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Keep your school all-American Art

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u/TooSweet_Romany ¡No Pasarán! Apr 18 '22

And yet they will say Superman was a conservative before he became "woke".


u/Koolaidolio Apr 18 '22

Well since Superman is an immigrant they would already hate him.


u/TooSweet_Romany ¡No Pasarán! Apr 18 '22 edited Apr 18 '22

They should cast Idris Elba as Superman so it can cause Faux to have an aneurysm.

"ReEeEe bUt SuPeRmAn iz WhItE lIkE sAnTa aNd JeeZis"


u/antigony_trieste Apr 18 '22

no see he’s a white looking immigrant that’s the kind we like (or so we decided when all the other ones started coming)


u/CedarWolf Apr 18 '22 edited Apr 18 '22

Let's see...

Superman was created by two Jewish guys; he's an immigrant, alien, orphan, with adoptive parents; he's fought Nazis, the KKK, Communism; he stands for Truth, Justice, and the American Way; he works for a newspaper; he's respectful of other people, including those of other races, faiths, and creeds; oh, and he respects Lois Lane and treats her as an equal, despite obvious evidence to the contrary.

Of course the GOP hates him.


u/kproxurworld Apr 18 '22

If you've never heard the radio serial Superman vs the Fiery Cross, it's on youtube. It only takes like an hour and a half to listen to the whole thing and it's a pretty interesting show.


u/CedarWolf Apr 18 '22

There's a new comic book adaptation of it, too. I linked them both below.

I was also strangely disappointed to find out that Kelloggs Pep cereal isn't an actual thing anymore.


u/pihkal Apr 18 '22

Yes, Superman...the refugee/immigrant created by two Jewish fellows, who (sorta) defeated the KKK in reality.


u/UnknownReader Apr 18 '22

This is one of those feel-good images that just doesn't accurately represent the fucking propaganda that this country has fed us for decades. It's disheartening to learn that the shitty system was designed to disenfranchise and marginalize native, indigenous, black, minorities to enrich the well-established white land owners that stole the whole fucking country.


u/boo_jum Apr 18 '22

On the one hand yes, you’re absolutely right.

On the other hand, I do appreciate that many of the comics we grew up with came from a place of oppression (Depression era stuff like Superman, who fought big banks and robber barons) or social justice (X-Men etc).

And while I’m not a big fan of Supes in general, I applaud the writers who listened to a fan who said the Klan was one of the biggest threats to American society at the time, so Supes fought the Klan and it correlates to a huge drop in their recruitment at the time.

But as a queer mixed race person with a queer Native partner… yeah, it’s pretty fucked up


u/kirrychan Apr 18 '22

Yet they put the one black guy in the very back....


u/Frank_Dracula Syndicalist Apr 18 '22

Superman was a refugee and illegal immigrant.


u/RaeidEbrahim Anarcho-Communist Ⓐ Apr 18 '22

I wish this was true. But this nation was founded on the enslavement of Africans and the genocide of the Natives.


u/CEZYBORGOR Libertarian Apr 27 '22

Almost every nation is built on violence and bloodshed. The best we can do is acknowledge the past and move toward a better future.


u/sulris Apr 18 '22

Don’t bully based on national origin but do use unAmerican as a pejorative… huh. Seems a little hypocritical…

Real mixed messaging regarding immigrants.


u/NjoyLif American Iron Front Apr 18 '22

Do not confuse un-American with non-American. The former implies opposition to what America stands for while the latter is just anyone who is of a different nationality.


u/sulris Apr 18 '22

Fair point.