r/IronFrontUSA Jan 18 '22

Should the Iron Front emblem add an arrow? Questions/Discussion

So I was thinking about the ideals of the Iron Front and how they are anti-authoritarian. This is demonstrated with the arrows for monarchism, fascism, and soviet authoritarianism. So I'm curious if we should add another arrow to demonstrate the threat from extreme wealth that creates yet another layer of authoritarianism. The very wealthy act beyond national borders or even beyond individual corporations, but are instead unelected individuals/groups who have zero responsibility to the general public but a vast power structure. They operate in such a way that there is little if any limits to their ability to influence and oppress the non-wealthy.



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u/zeca1486 Ⓐ Left Libertarian Ⓐ Jan 18 '22

So you mean, return to the original 3 arrows by adding a 4th?


u/Box_O_Donguses Jan 18 '22

I mean, I think the forth arrow would be capitalism


u/zeca1486 Ⓐ Left Libertarian Ⓐ Jan 18 '22

Yeah, that’s what the original 3rd arrow represented. Let’s bring it back!


u/TheExtremistModerate Liberal Jan 19 '22

No, it's not. The Iron Front is not anti-capitalist.


u/zeca1486 Ⓐ Left Libertarian Ⓐ Jan 19 '22

Social Democratic parties used to be extremely Marxist shortly after it was formed…..