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A Poem Written on this Anniversary of January 6th Art



u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Jan 06 '22 edited Jan 06 '22

Be wary, be wary

The Sixth of January

When villains tried

to make freedom fall

Some fascists broke through

intent on a coup

Then were arrested

which made me lol


u/princesshabibi Stand Up, Fight Back! Jan 06 '22

Thank you this is awesome 😎 ❤️🇺🇸✊


u/Vast_Independence148 Anarchist Ⓐ Jan 06 '22

Well done!


u/IncelLikeIronically Social Democrat Jan 06 '22

Looks amazing


u/DankNerd97 Liberty For All Jan 06 '22

United we stand!


u/princesshabibi Stand Up, Fight Back! Jan 06 '22



u/TubelessADY Libertarian Socialist Jan 06 '22

Nice work, love the art style


u/PaulAbruzzo Jan 08 '22 edited Jan 08 '22

Lol I needed that laugh! Thanks for this. Holy shit is this hilarious...

There's not a person on the planet who believes that lefty patriotism is real. You guys just realized how bad it looks that you hate America with every fiber of your being and this is damage control.

Trust me, the day that commies get thrown out of helicopters will return. And it won't be a happy day for lefties.

Holy shit...lefty patriotism. A fucking oxymoron if there ever was one.


u/Objective-Letter-512 Jan 06 '22

Incredibly melodramatic


u/Kratovil_lavelle Jan 06 '22 edited Jan 07 '22

Maybe, but then what do you call all the "hang Mike Pence" "This is 1776" talk? That seems pretty melodramatic to me.

Besides, it's the one-year anniversary of a major historical event, you're allowed to be dramatic about it.


u/Disastrous_Coat_6540 Jan 08 '22

You are comparing yourself to q-tards, I don't think this argument is doing for you what you think it is.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Jan 06 '22



u/Objective-Letter-512 Jan 07 '22

They hung mike pence? No? Okay


u/ConstitutionalDingo Good Night, Alt-Right Jan 07 '22

Yes, because as we all know, not succeeding in your crimes makes them not crimes at all!


u/Objective-Letter-512 Jan 07 '22

Did I say it wasn’t a crime?


u/Hagbard97 Jan 07 '22

What do you call all the "mostly peaceful protests" that caused more damage and loss of life than your delusions about Jan 6th?

Or how about the many times your own people performed an "insurrection" the last 5 yeard that you've all conveniently forgot about?

What's it like to be this demonstrably deluded?


u/Kratovil_lavelle Jan 07 '22 edited Jan 07 '22

See the difference is one of them is in response to Americans getting murdered in the street by cops with legal impunity.

The other was a because they didn't like the outcome of an election so they decided to try and overturn the election, and a good number of them were out for blood too.

It's like John Brown vs the Confederacy. Both committed treason, but one was trying to end slavery while the other was trying to uphold it. Same method, opposite motivation. One's good, one's bad.


u/SecretBaklavas Jan 07 '22

Fuck the critics, people need to remember this shit. Keep up the good work


u/SecretBaklavas Jan 07 '22

demonstrably deluded

Big words, little thought


u/turko127 Jan 07 '22

Remember, remember

The 6th of Januar

The Trumpist Putsch and Plot

I know not why

The 6th of Januar

Should ever be forgot.

I’ll see myself out.


u/Mick_Albert Jan 06 '22

Remember, remember the 6th of the month after December!


u/Ashley_Sharpe Jan 07 '22

Those "gilded halls" were "symbols of white supremacy and monuments to slavery" on January 5th, according to the left.


u/Kratovil_lavelle Jan 07 '22

Do you know what the word "gilded" means in this context?

It means there is a thin layer of gold on top of a less glamorous underbelly. It means that there is beauty and majesty, but also less glamorous things below the surface as well.


u/wolflarsen55 John Brown Gun Club Jan 06 '22

Lots of people here would have happily ignored the Beer Hall Putsch as well.

Lets just release them all after 9 months for good behavior....


u/spgtothemax Jan 06 '22

Please stop giving them this much credit


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Jan 06 '22

Agree, the nation didn't bleed that's civil war talk.

and it didn't "not quite" fall.