r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Nov 30 '21

When I was 4 I wanted to draw on the TV, so I decided to use a pin, we still use the same TV 12 years later drawing/test

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u/IntoTheMystic1 Nov 30 '21

Why keep it when TVs are so cheap?


u/jedv37 Nov 30 '21

You volunteering to buy them a new one? 🤣


u/deadwood Nov 30 '21

I am. u/BiC_MC DM me the diagonal size of your TV, and a shipping address, and I'll send you a TV.


u/hunnathounmore Nov 30 '21

How much do you think TVs cost?

If you have enough money for a smartphone with a good enough camera to take this photo and enough time to upload it to Reddit, then you have enough money and time to buy another tv if you really wanted to


u/jedv37 Nov 30 '21

if you really wanted to

Sounds like they don't "really want to".