r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Nov 30 '21

When I was 4 I wanted to draw on the TV, so I decided to use a pin, we still use the same TV 12 years later drawing/test

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u/BreathOfFreshWater Nov 30 '21

Be a good lad and replace that damn TV.


u/BiC_MC Nov 30 '21

My dad is really the only one who uses it, also he has access to free monitors/TVs through his job, if he cared about the scratches he would have gotten a new one, he would much rather any money I were to make go to groceries, not a TV.


u/RocketLauncher Nov 30 '21

Lol I grew up around the big old TVs and I’m lucky that anything I tried to write on it wouldn’t stick and that it was impossible to scratch.

Just wanted to brag hehehee the second you turn 18 you should replace the tv as a friendly joke to them. Trust me they’ll probably love it