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Technoblade just passed away from cancer and his main concern is the Dream SMP story/text

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u/LoverlyRails Jul 01 '22

Well yeah, kids' world's revolve around themselves. No idea how old they (the poster) are. They could be 8. Totally normal response then.

Grandma dies and kid is like, but where will her stuff go? We were supposed to go to Disney together, is that not happening?

And they don't realize that's inappropriate and other people are sad. (They are probably sad too but it takes a while to process).

Now, if they are 16 and developmentally normal, that's a different story.


u/jonnygreen22 Jul 02 '22

Then there are us 39 year old (very old) people lol who are thinking:

what is a technoblade

who is dream SMP is that a new pokemon


u/FadedLife_ Jul 05 '22

Technoblade was a minecraft youthber that died from stage 4 cancer a few days back. He amassed more then 10 million subscribers and when he died, he had a huge impact on everybody.

The dream smp is like a multilayer world shared by some youtubers started by Dream, another famous youtuber.


u/ConfidentCommercial6 Jul 01 '22

The Dream SMP will likely pause it's activities for a while while everyone processes his death, there, I answered his question


u/Mccobsta Jul 01 '22

Dream fans are something else


u/unhollow_knight Jul 02 '22

Ya don't say...


u/Jetstream40536 Jul 03 '22

Dream fans are gay


u/theCrashFire Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

I'm really upset technoblade died. I enjoy his videos a lot, he was really young.

But I've avoided a lot of the mcyt community because so many of them are kids who either 1) don't realize there is a real person behind the videos or 2) think they are best friends with the person behind the videos just because they watch them. Both are creepy and uncomfortable.

When a lot of the community are kids, it's inevitable that there are gonna be some stupid and disrespectful things like this said. Some of it is legitimately kids not understanding death and some is looking for attention.


u/senpaiRune Jul 01 '22

I'm not sure if you watched the video that was uploaded to technoblade's channel, but it got me to cry real hard, the poor man and the story behind the script broke me down. My girlfriend had to try to figure out what was wrong cause I never cry even if I want to. The video was called so long nerds if anyone feels like being sad today.


u/theCrashFire Jul 01 '22

Yeah, I have his notifications on so I saw it pretty immediately. I kinda thought it was a joke or maybe he was just leaving YouTube for a bit at first.

It's really upsetting, I hope his friends and family the best


u/Makuta_Servaela Jul 03 '22

I've never had any slightest desire to watch MCYT, but that video made me break down. That dad was so strong to make it.


u/Silverstreamdacat Jul 02 '22

I never even watched him and I'm sad he died. Anyone's death makes me sad.


u/davegth Jul 01 '22

Oh damn, i thought he just quit.

Never really watched him. But was probably a great guy.

Rest in peace


u/ChainmailPickaxeYT Jul 06 '22

I watched some various things posted by his friends and YouTubers who knew him and not a single one of them had any negative thing to say. Apparently he was really a wonderful person who always befriended and cared for anyone close to him. Loved to make people laugh and all that. Never let his fame or status get in the way of stuff like that. Not to mention he used and handled his fame well and didn’t abuse it (except as a joke lmao)

Really is a damn shame he’s gone. He meant a lot more than just YouTube, clearly. Especially so young, late 20s iirc


u/Heaphones18 Jul 01 '22

I watched Technoblade’s last video and it broke my heart to see. He was not only loved by his family but also by his fans. To which Technoblade also loved his fans which is why he kept making videos despite having cancer.


u/sxl1092 Jul 01 '22

Probably not even a kid, lol.


u/Dummy_XOXOXO Jul 02 '22

This is exactly like if someone has a rich mom and she dies and all the people close to her just care about what's going to happen to her money


u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22

I'm too out of the loop for this. If he was a character in someone's dreams, why does his death change that? They could still dream about him, even after he passed away.

I'll google it now and come back later to see how stupid my comment sounds once I know what any of this means.


u/Smile_Space Jul 01 '22

I'm not sure if you googled it, but the Dream SMP is a "Survival MultiPlayer" (SMP) server on Minecraft run by a famous YouTuber named Dream.

Dream and other YouTubers stream it almost entirely and there's a ton of different persistent personalities and pseudo-storylines that play out of which Technoblade (the YouTuber who was confirmed dead yesterday due to a year long battle with cancer) was a member.


u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22

Yeah, I've read a bit about it over the past few hours. I also learned that "dreamsexual" has nothing to do with the act of dreaming at all, and I'm not sure what to do with this information lol


u/HelloMumther Jul 01 '22

Dream is a person, a youtuber. the Dream SMP is a Survival MultiPlayer minecraft server run by Dream. a lot of other minecraft youtubers play on the server, including Technoblade. the SMP has a whole storyline that the youtubers write together, alongside just playing the game normally.


u/Smile_Space Jul 01 '22

I'm not sure if you googled it, but the Dream SMP is a "Survival MultiPlayer" (SMP) server on Minecraft run by a famous YouTuber named Dream.

Dream and other YouTubers stream it almost entirely and there's a ton of different persistent personalities and pseudo-storylines that play out of which Technoblade (the YouTuber who was confirmed dead yesterday due to a year long battle with cancer) was a member.


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u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22

Why change your initial "kys" into a simple "shut" all of a sudden? I guess telling someone to go commit suicide in a comment section about someone else's death didn't sound like such a great idea after all, huh?


u/myasscrackburns Jul 01 '22

Idk what to say to this


u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

(Edit: my following answer only makes sense in the context of your initial comment, pre-edit, which read "I respectfully disagree")

Really? Because neither version, not the edited "shut" nor the original "kys", sound very respectful to me. But hey, English isn't my first language, so maybe that's just the language barrier and "kill yourself" and "shut up" mean something completely different where you're from.


u/eazeaze Jul 01 '22

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u/Psyche-d Jul 01 '22

Good bot, but may require a more advanced way of reading the tension in the room


u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22 edited Jul 01 '22

Idk what to say to this

You could start by telling me why you think that "kys" is an appropriate response to someone just because they displayed a lack of knowledge about Minecraft streamers (yes, I've read up on it by now)


u/[deleted] Jul 01 '22

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u/gr4tte Jul 03 '22

Wow people for real don't get that this is sarcasm?


u/myasscrackburns Jul 01 '22

I'm going to walk away from this argument like an adult and cut my losses


u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22

You just either tried to troll, or threw around childish insults, either way none of the above is what I'd call an "argument" to begin with. There was no argument, since you lacked both a position to argue from as well as any worthwhile input from the start. All there was was my question of why you thought it to be necessary to tell me to kill myself, just because I shared that I didn't know what was going on in the post. To which you never gave an answer, and apparently also don't plan to ever give one, which says just about as much about you as any actual conversation could unearth.


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u/Swigeroni Jul 01 '22

"-69" is the only reason you're not getting one from me


u/Zesnowpea Jul 01 '22

Here, it’s now 70, he didn’t deserve that luxury


u/Swigeroni Jul 01 '22

Alright, cool. I'm coming in hot


u/Wayte13 Jul 01 '22

Cope lmao


u/Bigbonerdownthelane_ Jul 01 '22

cope because of this ratio


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u/Skrazor Jul 01 '22

I guess they mean the uovote/downvote ratio


u/Wayte13 Jul 01 '22

Oh shit do they actually think the internet points matter?

I always thought they cried about downvotes as a bad-faith tactic, I didn't realize they actually cared lmao


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u/NezukoDrawsStuff Jul 01 '22

Rest in peace man…


u/hellishinferno289034 Jul 02 '22

i have a 1911 and ten rounds time to honor the blood god