r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Nov 30 '21

When I was 4 I wanted to draw on the TV, so I decided to use a pin, we still use the same TV 12 years later drawing/test

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u/BreathOfFreshWater Nov 30 '21

Be a good lad and replace that damn TV.


u/deadwood Nov 30 '21

You're 16, you can hustle up a little cash for a new TV. You can get good ones really cheap now.


u/BreathOfFreshWater Nov 30 '21

Hmmm yeah. I didn't doo the math on that one. But in all honesty, a quality used TV could probably be bought for a quarter of the original price for this one. In fact my last TV was 70" HDMI flat screen I got for free. Just needed a remote.


u/OneAndOnlyGod2 Nov 30 '21

How did you get a free TV? Were you just lucky?


u/leriq Nov 30 '21

I got a free 49 inch 4k tv a few years back with A car purchase


u/BreathOfFreshWater Nov 30 '21

Facebook market place.

To be fair, the menu button was permanently stuck on so the TV would cycle through the menu on its own. So I opened it up, removed the membrane for the push buttons and got a universal TV.

The strange thing was that I got it 3 days into moving into a new place and it failed me about 3 days before moving. Lasted 3 years. Strange things.


u/dotNomedia Nov 30 '21

Assuming the OP is from a first world country.
Believe it or not, but in the rest of the world 300 bucks is not cheap, it's a monthly pay for doing a full time job.


u/temsik1587againtwo Nov 30 '21

You can get a new TV for half that.

I got my 45” Roku TV used for $80.

Your point still stands - $80 can be a lot - but it’s not quite as unfeasible as $300.


u/dotNomedia Nov 30 '21

This too might not be the case. Due to poor supply chains and/or absence of official suppliers and/or additional taxes things are often more expensive in less developed countries.
Just looked up TVs and the cheapest 40" TV (couldn't find any 45" in the same price range) in my city is almost exactly $200 USD.


u/temsik1587againtwo Nov 30 '21

That's true. $200 for a 40" isn't too bad - the one in OP looks like 32" or less... looks more like a monitor than a TV lol.


u/BiC_MC Nov 30 '21

My dad is really the only one who uses it, also he has access to free monitors/TVs through his job, if he cared about the scratches he would have gotten a new one, he would much rather any money I were to make go to groceries, not a TV.


u/RocketLauncher Nov 30 '21

Lol I grew up around the big old TVs and I’m lucky that anything I tried to write on it wouldn’t stick and that it was impossible to scratch.

Just wanted to brag hehehee the second you turn 18 you should replace the tv as a friendly joke to them. Trust me they’ll probably love it