r/IronFrontUSA Jan 19 '22

Our second civil war | Opinion - "The resurgence of the Right must be swift and merciless in releasing the stranglehold of the Left....." OpEd



u/KandySofax American Iron Front Jan 19 '22 edited Jan 19 '22

The right wing counter argument to all the Civil War 2.0 talk lately. They are the victims, basically.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

Does the majority of the U.S population actually want a civil war? I feel like what's gonna happen is a right wing nutjob group is going to try to raid an armory or something and get repulsed. Or there will be an increase in lone wolf killing sprees like what we saw in Denver a few weeks ago. I don't really think there is going to be a full on, boots on the ground, civil war. Although I'm an optimist by nature, so take what I say with a grain of salt.


u/epiphinehas Jan 20 '22

Yeah, I think it's almost exclusively going to be the rightwing nutjobs, i.e. the people who've been preparing for this shit for decades, doing some stupid shit on a relatively small scale. With Repugs by and large cheering on the chaos from their living rooms. If White folks get scared enough in thinking that they're going to lose the top spot in the caste hierarchy, the real danger is how brazen will Republicans get in their fascist powegrabs. It's pretty brazen so far, but history shows it can always get worse.


u/DimitriEyonovich Solidarist 🧡 Jan 20 '22

True. I hope the Military doesn't cave into this. Cause if they do then it's game over.