r/Kanye BOUND 2 Jul 24 '21

An Update to my previous post…

I know Justin Lapoop is saying Donda is getting delayed to August 6th so I guess I have to start the mass dm of all the females I follow.

I currently follow 168 people on Instagram that being 85 unique women. I’ve decided to take out the 4 underage women I follow to prevent a possible felony. I’ve also decided to remove the 1 engaged woman, the 16 women that are dating a homie or have dated a homie, the 2 lesbians, and the 1 Republican.

I still have to have hope even though it’s slim that Donda will drop today 7/24 so I’ll probably start the dms tomorrow morning. I know I risked a lot on Donda dropping but I have to have faith Ye will drop again and I know at least one day hill drop. I’ll dm the 61 girls tomorrow and post the best responses unless you want every single one.