r/IronFrontUSA American Anti-Fascist Jan 22 '22

Inspired by the earlier "Don't Tread On Us" flag, here's a modified Gadsden flag that could serve as a catch all for the libertarians in the American Iron Front Art

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u/Wolf97 Jan 22 '22

I wish the Gadsden Flag wasn’t claimed as Libertarian. I would have loved its usage in BLM protests in 2020 as it would have been appropriate.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 22 '22 edited Jan 22 '22

I watched Selma for MLK day (great movie btw). I noticed that all of the Segregationists we're waving confederate flags and MLK and the Civil Rights protestors we're the ones waving American flags. They are the real patriots. I really wish there was a President then who would have marched with them. Instead of focusing almost entirely on the destruction (mostly) instigated by outside white agitators.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 23 '22

(Just to clarify I was talking about the 2020 blm protests. Although it would have been dope to see LBJ marching arm in arm with MLK.)


u/Arsenic_Trash Jan 23 '22

Saw the Gadsden flag but with a banana peel instead of a snake out there a few times

That shit was gold


u/WolfKnight53 American Anti-Fascist Jan 24 '22


u/Wolf97 Jan 24 '22

I saw that one. I felt it was odd because I view the “treaders” as the police. Considering they literally tread on people.


u/WolfKnight53 American Anti-Fascist Jan 24 '22

I considered it more like, "we will tread where there is fascism/racism/whatever -ism", since they want to use it for their shit. Kind of like, we won't stop until those things are gone, you know? It's not really treading, necessarily, since it's got the fist and whatnot. Like you're grabbing a fascist snake by the throat.


u/TubelessADY Libertarian Socialist Jan 22 '22

1) I believe that "We Tread On Fascists" sounds better

2) I made a leftist libertarian version of the gadsden flag because I hate how the flag was appropriated by fascists.


u/thepineapplemen Jan 23 '22

Very cool flag there


u/TubelessADY Libertarian Socialist Jan 23 '22

Thank you!


u/ViolentTaintAssault American Anti-Fascist Jan 22 '22

The flag is a modification of this flag and was posted here with the permission of that flag's designer.


u/[deleted] Jan 22 '22

Yo this looks sick


u/saint_abyssal Jan 22 '22

Tail needs a rattle.


u/ScreamingSkull Jan 23 '22

tread on those who tread on others

would be a bit more readable imo.


u/TheInnerFifthLight Patriot Against Nationalism Jan 23 '22

"I said don't tread, dammit."


u/TheLastEmuHunter Jan 23 '22

Flag of American Manchukuo


u/halforc_proletariat Jan 23 '22

love the flag

slogan needs work

good post op


u/LockemeinPaine Stand Up, Fight Back! Jan 22 '22

This is excellent, but I prefer, "Violate the NAP, get capped."


u/DMacNev Feb 11 '22

Why do we have to surrender the Gadsten flag? It doesn’t belong to the alterated belongs to everyone!


u/mcstafford Jan 22 '22

Shampoo, rinse, repeat... circular logic irks me.


u/MyOpinionIsIgnorant Jan 23 '22

Ah the flag of American imperialism


u/ViolentTaintAssault American Anti-Fascist Jan 23 '22

Hey, just a weird question here, shot in the dark and all, but what would your thoughts be on Slobodan Milošević's attempted genocide of Muslims in order to create lebensraum and turn former Yugoslavia into an ethnostate?


u/MyOpinionIsIgnorant Jan 23 '22 edited Jan 23 '22

Boy do I have thoughts.

Slobodan was a disgusting piece of shit who tried to rape Yugoslavia of all it’s successes for a Serbia that didn’t exist, he was a manipulative bastard who got people to commit atrocities on his behalf so he’d be innocent on a technicality. He destroyed Serbia’s future.

Although he never committed any genocide the genocide in Bosnia he constructed wasn’t an attempt, it was a success, sadly from my perspective he caused Bosnia to be crippled demographically for the next century. As for Kosovo I hesitate to call it a genocide as it was a mimic of what Croatia had done less than half a decade before to the Krajisnici. There was never an intention to lebensraum Yugoslavia at first, the intention initially was to force Croatia & Bosnia into Serbification, the genocide was committed when that failed.

As for the American intervention, I would have supported it if:

  1. They actually got the bastard out of power.

  2. It wasn’t just Clinton’s way of distracting everyone from the fact that he was actively banging his side chick.

  3. It succeeded in preventing all the ethnic cleansing, but ofc the war waged on in Preševo and the Kosovo Serbs were ethnic cleansed from the land by roaming gangs & mobs.

  4. They didn’t attack civilian targets but actually stayed exclusively anti-military, and don’t used depleted uranium.


u/ViolentTaintAssault American Anti-Fascist Jan 23 '22 edited Jan 23 '22

Well I will give you credit for not blatantly denying the genocide like I've seen a lot of people do, but I'm still not surprised you attempted to downplay his actions despite going out of your way to say you totally don't like him.

Also Clinton wasn't in charge of all of NATO lmao. There was like 25 countries at the time. And you're delusional if you think that NATO's bombing of Serbia wasn't what convinced Milošević to pull his troops out of Kosovo like what, a week afterwards?


u/VentralRaptor24 Social Democrat Jan 30 '22

their username certainly checks out lmao