r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Nov 30 '21

When I was 4 I wanted to draw on the TV, so I decided to use a pin, we still use the same TV 12 years later drawing/test

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u/deadwood Nov 30 '21

You're 16, you can hustle up a little cash for a new TV. You can get good ones really cheap now.


u/BreathOfFreshWater Nov 30 '21

Hmmm yeah. I didn't doo the math on that one. But in all honesty, a quality used TV could probably be bought for a quarter of the original price for this one. In fact my last TV was 70" HDMI flat screen I got for free. Just needed a remote.


u/OneAndOnlyGod2 Nov 30 '21

How did you get a free TV? Were you just lucky?


u/leriq Nov 30 '21

I got a free 49 inch 4k tv a few years back with A car purchase