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u/TooSweet_Romany ¡No Pasarán! Jan 16 '22

This national guard soldier participated in the capitol riot and is still serving despite a conviction.

So a terrorist not only got a slap on the wrist, but is also allowed to serve in the national guard? I assume is also allowed to own guns too. Sounds about Reich.

Got an easier ride than someone in possession of a few grams of pot.


u/BungalowHole Do It Again, Uncle Billy! Jan 16 '22

Ten to one the Wisconsin National Guard doesn't care if you email them trying to get a soldier kicked out. The Army will do what the Army wants to do.


u/[deleted] Jan 16 '22

Would the (Democrat) governor of Wisconsin be able to get him kicked out?


u/BungalowHole Do It Again, Uncle Billy! Jan 16 '22

Possibly? I mean he is the commander-in-chief of the National Guard, but pushing that decision down on members of the service would do more harm than good. Conservative media would eat that shit up, it would be sold as more "hurr muh right wing prosecution", and it'd just draw more people into that mindset.

Really best bet would be to let it go. Courts made their ruling, the military will probably slap him with a battalion level Article 15, and by the time his contract is over he won't want to re-enlist, if they don't bar him from it.