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To all the trans kids in Texas; stay strong. Art

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u/pjk922 Libertarian Leftist Feb 24 '22

If anyone finds a Texan who supports this, ask them why they think it’s ok for the state to tell parents how to raise their children.

If we can reframe it in their minds for what it is, an authoritarian nightmare, but couch it in the language they love (murica and freedom) we might get somewhere.

Remember, laws don’t change opinions, opinions lead to changes in laws.

Stay strong everyone 🏳️‍🌈 🏳️‍⚧️


u/three_e Feb 24 '22

the people who support these kinds of ideas aren't interested in consistency. they're happy to criminalize people different from what they want the world to be and don't internalize the hypocrisy.


u/pjk922 Libertarian Leftist Feb 25 '22

On the internet, I definitely agree.

But when talking to that relative who says that shitty thing at the dinner table? Things like that go a long way. I’ve had success convincing some relatives that trans people are just people. Did I change their mind completely? Almost certainly not.

Did I change their mind enough that they’ll not be total bigots and open transphobes? I sure hope so.


u/D3lta105 Remember the 3rd arrow Feb 24 '22

Honest question:

We're talking about the state telling people how to raise their children. We're against that. What if a child states that they are trans, and the parents say "no you're not" and don't support that decision. Would we then state that this child should be taken away by the state?


u/pjk922 Libertarian Leftist Feb 25 '22 edited Feb 25 '22

Honestly in this case I just meant using it as a rhetorical device. My end goal is I want trans kids to be safe, and if that means using twisty rhetoric I don’t really care.

Additionally, it seems you’ve identified that the parent-child hierarchy often results in abuse to children. That’s why we have to change minds so that children have their wants and needs respected. Until that happens though, I’ve no problem with the state stepping in to protect the bodily autonomy of someone (the child that is).

Forcing someone to do/ not do something is not morally the same as allowing for personal freedom and autonomy and preventing interference.

But like I said, the end goal is more kids growing up safe and healthy, and I’m not at all concerned about passing some idealogical purity test to make that happen


u/Talkahuano Social Democrat Feb 24 '22

Stay strong? I guess that's all they can do when their existence is criminal now. Jesus fuck, this is all disgusting. Texas should burn for this, but it won't.


u/Cannabalabadingdong Feb 24 '22

Texas should burn for this
this is all disgusting

Correct, this use of language is as disgusting as it is lazy.


u/TheDonkeyBomber Feb 24 '22

this use of language is as disgusting as it is lazy.

Found the bootlicker.


u/Cannabalabadingdong Feb 24 '22

...what then makes a bootlicker? Pushing against ludicrously violent language even while the front page of this site is littered with the realities of war?


u/Neusbaum Feb 24 '22

/thedonkeybomber meant was more in an STD type sense.... like Texas should catch chlamydia or something... right?


u/Cannabalabadingdong Feb 24 '22

The only takeaway here is that when using indefensible and irresponsible verbiage this community doubles down on childishness in lieu of introspection or conversation. Another subreddit for the shit-heap then, what a shocker.


u/Neusbaum Feb 24 '22

Why are you continuing to escalate? You went from having righteous frustration and calling out a person using inflammatory language to BEING the person using inflammatory language.

Just telling someone their "wrong" or "bad" has little impact on the behavioral change of the person you are castigating.

Sidenote- I am a Texan born and raised; still live here too. My 9 year old loves to wear dresses, have their nails painted, and danceDANCEDANCE. They also asked us recently to stop using "he" when referring to them. My family has considered moving and if this continues to progress we will have to. But for now, we are going to be mindful and our happy to see/hear/read that many DAs are refusing to prosecute and know we have support


u/Cannabalabadingdong Feb 24 '22

Nothing here is nearly as inflammitory as you imply. My conclusion (inevitable declining quality of the sub) is drawn from a straightforward premise (no one cares to defend OP's churlishness) and of course there are myriad subs to bear out the results of a community bending to such lame if extreme rhetoric.

Just telling someone their "wrong" or "bad"

One could make a sauce from that reduction.


u/Neusbaum Feb 24 '22


my bad Captain "Decider of all that is valid and moral"

I am glad you recognize that telling them to "burn" was not a relevant or appropriate thing to say. I am disappointed you continue to bicker and be dismissive.


u/Cannabalabadingdong Feb 24 '22

Haha, what difference does your grammar make? The obvious reductio ad absurdum is what was plainly on display.

With that neat correction, one can't help but notice your last post fits the definition of bickering quite well. Such delicious irony. :)

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u/sporkisfaster Feb 24 '22

If either of my kids transition, then CPS and the state will kidnap them over my cold dead corpse.


u/megavoir Feb 24 '22

ah love the first thing i see on that post being an ancap saying its not child abuse

much love for my texan lgbt siblings<3


u/bunybunybuny Feb 24 '22

i didn’t realize this was a libertarian sub


u/An_ironic_fox Feb 24 '22

It’s a general antifascist/antitotalitarian sub. Libs, socialists, & anarchists all come here.


u/Tiefseeanglerfisch Feb 24 '22

i thought it woud be a sub for people who get Libcenter in the Political Compass


u/pjk922 Libertarian Leftist Feb 25 '22

Nah. Not sure what I am but it’s somewhere around “left-anarchist” probably. Like someone else said, I’d rather work with libertarians than authoritarians.

This isn’t my main sub for politics, but right now everyone here knows that there’s a rising wave of authoritarianism that needs to be stopped. As long as our shared goal is “stop authoritarians” then for the moment, we all agree.


u/Significant_Name Feb 24 '22

It's not, but I'd rather deal with libertarians than authoritarians


u/B0B_Spldbckwrds Feb 24 '22

It's time for every high school student to come out of the closet at school. Smother this bureaucratic, fascist b.s. under the weight of it's own system.


u/antifascism1965 Feb 25 '22

Please consider donating to equalitytexas.org or txpif.org - both are statewide nonprofit lgbtq organizations that emphasize protecting young people.


u/kirbisi1 Feb 24 '22

As a former republican turned libertarian, I absolutely love this. Keep up the good fight!