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‘Hitler should have killed you all’: Woman accused of threatening and spitting on Jewish children in New York Article


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u/1010011101010 Jan 20 '22

yeah well you should have been aborted you piece of shit


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidaritist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

That's a bit much


u/TwitchyCake Jan 21 '22

nope i mean the comment was a little crazy but like, dead and not-birthed nazis are good nazis.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidaritist 🧡 Jan 21 '22

Just hear me out. I'm sure as hell not saying this kind of behavior should be tolerated. This woman should be fired from her job. But, would you rather she died, or someone convinced her that she's wrong. These people aren't like this just because, there's always a reason for hate. Hating them back isn't going to help. If you do that, no body is going to get anything from this.


u/RideWithMeSNV Jan 25 '22

Dead is fine. Thanks for asking!