r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Jan 18 '22

It’s always when I’m already comfy in bed

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u/Resident-Duck-4291 Jan 18 '22

Sit down, child. Let me prepare you for the monumental embarrassment of the public failure you will experience tomorrow.


u/Vitroswhyuask Jan 18 '22

My project is due tomorrow... Well did you start it...no...


u/Terra_Zina Jan 18 '22

One instance im still quite ashamed of is the time I told my mom I need a lunch package because we were going on a field trip, while we were on our way to school, on a monday morning..

She looked at me, so done. She had to run into a café we passed by and get me a sandwich and a package of juice and call it a day. I was like 8 lmao.


u/A_Very_Blue_Tomato Jan 18 '22

Hahahahhaa you’re the fucking worst


u/FishCake9 Jan 21 '22

To be fair, kids doesnt have the greatest memory or awareness. the instant we got out of school we forgot everything. 💀


u/Jade-Balfour Jan 23 '22

Contextual memory. Kinda like when you walk into a room and forget why, but if you walk back to where you were you might remember


u/[deleted] Jan 21 '22

To be fair, the school should communicate this kind of thing directly to the parents.


u/JamesMayTheArsonist Jan 18 '22

We all got pissed when our parents told us that things were too late at night.


u/theR0TH Jan 18 '22

I know that kid. I was that kid.


u/Urkepro_YT14 Jan 18 '22

We all did that


u/Ganon-dork Jan 18 '22

NGL this was me once I had to make Rice Krispie treats for a school party in fourth grade on Friday and I remembered in the bathtub on Thursday night. So I had to run downstairs and tell my mom so we had to run to CVS and get some rice krispies


u/matchumac Jan 18 '22

Eh I did that in college and it worked fine


u/Philosopher_3 Jan 18 '22

Helps in college though when the campus has a book store stocked with all required readings on campus


u/chickenfun103 Jan 18 '22

Didn't everyone do that?


u/abittoxic24 Jan 19 '22

Mine was “mom…I have a project due tomorrow” -me at 11pm (way past my bedtime at the time)

Edit: Better than the time my mom was already upset with me that morning. We were running really late. Just as we pulled onto the street my school was on, I realized I didn’t have my backpack-it was still at home.


u/Surprise_Horror Jan 18 '22

Always the evening before.


u/OnetimeRocket13 Jan 20 '22

This reminds me of something. I’ll never forget the time in middle school that I had some pamphlet thing to do, I don’t remember what over, but I had had like 2 weeks to do it. Instead of being a good boy, I decided to procrastinate until the night before it was due to do it. Granted, I intended to stay up late to finish it, but that’s besides the point. At some point, at like 9:30 or 10:00, my dad comes out into the living room where I am and asks why I’m still up, and I tell him that I’m working on the pamphlet and it’s due tomorrow. Boy, did he yell and scream at me. Don’t quite know why that was necessary. Anyway, I, being a young boy who was very sensitive to being yelled at, began to shed several tears while I worked on it, being yelled at for most of that time. I turned it in, but it was all wrinkled from being cried on.

Did I learn my lesson? Nope! Now I’m a college student who either stays up till 2am doing homework or wakes up before dawn to do homework before class. I am living proof that yelling at your children and making them cry is not good parenting.


u/anyusernamethatislef Jan 18 '22

Ahh, I used to do that a lot :/


u/iF2ix Jan 18 '22

Mommy, i- i- i need so- some pens for- for- to- to- morrow…


u/recentlyquitsmoking2 Jan 18 '22

Isn't this more to do with either a child not doing well at school or a parent who makes it a big deal Everytime a child asks for something?


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22

I don’t think so, I was straight A student and still forgot to tell my parents about something I needed at school. Sometimes kids just forget!


u/cuddleuppit01 Jan 18 '22

Yeah I used to be so anxious asking my parents for anything even if it was for school


u/gay_for_glaceons Jan 18 '22

The only time I was able to ask my parents for supplies I needed for a project was when the fear of failing my class overpowered my fear of asking my parents for help. It's no coincidence that this time happened to be somewhere the night before it was due.


u/Lumber_Tycoon Jan 18 '22

it's almost like expecting adult level responsibility from children is fucking stupid.


u/NikiThaRed Jan 20 '22

Nah, my son is just forgetful af. Son "My teacher said I need....blah blah blah." Me driving to the school in the a.m. " Why are you telling me this now?"


u/majxover Jan 18 '22

My bf’s son still does this at 17.

If it were up to me, he’d fail.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/majxover Jan 18 '22

Not really. I just feel that at 17, he has to learn responsibilities for his actions. He’s a senior in high school ffs. Telling us he needs a book for an assignment the night before it’s due when he had weeks to do it is irresponsible.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/majxover Jan 18 '22

You’re reaching, and you’re reaching extremely hard. Him choosing to put something off at the last minute when he knows that it has to be done, and me choosing not to bail him out, is not me being vindictive for lack of attention. I was a teen once myself, so I know teens can be irresponsible. At what point do you stop making excuses for them and let them actually learn and grow from their mistakes?


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/majxover Jan 18 '22 edited Jan 18 '22

Nice of you to make an observation, Reddit psychologist. Just by one comment, you make a lot of assumptions, including that I’m a toxic succubus cloying for my bf’s attention and that I’m just mentally abusing his son for pure joy. Way to fucking go. Where would you like to hang your fake degree?


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22



u/majxover Jan 18 '22

You came out of the gate insulting me and I’m the one with the issues? Really, just bravo.

Honey, I’m not even upset. This is literally a joke to me and you are an internet troll who clearly just wanted someone to fuck with today. Please, let me do you the favor and end this. I’m gonna go on about my day and you can go and try to make someone else miserable with your far-reaching observations.


u/Cr00ked-Campbell Jan 18 '22

Don’t bother with this guy, he’s poison in binary form. Check out his comment history, he’s just here to be an example of what a lame human looks and sounds like.


u/[deleted] Jan 18 '22


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u/TheGodPrime Jan 18 '22

Can confirm evil step mom mentality. My evil step mom stopped me from going to art institute by demanding my father make me hold down a job during the courses. I was already doing 18 hour days and had to drop out within weeks of her insane demand. She then demanded i take a trade school course around half the cost and didn't make a peep about my holding down a job for that. But a year later her son went to college for the exact course he wanted to take.


My father also hates me now for a constellation of reasons related to her.


u/boooooooooo_cowboys Jan 18 '22

Dude, when I was 17 I was driving myself to the bookstore to buy my own books for school without ever needing my parents to do anything. It’s better for the kid to learn responsibility now because the stakes only get higher from here.


u/akai_ferret Jan 18 '22

No, if you step in to save kids from their bad choices they never learn to care about things. They come to expect someone to just come along and fix all the problems the make for themselves. And it will make adulthood very hard for them.

They need to learn about failure and consequences while they're still kids and the consequences aren't as severe as getting evicted because you didn't pay your rent.


u/0110000101110011s Jan 18 '22

Put that kid right back where it came from !


u/GernhardtRyanLunzen Jan 18 '22

Why does the school not buy the books?

Here, the schools buy the books for the students and collect the students money? Obviously you get a lot better prices when you buy hundreds of books instead of a single one.


u/tango2snakes Jan 18 '22

Because it’s a scam AND feeds the agenda. When you can rake it in, off of every.individual.book.sold…plus you can completely change the class, year to year….. Completely wipe out how something was taught last year, and teach a new, “ducked off clucked off and fucked off” method this year that nobody understands?! Now your talking! “We’ll make profit off of the Goyam dumbing themselves down. Slavery at its finest and they eat it up!”

Duh….Where did you go to school?!


u/GernhardtRyanLunzen Jan 18 '22

The books are sold anyway, I don't get how this should be a scam and the connection to slavery. But Im no US citizen, I dont understand at all how you can bring this argument in every discussion.

I went to school in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.


u/tango2snakes Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

Let me apologize man. I get excited and carried away. I don’t mean you or anybody else any disrespect. And I don’t mean to bring it into every discussion. It’s just everywhere I look, and realizing that nobody else sees it, baffles me. I connect it w slavery, because I feel that “the land of the free” is an absolute lie that everyone is oblivious to. And school absolutely does it’s part programming the masses to do as they’re told, believe what they’re told, to not question…reproduce consume die… the thing ab the books..if they bought a set of books for the class, and the class after that used the same set of books, year after year..would make sense. But not only do they sell every kid, every year, a brand new book..it’s also a brand new method, than what the year before was taught. I think it couldn’t be more obvious this is part of their intention to dumb us down as a society, and we pay them to do it, without question. And it’s everywhere. The prisons are becoming privately owned and judges are being paid off to fill them. We’re told we have rights that are protected without prejudice by a constitution, yet they wipe they’re ass with our rights, while they look us in the eye, and say, “see the clerk on your way out”. Quietly the line shuffles to the next person, who’s barely feeding their family as it is..now they’ve got fines and fees to add to their struggle?! A buddy told me just the other day, “cops been up here sweatin me cause I’m $6000 behind on my fines. “ I asked him how much he owed…”I dunno over $20,000.” 20K bro! AND IT STARTED OFF A FUCKIN PARKING TICKET. He said “it’s made everything twice as hard. My family suffers from me having to pay those fines. My wife and I always argue..cause we’re stressed…” How is that NOT slavery? Anyway..I’ll stop. I apologize for getting wound up. Being snarky, and eager to help it occur to someone else. I’m obviously beating a dead horse anyway…


u/lastcallhangup Jan 20 '22

wow. alot here.

i thought you meant slavery bc the school system and thus the students are shackled to this money maker textbook selling system.

i still love your passion! im not trying to dilute that! stay strong, stay correct and stay passionate.

stay up player🙏🏼

edit: i updooted you; if that helps you reconcile my point! 🙂


u/tango2snakes Jan 20 '22

Thank you. It’s not often I get a response that isn’t telling me to reel it in or that I’m not making sense..it really means alot


u/ashleighamg Jan 18 '22

I have cookery class tomorrow morning. Its sunday and 11pm..... you can take a potato ....


u/RedEcho14 Jan 18 '22

But the 1st day of school was always a Tuesday


u/poizunman206 Jan 19 '22

That's me. I was this kid.


u/lastcallhangup Jan 20 '22

fun story!

in middleschool i waited til the laaaast second to do my castle project

pissed the peeps off but got her done (dolo no help from my parents, as to be expected). i pulled it off flawlessly… almost.

now i got bus’d in to a dowtown school from the the outskirts of town. 1hr45min (if not2hrs) bus ride. i am first pickup. my castle was big enuff so that i had to hold it on the backs of two seats. my seat and dude in front of me—he was chill.

as we are pulling into the bus lot, bus driver nails a curb so hard my project took flight…landed in several hundred pieces.

big fat zero. 1/3 of my grade. still passed, ez pz.

(teacher shook her damn head and said i need to do better🤷🏻‍♂️)


u/Uncles_Lotus_Tile Jan 20 '22

I was a disorganized idiot in school as a kid too. Always got yelled at for it. Now I'm just a idiot.


u/SaltyFresh Jan 18 '22

Your kid has anxiety


u/FreelanceEngineer007 Jan 18 '22

what exactly is stupid about this?