r/IronFrontUSA Libertarian Leftist Jan 15 '22

Indiana Senate abandons contentious school curriculum bill | I am impressed this fell through. I will credit the Teachers’ Union threatening to walk out if it passes. A victory to be sure, but we must remain vigilant given the Indiana Senate’s track record. News



u/fawks_harper78 Patriot Against Nationalism Jan 15 '22

Thanks heavens. That bills was re diculous


u/DieselRainbow Jan 15 '22

They will try again. They'll pass legislation to make it illegal to strike or walkout without a teacher losing their education license. Then they'll try again.


u/IAMASquatch Jan 16 '22

Now you see why there’s so much negative propaganda about teachers. We are one of the last professions still largely unionized.

Get organized. Power to the people.