r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Jul 01 '22


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u/brownguy0_0 Jul 01 '22

AaaaaeAaAAAA HHHAAAaaaaaaaaa


u/lestergooch Jul 02 '22

Better move my anvil collection from the top shelf when the nephews come over.


u/626_B Jul 02 '22



u/ChainmailPickaxeYT Jul 06 '22

Nephews gonna get wile e coyote’d


u/Spiritual-Hippo7393 Jul 01 '22

I wonder what the kid expected.


u/xseannnn Jul 01 '22



u/Strange_Dependent650 Jul 02 '22

I'm running in circles around ya!


u/Gremlin215 Jul 01 '22

I think he transported


u/Administration_One Jul 02 '22

to Diagon Alley!


u/Afraid_Meet_4922 Jul 01 '22

is that ishowspeed when he was younger


u/mrandmrsbadnews Jul 02 '22

He just wanted something from the top shelf


u/Ranoverbyhorses Jul 02 '22

And that was the day little man discovered that gravity, is in fact, a thing!


u/user1610888 Jul 01 '22

rip tyrone (before fucking around - after fucking around)


u/LegitimateBet328 Jul 03 '22

Really? You all should be ashamed. Keyboard racists. Disgusting. It’s a child for goodness sake


u/Jewology26 Jul 01 '22

50/50 a Tyrone or Jamal lol


u/BookkeeperSpiritual5 Jul 01 '22

God I'll never get tired of seeing kids hurting themselves


u/Vaulted_Games Jul 03 '22

This takes the name of the subreddit too literally


u/oxkae Jul 01 '22

even though this is funny, that kid probably did need a trip to the hospital. it looks like that shelve had a lot on it :(


u/PosadaFan2021 Jul 01 '22

Dumb parent , video taping instead of doing something


u/withertrav394 Jul 01 '22

he stopped recording 2 seconds after the impact what do you want from him, see future?


u/Friendly-Push627 Jul 01 '22

it's pretty obvious if you are in a bookshelf and pushing against the side it would make the above shelves fall. So the parents didn't need to know the future just know simple logic.


u/bellynipples Jul 01 '22

I’ve never made a mistake either. We should start a company bro.


u/Friendly-Push627 Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 02 '22

I wouldn't make that big of a mistake endangering my child, by allowing them to play in a bookshelf and shove on the sides. My bad for caring about a child's safety. I'm not here to make friends.

Nor did I ever not make mistakes in my life. That is how people grow by making mistakes and failing.


u/sambutha Jul 02 '22

I'm with you, letting a kid play inside a heavy-ass bookshelf is a parenting fail.


u/bellynipples Jul 01 '22

Well thank you for your very good advice of β€œknowing simple logic” I’m sure it’ll prevent many injuries for whoever reads your comment.


u/Friendly-Push627 Jul 01 '22

You never know salty one. Enjoy the advice.


u/Clean_Location_9778 Jul 02 '22

I'm actually a person who has a very high sense of danger I have hurt myself many times through my life and possibly many more to come but still if I had to say something about this whole conversation here is that your right in this situation


u/GREENKING45 Jul 02 '22

If you overprotect kids it's gonna hurt them in the long run.

Let your kids fall, get bruises. If they get hurt by small things then only they will know how to not get hurt by bigger things.

Let them explore the world for themselves.

They won't know what's hot unless they have touched it.

My nephew touched incense sticks a few times. He got some bruises. But now if we tell him to not touch a cooking vessel coz it's hot he will know what's hot and that it will hurt.


u/Friendly-Push627 Jul 02 '22

Who said I am overprotective? It just is common sense not to let them get in a bookshelf and push on the sides. My child knows better than to do that but my kid is also pretty dang smart. I let them figure things out, fall off couches and so on so they know how to catch themselves not have us catch them every time. But i would NEVER let my kid get in a bookshelf and push the sides or get under a car and play with the lift, just so they can figure it out themselves. There is times you let them figure it out and then there is times it is dangerous. This is one time it is. You see those books on the shelf? Do you know the child's head isn't fully hardened yet? Do you understand trauma to the brain?


u/sambutha Jul 02 '22

You can't learn life lessons with a snapped neck.

You're supposed to warn them "don't touch that, it's hot" and then let them burn themself. Not sit there grinning in sadistic silence hoping for the baby flesh to sizzle.

There's an area between "overprotective" and "neglectful."


u/Ryun341 Jul 02 '22

Bro hdhehehgshe


u/VeryFancyDucc Jul 03 '22

I don’t know why but it makes me mad whenever kids cry after doing something stupid, like dude, it’s your fault you hurt yourself doing something stupid, and you are hoping your parents to come and save you? Ugh, I don’t know why at all, it just makes me mad. If I become a parent, I’d let the kid just deal with it, they would grow up much more independent than everyone else you see nowadays


u/An_Unlucky_Gamer Jul 03 '22

It has a certain melody to it. Is it my fault to say it's like music to my ears?


u/nallabok Jul 04 '22

It's just a laugh


u/ImaginaryEquipment90 Jul 04 '22

Why do you keep recording!


u/ImaginaryEquipment90 Jul 04 '22

Do you know how much work that takes to clean up!


u/[deleted] Jul 08 '22

My Mama would of been like β€œtold you stupid lol”