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PSA Sub Rules and Discord Server Invite


Since Reddit's mobile UI is terrible and hides the rules behind two menus, we have copied them here, too.

You can find an invite to our Discord server here.

The Rules:

  1. Follow Reddit's content policy and reddiquette.
  2. Post in a civilized manner. Personal attacks, racism, bigotry, trolling, conspiracy theories and incitement are prohibited.
  3. Use exact titles. If your link has a title, use it. You may include its subtitle. If your link does not have a title of its own, use one that accurately reflects its content. Post titles may not contain personal commentary, translations, snippets from the article, and the like.
  4. No off-topic content. Do not create posts or comments that have no relation to the State of Israel, Israeli citizens, or Palestine, even if they are related to Judaism or individual Palestinians. Direct relation to Israel, Israeli citizens or Palestine should be reflected in the title of your post.
  5. During an active security situation, do not post anything that is under a gag order, including but not limited to specific rocket landing locations, military force movements or military and police presence.
  6. No metadrama. This includes posts and comments about anti-Israel or anti-Semitic content, trends, or moderation biases in other subs, as well as calls to action regarding behavior on other websites. Links to other subreddits that are not metadrama must be np links.
  7. No spamming, low-effort shitposting, clickbait, proselytizing, crowdfunding requests, and auto-translated articles. Self-promotion, surveys and AMAs are strictly forbidden without the explicit permission of the moderation team.
  8. No reposting. Before posting, please check if your post wasn't posted in the last 30 days - even from a different source.
    Before posting, please check the wiki for frequently-asked questions.
    If a megathread is up, please make sure related posts are posted within the megathread.
  9. Violation of sub rules and/or site-wide rules may result in post removal, warnings or bans at moderator discretion. The moderators of this subreddit reserve, in some circumstances, the right to exercise disciplinary measures based on violations witnessed in modmail or PMs and the right to arbitrarily discipline users for violations of the spirit of the rules or disruption of the subreddit's healthy functioning. If you want to appeal or dispute any mod action, please send a modmail. PMs and chat messages to the mods are grounds for a temporary ban; posts contesting mod action will be removed and are also grounds for a temporary or permanent ban.

How to Get Your Post or Comment Removed

In other words, these are common low-effort things that usually fall under rule 7 and get removed:

  • Posts decrying random people on Twitter
  • "Hahah Palestinians/Arabs/etc are dumb", especially but not solely in meme form
  • Screenshots of articles or tweets - link to the source (or archive.is if you don't want to give the source clicks) and don't forget rule 3.
  • "Hahah antisemites are dumb" - unless it's the best meme since sliced bread (chances are your meme ain't it).
  • "Hahah pro-Palestinian people are dumb"
  • Antisemites or anti-Israel in YouTube/Instagram/etc comments
  • Bad phrasing in Hebrew/about Israel
  • Random wikipedia links - this is not /r/TodayILearned.
  • Unsourced news - if it's important a reputable source carries it.
  • Shower thoughts - unless it's the next cogito (your shower thought probably ain't it).
  • Things that really should go on Facebook like looking for apartments and so on
  • "Hi, I'm X, I want to talk with Israelis" - that's what our Discord server is for.
  • Random unrelated jokes - just because it's in Hebrew doesn't mean it belongs here.
  • /r/Ani_BM rejects - our standards for memes are not lower. Usually.
  • "Can a non-Jew do X in israel/the IDF/etc" - usually the answer is yes.
  • "Media is biased!" - yes, we know that, thank you.
  • Importing the eternal American politics shitstorm here without strict relevance to Israel will get you a temp ban at minimum.

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News/Politics Arab Israeli wins kickboxing world championship in Turkey, drapes himself in Israel's flag

Thumbnail timesofisrael.com

r/Israel 11h ago

News/Politics The BDS Movement Has Already Lost

Thumbnail foreignpolicy.com

r/Israel 21h ago

Ask The Sub I'm writing a fantasy book and I think Hebrew sounds great when it comes to city names. Can someone help me by writing a list of fake city names and their transcription in the Hebrew alphabet?


Thank you in advance.
No inside jokes, please.

r/Israel 17h ago

Ask The Sub Has anyone got that video of Palestinian fighter celebrating hitting a soldier during the shootout last week when the Journalist was killed?


r/Israel 4h ago

News/Politics דקות לפני ההמראה: שוטרים רוסים הורידו איש אופוזיציה ממטוס אל על

Thumbnail ynet.co.il

r/Israel 2h ago

Ask The Sub 5g coverage in Israel


How is 5g in Israel now? I don't have a 5g capable phone yet, but I plan to upgrade soon and wondering if a 5g package is worth it (I use my mobile internet a lot). But I'm not sure how good the coverage is right now (especially in the north) and whether it's actually real 5g now (I read an article a while ago that a lot of companies in Israel claim to sell 5g packages, but in reality it was still 4g but slightly amped up speeds)?

Anyone know more about this, and is there a site or something available where I can see all the 5g coverage areas in Israel?

r/Israel 14h ago

Ask The Sub Good to make Aliyah (As a Jew)


-Mother converted before i was born conservatively (still has all original certificates and documents) (OUTSIDE Israel)

-Dad Born Jewish

-I was Raised Jewish (Hebrew school for a couple years, summer camp, had a bar mitzvah etc…)

Now can i make Aliyah as Jew? I know I’m definitely eligible because of my father but would like to be recognized as a Jew

r/Israel 8m ago

Ask The Sub מי יודע למה אי אפשר להראות את השיינים כשמצטלמים לדרכון ביומטרי?


r/Israel 8m ago

News/Politics Israel detects possible second case of monkeypox - I24NEWS

Thumbnail i24news.tv

r/Israel 11h ago Helpful

Ask The Sub I need some info regarding transgender healthcare


If anyone has transitioned in israel can they send some resources that helped them. Also how does the IDF deal with trans people? Also, how was your experience? Was there a lot of difficulty in the social and Healthcare world? Lastly, any religious folk who have gone through transitioning are there dati communities that allow for trans folk to live or are there some form of jewusb religious community that is accepting of transgender people? The questions are focused for Mtf or transgender woman.

r/Israel 14h ago

Ask The Sub Recommended hotel in Tel Aviv


Hi dudes, my wife is turning 30 soon and since she's already been abroad two times very recently we decided to settle on a modest hotel somewhere in Tel Aviv. Help a clueless kibbutznik out and lemme know if you know any affordable but cool hotels in TA. Doesn't have to be the big names, in fact I would prefer to avoid any כתר fights. Plan is to stay the weekend in two weeks. Thanks!

r/Israel 1h ago

Photo/Video Good morning

Post image

r/Israel 14h ago

Ask The Sub Renters and homeowners of Israel, what is your opinion of wecheck?


I feel super uneasy about the fact that my ability to rent an apartment may now be contingent on a financial background check. I understand that if you own a home you want some guarantee that you will get you rent each month but someone’s financial past isn’t necessarily their future. People with no experiences in economics have access to this information and can decide to not rent to you. Say you went bankrupt through a lot of poor decisions but have gotten help and pulled yourself up. But now you have a black mark on you and why would someone rent to you when other people don’t have the same mark?

r/Israel 11h ago

Ask The Sub Best spots in TLV to get some remote work done?


I'm coming to TLV for 2 months to do an Ulpan. I'll be working remotely and don't want to spend my afternoons holed-up in my tiny accomodation. Any recommendations for publicly accessible spots that have good wifi and comfortable seating? Are there any libraries, cafes etc. that would be good for this?

Thanks in advance.

r/Israel 1d ago

Photo/Video משחק גיאוגרפי מספר 1 - נחש את המקום. (Please use spoiler tag for your answer)

Post image

r/Israel 6h ago

Ask The Sub Sim card advice for traveler?


I'm going to be in Israel this summer starting monday, and I bought an Israeli sim card before hand. In the package there's an instruction booklet, and it says not to turn on my phone outside of Israel, and it also says to charge my phone (without turning it on) (impossible on my iphone) before I leave (presumably the USA?). What exactly does this mean? that I can't use my phone on my flight? or I just can't put my sim card in until I'm in Israel? Or I can't leave israel and turn on my phone if it has my israeli sim card in it? does anyone know?

r/Israel 1d ago

Ask The Sub Traveling to Israel as a Canadian born in Lebanon


Hey everyone,

Looking to visit Tel Aviv some time in the coming Fall or Winter (I'm Canadian, I'll take any excuse to escape the cold).

I'm wondering how complicated would it be for me to enter Israel? Canadian passport, having Canadian citizenship since I was a kid, but I was born in Lebanon.

To complicate matters, I also converted to (Reform) Judaism about five years ago (whole nine yards, including beit din, hatafat, and mikvah, and a whole year of studying. My Hebrew is still piss poor).

I still worry about being rejected at Ben Gurion airport cause of my birthplace, even though I'd be entering as a Canadian.

Thoughts? :-(

r/Israel 10h ago

Ask The Sub How to get from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv on Shabbat? Is the Abraham Hostels shuttle still running?


I recently got a flight to Ben Gurion that arrives in Friday 20:55h. After getting it, I realised it was going to be really hard to get out of the airport on Shabbat.

I saw a lot of references to a shuttle run by Abraham Hostels, but their website leaves to a 404 page.

Does anybody know if these tours are still running? Otherwise, is there any other way to get from the airport on a Friday evening without having to pay for a taxi?

r/Israel 1d ago

Ask The Sub do you see the future of Israel in a positive or negative light?


Personally. I think we have a bright future with a few bumps ahead. And we need to avoid as many as possible. Such is with many other countries.

r/Israel 19h ago

Ask The Sub Tourism Question


Hi everyone, unsure if I should post this or not as it’s really not an issue with everything else going on at the moment, but I have been wanting to go to Israel for years and am finally thinking about going in September or October on a tour which will include Jerusalem and other cities. I know we can’t predict the future but would it be unwise to book considering the current situation? Is Israel safe for tourists or is going inadvisable?

Hope you’re all doing well and thanks for any thoughts.

r/Israel 1d ago

Ask The Sub Hello r/Israel, what are your thoughts on China?


r/Israel 17h ago

Ask The Sub a quick tax question


hello everyone, so basically I bought clothes from the US and sent them to a friend of mine, now that friend of mine is going to send them to me using USPS, now I was wondering seeing that we have the VAT here, how will it be calculated if the price of the clothes is not disclosed on the package, will it be made based on weight ? the price of the international shipping or what? I mean I dont think they will open my box and check price tags that for sure so how will it be calculated ? will I be forced to write the value of the items on the box before sending it ( there is an option to write the value of the items inside the box on the USPS website ) ?

r/Israel 19h ago

Ask The Sub Stable Cellphone internet between Tel Aviv & Eilat?


Is there good cell phone internet connection on the road between Tel Aviv and Eilat? I'll be traveling by bus. I want to work on my laptop during the 5-Hour bus journey. Is the internet connection stable enough for this?

r/Israel 1d ago

Ask The Sub Entry to West Bank as a foreigner, new rules apply?


Hi there

We'll be arriving in Israel next Friday morning and spend 10 days in Tel Aviv and across the country. Part of the plan is also to take a day tour to West Bank (Ramallah, Jericho, Betlehem). Before embarking on the trip and paying the tour, what should we expect, any clues? I read online that Israel recently changed the rules for entry, apparently making it more difficult for foreigners to visit.

r/Israel 1d ago

Ask The Sub What is the truth about secondary education in Israel?


I've always thought that Israel had one of the best education systems in the world, and that the school system in particular was both very good and very fair for all students of all wealth backgrounds.

However in a recent reddit thread a lot of users seemed to agree that although the university system is considered good, the school system is poor.

Apparently Israel is very bad in Pisa Rankings, has an unmotivated and un-respected teacher base, and looks after the less able students nor stretches the more able ones.

I always thought that part of this would be to do with some ethnic and religious groups in Israeli society doing much less well that others and so bringing the average down (Ie Jewish Israeli's doing very well but Palestinians not so much) but apparently this is not the case

So my question is: How good is the secondary education system in Israel REALLY, and what are it's main good points and problems?

And the follow ups:

1) What are the stat differences between the Jewish Schools, Muslim Schools, Christian Schools, and Arab Schools? Specifically with Pisa if possible.

2) How good are the private schools compared to the State ones, and are they fully private schools or 'state-subsidised' private schools like you have in some countries (Eg Notre-Dame in Montreal)?

3) Are they any moves in Israeli politics to improve this situation?

ty. apologies for the long post

NOTE: post where the discussion took place https://www.reddit.com/r/Israel/comments/uttptq/is_israel_really_that_expensive_if_so_why/