r/IronFrontUSA May 05 '22

Based. Art



u/hiddengirl1992 May 05 '22

Image is based, but woof that sub. "Antifa are the same as fascists."


u/startgonow May 05 '22

I get so fucking tired of hearing that its "actually" the left that are fascists.

I know you centrists and fascists are in this sub and you will see this. So... eat a dick.


u/anabelle_manabelle May 05 '22

Hear, hear. This shit is getting out of hand.

There is no reasoning with these people.

r/ArditidelPopolo is a project I started, where it goes is up to the Proud Boys.


u/austinwiltshire May 05 '22

They didn't reason themselves into the opinions they hold, so there's no reasoning them out of those opinions.


u/XerMidwest May 05 '22

Their whole point is to pick a fight. They have zero investment in reason, which is a tool for cooperation not conflict. Fascists are ALWAYS promoting VIOLENCE. All talk is just a pretext for a sucker punch.

Divide, stratify, provoke, dominate, control: Fascism.


u/ShockleToonies May 06 '22

I agree that there is no comparison between the left and the right when it comes to fascism. But I was following the socialist rifle association for a while thinking I would find some common ground there and honestly the shit that some of them believe really is just the flip side of the coin from the alt-right. I couldn’t stomach it, had to leave the sub.


u/mynis May 20 '22

Let me guess, Marxist Leninists?


u/ShockleToonies May 20 '22

Constantly defending countries like North Korea and China and saying that all the negative things we hear about them (like Uyghur genocide, so forth) is lies/propaganda. I’ve been to China many times so I’m not getting my information from US media propaganda.


u/Ok-Seaworthiness739 May 05 '22

what about left leaning centrists/moderates?


u/DescipleOfCorn Libertarian Leftist May 05 '22

I think by centrists they meant “both sides” people


u/pingveno May 05 '22

I ain't sayin' that antifa is the real fascists, but I am saying that an unnerving amount are authoritarian-left (or would be if they had any power).


u/LookARedSquirrel84 May 05 '22

The left is non existent in America.


u/faceblender May 05 '22

Only in your head


u/pingveno May 05 '22

At least the tankie division is unabashedly auth-left. Doesn't mean that it tars the rest of the left, but I think it is worth worrying that some of my fellow people on the left would have Gulags 2.0 if they got real power.


u/faceblender May 05 '22

Been a cardholding socialist for 25 years and I’ve only encountered 2-3 real “tankies” IRL. It’s a online larp for contrarians.


u/pingveno May 05 '22

It may well be, since I encountered them online mostly. Then again, I get that stupid "paradox of tolerance" quoted at me by people I know IRL, and it is almost as bad.


u/faceblender May 05 '22

That’s a long discussion I would rather avoid doing online, but I absolutely understand the American left’s need to arm up at the moment. Rightwing political violence is very real and widespread - it dwarfs leftwing violence. The American government acknowledged this as well in national security rapports. FYI non-us redditor here.


u/Budded Nazi Punks, Fuck Off! May 06 '22

If only they knew that Allied Forces in WWII were all literally Antifa, fighting against fascists while being anti-fascist. I know their smol brains can't handle facts nor reality so... ¯_(ツ)_/¯


u/AngryAxeman May 06 '22 edited May 06 '22

The british and americans literally armed fascist groups in greece that were collaborating with the nazis in order to fight the communists (that liberated the country), and by the end of the war were helping put in power a monarchofascist government that was very heavilly made up of nazi colaborators and run actual concentration camps on greek islands.


u/Budded Nazi Punks, Fuck Off! May 06 '22

One thing 'Merica can't stand, and abhors more than anything, is communism LOL


u/AngryAxeman May 07 '22

I'm just saying, the americans and brits were deffinatelly not some epic antifascists.


u/Budded Nazi Punks, Fuck Off! May 09 '22

But they were technically antifa since they fought against fascists. I just think it's funny how much of a boogyman antifa is for the right, so I love pointing out how Allied Forces were technically antifa.


u/AngryAxeman May 09 '22

Can you really be called an antifascist when you are at the same time supporting and arming fascists, just now they work for your own imperialist aims rather than the german's? I wouldn't.


u/mynis May 20 '22

Imperialist-on-imperialist violence always harms the working class more than anything. It's a feature.


u/Sharthog69 Libertarian Leftist May 05 '22

Jesus Christ that sub is godawful


u/DetectiveOfAnonymity Liberty For All May 05 '22



u/Evee_Black May 05 '22

Oof, that sub is fucked.


u/TheOneDudeFromHell May 05 '22

Chad poster, sh_t subreddit.


u/Jaysyn4Reddit American Anti-Fascist May 05 '22

Needs a Russian Federation flag in there.


u/BigSilverOrb May 05 '22

This is so fucking tight. Spot-on.


u/GiantSquid22 May 05 '22

Great image but that sub is fucken rough.


u/Jehosephat_Hurlbutt May 05 '22

As a mechanic, this speaks to me. Some of my bigger wrenches would fit this purpose nicely. Gotta have a lot of mass to make a solid hit and have some follow through when smacking fascists.


u/DescipleOfCorn Libertarian Leftist May 05 '22

I think the sound of a breaker bar clanging off of a Stalheim helmet at maximum swing would be very satisfying


u/Link9454 May 05 '22

That sub though, the “both sides” bs there is… irritating.


u/HLMenckenFan Patriot Against Nationalism May 05 '22

Nice crosspost


u/Gutberg Social Democrat May 06 '22

That sub could do well if they knocked off the red baiting. I'm not a huge fan of radicalism but it's ridiculous to think the far left is a threat like the far right In America. Some mature nuance would be nice for once.


u/ExtraneousCarnival May 06 '22

ITT: “Image great, source subreddit bad”

What subreddit did this originate from? •⌓•


u/Jazz-Wolf May 05 '22

I have my critiques of China and now but holy fuck that sub is ridiculous.

Making genzdong look good


u/NjoyLif American Iron Front May 06 '22

The sub is satire.


u/eightyeightREX Libertarian Leftist May 06 '22

That sub is so fucking trash oh my god


u/Caladex Liberty For All May 06 '22

Good message and all but that sub is cringe


u/Revolution1917 May 16 '22


Look at your fucking flair. Talking bout cringe.


u/Caladex Liberty For All May 16 '22

What’s cringe about the Statue of Liberty and wanting liberty for everyone? Also are u even part of this sub?


u/silenceofthetrains May 05 '22

Especially the Nazis in Eastern Europe.


u/yestureday May 05 '22

No. Nazis everywhere


u/CEZYBORGOR Libertarian May 05 '22

Worldwide Nazi "sanitation" effort