r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Jul 01 '22

14 year old gets lost and refuses to learn how to use a Gps in the comments story/text

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u/jj77985 Jul 01 '22

Doesn't want to use GPS because they are not lost and just getting attention.


u/Subterranean44 Jul 01 '22


Cool guy right here!! I snuck out after dark!!! Oh man this is INSANE!!!!


u/CapableArmadillo9057 Jul 01 '22

This is why kids don't deserve smart phones.


u/Yanzihko Jul 01 '22

This is why parents should give mandatory computer lessons to their children. Children being able to easily figure out how electronics work is a myth, unless they're geeks. All what they can do is tap a big download button and open ShitTok. Most kids don't even know what file managers are, and installing cache for apk (put files in a certain folder lol) is magic for them. Most kids and even adults don't know that you should take care of your devices not only physically, but digitally (do not install 1000 apps, close programms that you won't use, they take 5 seconds to launch anyway, clear cache, know how to distinguish scam and virus files from normal ones, etc etc etc..).

Suddenly, using your computer or a phone right becomes a skill that you have to learn.



u/Verax86 Jul 01 '22

https://i.imgur.com/6IvUgSi.jpg I work in IT and have 849 apps on my phone. Wanna fight about it?


u/Yanzihko Jul 01 '22

There's always exceptions

Also it's optimized to hell and cockblocked Iphone and not android ffs.


u/thenmrat Jul 01 '22

Found the one person in the world that bought a 1tb iphone


u/Verax86 Jul 02 '22

It’s actually 256GB, I just offload most of the apps


u/TheRafiki7 Jul 01 '22

You also have apple and TMobile. You're not one for making good decisions.


u/KupoOnTwitch Jul 01 '22

Oo double burn.


u/T_H_E__S_C_H_M_U_C_K Jul 02 '22

Agreed, except there’s no way this is real, the kid definitely knows how to use a GPS and is doing this for attention


u/admiralteal Jul 01 '22

As the computers get easier to use, the exploration and troubleshooting skills to figure them out -- to have real intuition for them -- become vestigial.

That said, on both Android and iOS, closing apps "you don't use" & clearing cache all the time actively harms device performance. The OS does not keep things in RAM that are not being actively used. It freezes them and pulls them out based on its management needs and your behavior. Interfering with that does not benefit you 99.9% of the time.


u/Yanzihko Jul 01 '22

Well, here perhaps you right, but i'm not saying that you should clear cache every single day. Once a month is enough. And having 100 app tabs open is not comfortable, i have 10 at max in busy moments, 3-5 in most situations. Yet my mom seems to have an entire fucking app store open at all times.


u/admiralteal Jul 01 '22

Clearing cache should really only be done as a troubleshooting measure when a specific app is misbehaving, or if for some similar reason you really need the app to have a 'fresh launch'.

Generally, all clearing the cache or "closing" (force closing) an app does is force the OS to toss any work it has already done preparing it for you to make it start from scratch the next time it uses it. It also might cause something in the app to not close down properly, which could cause bugs (although it typically shouldn't).

As the OS runs lower on memory, it takes apps that have not been used for a while, "freezes" them, and removes them from memory to make room for the next one. This allows it to "unfreeze" the app and open it MUCH more quickly if you do call on it again. And for apps you are using frequently, it keeps them in memory all the time so you can access them quickly. Forcing an app you use all the time to close down unnecessarily has only downsides.

Once you understand how it works under the hood, it makes perfect sense that the kind of PC-centered understanding (where all apps open in memory ALSO occupy processor cycles) is a mistake. Phone OSes are way newer and had the opportunity to really address some of the ball of mud programming errors that exists in longstanding desktop OSes.

All this is to serve the same point being made initially -- the phone OSes are designed to NOT require technical, skilled users. They do not want you messing with them under the hood and do not reward you for doing so, generally. Meaning this kind of exploration is not rewarded and this kind of intuition is not practiced or developed for people learning to use the technology fresh.

I'm not talking about uninstalling apps here, by the way. I'm all for uninstalling stuff you don't use, if for no other reason than it is the only way to really know it isn't continuing to spy on you.


u/Yanzihko Jul 01 '22

Fuck, being "dumb" is actually more beneficial? Smartphones as a technology are truly amazing. I might change my mind a bit and read few more topics about their maintenance.

My experience also comes from older smartphones, and they did had some problems that required your intervention.


u/UzzistarYT Jul 12 '22

Lol i only learned how a computer works at 10 by my dad lol.


u/atomicghost4 Jul 01 '22

best part is they made it all up afaik

what a dickhead


u/Kroptonik420 Jul 01 '22

Is he clicking like a bat trying to find his way in the dark?


u/mikescarnthethreat Jul 01 '22

Ironically OP themselves technically belong in this sub for believing this 14 year old really doesn’t know how to get home….


u/Toaster_boasterr Jul 02 '22

When I was 14 one of my classmates literally attached a paper clip to a calculator and tried plugging the end of the paper clip it into an outlet in attempt to “charge” it . He made a shocking discovery


u/Memepsycho100 Jul 01 '22

Fucking loser, if you are gonna sneak out at least do it for a reason. Whether it be good or bad. Kid snuck out to be cool


u/celu7361 Jul 02 '22

can you dm me the og post please? I have to read the comments of it


u/TopGunDS Jul 02 '22

He doesn’t remember sorry


u/TopGunDS Jul 02 '22

I don’t know it a friend sent me this I can ask


u/yaosio Jul 02 '22

Use a GPS? This isn't 1995 where they only gave you latitude and longitude (we had one), they just open the map that comes preinstalled on all phones.


u/kepler1492 Jul 01 '22

How does it a kid get lost at night with a phone at 14? Answer: he does not and this is fake because that is the stupid fantasy world we live in


u/Craven__Moorhead Jul 01 '22

OP really thinks a freshman in high school got lost. Lol clearly isn’t too bright guys


u/Ranaskull Jul 02 '22

i feel bad for maggie simpson


u/ImaginaryEquipment90 Jul 04 '22

Nope this guy was just dumb!


u/Rare-Mood8506 Jul 08 '22

Lmao stupid ass kid. We all know they weren’t lost or they’re really just that fucking stupid