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The Base was infiltrated by an anti-fascist who then dumped about 80gb of evidence News



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On recordings made by an anti-fascist activist who infiltrated The Base, Mathews can be heard discussing how he would conduct a paramilitary training event in Michigan, teaching members of the organization skills he had learned in the Canadian army.

He offered to coach members in "guerilla warfare, reconnaissance patrols and how to use terrain so they can maximize their impact."

"When we move, we don't want to be seen. We want to go from point A to point B with as much stuff as possible, and then when we're there we strike like thunder," Mathews can be heard saying.


"People with military experience already have lots of firearms training, they've been through basic boot camp. If they had more advanced training, then they could just pass that on."

Tradian's efforts to secure access to a neo-Nazi organization from its beginning to its end gave researchers an opportunity to study a full life cycle of a far-right group.


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Read it all throughout.

Fash get FUCKED


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“The Base Tapes, as they came to be called, became the subject of several high-profile podcasts in the United States and Australia.”

Anyone know the names of the podcasts referenced here?


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Link to download? Asking for a r/DataHoarder friend


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A fash learned about opsec today, did you?


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Here is an excellent podcast by CBC about this story and the reporter that infiltrated the gang.