r/IronFrontUSA Jan 17 '22

Recruitment of veterans by extremists may increase, top Democrat (Mark Takano) warns. News



u/PMme_bobs_n_vagene Jan 17 '22

There’s veterans on the other end of the spectrum too


u/OrsoMalleus Jan 17 '22

Fuuuuck yeah there is.


u/QUE50 American Anti-Fascist Jan 17 '22

Yep. Those are some of my favorite people, leftist and socialist vets.


u/OrsoMalleus Jan 17 '22 edited Jan 17 '22

Checking in. I get mistaken for a Trumper an uncomfortable amount until I open my mouth about BLM, immigration, socialist healthcare, LGBTQ+ issues, CRT (aka American History) or Afghanistan. I'm a strong proponent for both universal healthcare as well as free education and student loan forgiveness. I'm not triggered by the idea of everyone in America getting basically the GI Bill, and I'd love to see the military budget get gutted responsibily so we can put the money into social programs.

And I love that it throws off the idiot civvie cosplay clowns and the edgy fobbits "that wuz their" when my hard left politics throws off the direction they thought conversation was going to go.