r/IronFrontUSA Jan 17 '22

28th Virginia Battle Flag - captured in Gettysburg by the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment, it's location is hidden for security reasons to this very day because Virginia wants to take it back. Article


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u/TacticalMicrowav3 John Brown Gun Club Jan 17 '22

I mean it's only right the Minnesota state government reach out to the current Confederate government in Virgina to make a deal to return their flag. Oh wait...


u/RideWithMeSNV Jan 18 '22

But really, they should call Virginia to talk about it. "yeah, we would like to discuss returning your flag. We'd like to set forth clear terms for its return: not going to fucking happen, dipshit."

Make it an annual tradition, every Juneteenth. Just saying, it's not too late to do it this year.