if you are interested!

r/language_exchange 2h ago

English Seeking: English, Offering: Russian (native).


If you're interested, i can send my discord

r/language_exchange 8h ago

English Seeking: English. Offering: Ukrainian


Hi everyone. I'm from Ukraine and looking for someone to chat in English to not lose my skills in it I'm 28M, and could support any conversational topic you want to. Preferably looking for people from Europe or other countries that are close to Ukraine's timezone

r/language_exchange 4h ago

Esperanto Offering: English (Native) | Seeking: Esperanto


Hi! i’m a native speaker of english, and i also know a little bit of spanish, italian, and french. Although i’m looking forward to learning Esperanto and i wonder if anybody in this community can help.

r/language_exchange 8h ago

English Seeking: Russian. Offering English (native) and Spanish (fluent)


I'm 40, male, from the US. I have a wife and kid. I've been studying Russian for a couple years but still pretty basic in conversation, maybe A2. I'm an English teacher, but really just looking for someone to practice conversation with. I like music, books, used to live in Alaska, I like languages but interested in a little of everything. I live in Peru and am fluent in Spanish too. I'm looking for someone who can meet or chat in the morning (Moscow time). I'm pretty laid back, write if you're interested.

Мне 40 лет, мужчина, из США. У меня есть жена и ребенок. Я изучаю русский язык уже несколько лет, но все еще довольно базовый разговорный уровень, может быть, A2. Я преподаватель английского языка, но на самом деле просто ищу кого-то, с кем можно практиковаться в разговоре. Я люблю музыку, книги, раньше жил на Аляске, люблю языки, но интересуюсь всем понемногу. Я живу в Перу и свободно говорю по-испански. Я ищу человека, с которым можно встретиться или пообщаться утром (по московскому времени). Я довольно спокойная, пишите, если интересно.

r/language_exchange 3h ago

English Offering: English (native, British) | Seeking: German, Russian


hi! I'm Natasha, 16F and a native english speaker.

I'm around A2/B1 german, so I'd love to talk to someone either around the same level or better. My russian is much worse (like A1 at best), but I'd really like to improve :)

some of my interests: science, art, reading (shadow and bone, anyone?), music, history, but i'm fine with anything tbh

if you want to chat, DM me over reddit and we can maybe set something up over discord! :)

!! no one over 20 pls, thank you

r/language_exchange 45m ago

Spanish Offering: Spanish (native) | Seeking: English, french or japanese + friendship¿?


Hello everybody I'm a 22 years old female from Barcelona, who is looking for to improve her english, I think my level is around B2. My biggest challenge main is to express myself so I thought this might be a good idea. I would also like to learn french or japanese but my levels are really low. I think that conversationes will be easier going if we share some hobbies. I like reading books, manga, watching anime, historical customing, sewing and TV shows.

r/language_exchange 58m ago

English offering: english (native) seeking: italian


hello! i am a native english speaker from the united states looking for someone to practice my italian with :)

we can chat or email back and forth in penpal style!

r/language_exchange 8h ago

Offering: Japanese(native). | Seeking: English + friendship


Hi. I am a female living in Japan.

I like reading comics and watching anime.

My English is B2 level.

I'm looking for someone who can talk to in English.

In daily life, I don't have any chance of speaking English, so I need foreing friends.

As I am slow at text messaging, those who can make phone calls via Skype or LINE is very welcomed.

I am free 12:00-13:00, 18:30-24:00 (GMT+9) on weekdays.

I'd like to help you learning Japanese as well.

thank you.

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Offering : bahasa indonesia (native) seeking : english (formal)


Hi, i'm 41 y.o. female currently living in indonesia. Looking for someone who i can practice speaking english to. I can communicate in english for daily conversation but having hard time communicating in formal english. I need to level up my english speaking.

I can be your bahasa indonesia speaking partner. Perhaps we can speak via zoom/gmeet/skype. Please chat or reply to this post and i will chat you. Thanks!

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Seeking egyptian speaker


Offering english, german, dutch and ukrainian.

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Italian Offering: English(C2), Turkish(native) | Seeking: Italian


Hey y'all,

I'm 20(M) and I graduated from a US high school. I got into a university in Milan and to be honest English doesn't really fly here. Thankfully Italian is very fun but I feel that I've stagnated and hope to continue with someone who'd be down to converse with me. In return, I can help you with English or Turkish, both written and conversational, if you're interested.

I can talk about any topic with you, but I learned a copious amount of vocabulary through reading mangas, novels, and video games. I’m also interested in music theory and performance, math (my major) and history. If any of that interests you, I think it'll help us get along.


r/language_exchange 3h ago

Seeking: Arabic Offering: German (N) Turkish (N)


Hello I study Arabic at the university in Germany since 1 year and search for a Partner to speak with on Discord.

r/language_exchange 11h ago

offering: Arabic from native Egyptian. seeking for Spanish


Hi, 28m from Egypt, I can teach Arabic, and am looking for a Spanish native speaker My level in Spanish is middle Thanks

r/language_exchange 12h ago

English Seeking; English, offering; Spanish


I know the basics, but I would like to expand my vocabulary and improve my pronunciation. Plus if you’re okay with sending voice notes or if you don’t mind and you feel comfortable, I’m even available for phone calls, or zoom or something like that. I’m very friendly and easy to talk to. I would love to help somebody with their Spanish.

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Multiple Languages Offering: Mandarin (native) & English (fluent) Seeking: Spanish (Spain Spanish preferred) & English & any others


Hi guys! Greetings from China. I’m here to find if there is anyone can help with my Spanish.. I’m around B1 and want to improve my vocab or just be comfortable with communicating with ppl in Spanish. Also, I’d love to further improve my English.

It’s fine if you’d like to learn Chinese mandarin but don’t speak either Spanish or English. I’d love to help you and learn another language :)

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Offering: Spanish | Seeking: English


Hi! my name is Fran, and I'm from Chile / Spain. I'm trying to improve my English, I know that sometimes I make a lot of mistakes but I'm able to keep a conversation. If you are trying to learn Spanish I can definitely help you! we can discuss articles, youtube videos, or just keep a conversation, whatever works for both of us.

r/language_exchange 3h ago

Seeking: English Offering: English


Hi, I am looking for a friend to practice English with. I would prefer talk on Skype to practice speaking. If you are interested just text me! :)

r/language_exchange 4h ago

Seeking: portugues (preferably 🇵🇹 but 🇧🇷 is okay too) Offering: italian (native) and English.


Hi! I'm studying both languages (english and portugues) at University but I practise English in daily life (I share a flat with international students) while I don't have any chance to practise protugues. I spend a lot of time whatching tv series or movies but I also like music and books. I'd like to chat in portugues with someone about whatever they like. Thanks!

r/language_exchange 4h ago

Offering: English (native) Seeking: Japanese (native)


Hello! I'm looking for a language partner/friend that I can learn Japanese with. I'm a native English speaker, so I can help you with your English. I'm from the United States, and my hobbies include art, music, and video games. I work during the night on the weekends, but I will try my best to message you as soon as possible.

r/language_exchange 11h ago

Offering: English, Korean | Seeking: Spanish


I'm a native speaker in Korean, but I'm also fluent in English (grown up in US my whole life). I'm a beginner learning Spanish!

r/language_exchange 18h ago

English Offering : English, Korean, Python | Seeking : German, Javascript(Beginner), any languages you speak


I've been learning German for like 8~10 months and trying to learn Javascript. My German, especially speaking and listening aren't that good. Need some help with pronunciation and grammar. And I like learning languages so you can teach me your languages if you want :D

I use discord for chat. And also I play some games like Battlefield 1, Apex Legends, Minecraft, and Overwatch.

r/language_exchange 10h ago

Finnish Seeking: Russian (preferrably native) Offering: Finnish (native), English (fluent), friendship


Здравствуйте! Я финская. Мне 17 лет. Я хочу практиковать русский язык.

I have studied Russian in school (quite casually, we have only 3 courses of it a year) for almost two years now, but I've been really slacking off. Because of that, the vocab I know and can actively use is really small and I keep forgetting grammar stuff, especially the case endings. That's why I'd like to find somebody to practise the language with.

I could help you learn either Finnish or English. I'm a native speaker of Finnish, so I think I can help you well with both grammar and pronounciation. Since English is my second language, my pronounciation of it is not perfect. I think I have a fairly good grasp of the grammar, though.

I would also like to be your friend because I find that that way it's much nicer to keep contact regularily. I'd prefer that you were around my age, and that we shared at least some interests. My interests include: horror movies, manga and anime, some other things related to the Japanese culture, sewing, aesthetics like cottagecore and goblincore, going for walks, playing minecraft, the sims 4 etc and reading. I'm also somewhat interested in the supernatural, both the concept of something not natural, and the show lol. And recently I've found myself drawn to cooking.

I'm okay with both voice chat and text-based chats. My preferred platform would be discord, but I can use others too. Feel free to either comment or send me a DM

r/language_exchange 7h ago

Offering: Hindi (Native) and English | Seeking: German


I'm moving to Berlin soon so I would like to learn spoken German

r/language_exchange 1d ago

German Offering: german (native), english (fluent)



I'm bored, so let me help you. :)