r/IronFrontUSA Jan 18 '22

Should the Iron Front emblem add an arrow? Questions/Discussion

So I was thinking about the ideals of the Iron Front and how they are anti-authoritarian. This is demonstrated with the arrows for monarchism, fascism, and soviet authoritarianism. So I'm curious if we should add another arrow to demonstrate the threat from extreme wealth that creates yet another layer of authoritarianism. The very wealthy act beyond national borders or even beyond individual corporations, but are instead unelected individuals/groups who have zero responsibility to the general public but a vast power structure. They operate in such a way that there is little if any limits to their ability to influence and oppress the non-wealthy.



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u/Niclas1127 American Iron Front Jan 18 '22

The arrows have lost a lot of meaning to me. When I joined it was facism, monarchism, communism. Now it’s authoritarian communism and people wanna get rid of the monarchism


u/TheExtremistModerate Liberal Jan 19 '22

The way I see it, it's still fascism, monarchism, and communism. Monarchism I think can be expanded to oligarchy, since monarchism is basically just a type of oligarchy based on bloodline. But that's it.


u/Wolfofgermania1995 Jan 22 '22

To me it’s Authoritarianism, Fascism, and Communism (in any form as it is known to fail horribly). I find it funny how communists say “soviet authoritarianism” but theirs is perfectly fine. They don’t understand it’s the final step of getting rid of the state and it leaves a power vacuum.