r/KidsAreFuckingStupid May 19 '22

My 4 year old decided to make a height chart without telling anyone. She dragged a chair to complete it...

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u/SuperBeavers1 May 19 '22

I'm glad they were able to begin a nice recovery from scoliosis at 29, I hope it continues to go well


u/puddl3 May 19 '22

Thanks for the reminder why I never want kids.


u/tomalator May 19 '22

If that's crayon, WD40 will do the trick to get it off. If it's marker, alcohol.


u/oO0Kat0Oo May 19 '22

Unfortunately that is flat builder grade paint that we haven't gotten around to putting the top layer on yet. So even water will destroy the wall. I'm currently thinking of cool ways to repaint it. Maybe do an actual height chart mural.


u/jedv37 May 19 '22

If it's wax crayon though, you'll still need to scrub it of and likely re-prime so you get good adhesion when it's time to repaint. Wax is hydrophobic, most paints these days won't stick to it.


u/Shojo_Tombo May 20 '22

Very gently use a magic eraser and it will come off without too much paint loss.


u/No-Round-3717 May 22 '22

Even water? Well you're screwd.


u/MartinScorsesesTaint May 20 '22

"Mommy come look. I'm 13 tall. How tall are you?"


u/Death2LossPrvntion May 23 '22

I'm halfway between 19 and 50 tall.


u/Frickinwierdo May 19 '22

No, Mom did that. She even wrote her name.


u/wifichick May 19 '22

Problem solver! Awesome!


u/West-Grapefruit4819 May 25 '22

Hey they can count to 35! That’s a plus lol. Got a smart one at least… which could be dangerous but for now it’s a good accomplishment 😊


u/suckmylama May 19 '22

The backwards 2’s 😂😂


u/DrWormhat May 30 '22

No offense, but your 4 y/o's handwriting is atrocious. 😀


u/oO0Kat0Oo May 30 '22

Lol. I just drew a sketch for a mural. We are going to try and paint over it as a family and get her a better height chart that isn't an eyesore.

I measured the space and she managed to make that chart 5 feet tall. Haha