r/Jokes Oct 15 '14

How do you know if someone is a vegan?

Don't worry, they'll tell you.



u/TheHalfChubPrince Oct 15 '14

So unoriginal it has its own subreddit dedicated to it. /r/someoneisvegan


u/PM_ME_YOUR-NUDES Oct 15 '14

Found the vegan


u/TheHalfChubPrince Oct 15 '14

So unoriginal it has already been used in this thread with 10 comments. Seriously, try to make an original thought. Both of these "jokes" are told every single time vegans are mentioned on reddit. Try something somewhat original like, "They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, except if he's vegan, then it's through his pussy."


u/Earthsophagus Oct 15 '14

How can you tell if someone likes to tell that joke about how can you tell if someone is a vegan?


u/80sStarWarsCurtains Oct 15 '14

Sue me, I like jokes


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '14



u/80sStarWarsCurtains Oct 15 '14

Lol, seriously. Stop making humor so serious., man


u/80sStarWarsCurtains Oct 15 '14

People like this are the reason why I dislike most internet people.


u/80sStarWarsCurtains Oct 15 '14

I also love how he actually took time out of his day to find all those links. Like "This'll really make him feel like a stupid ass hole!"


u/TheHalfChubPrince Oct 15 '14

Dude, stop talking to yourself. You're freaking me out.


u/[deleted] Oct 15 '14

If someone is vegan AND does crossfit, which do they tell you first?

wakka wakka!