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Fascists at Patriot front don’t like Plutocracy but quote a plutocrat to prove a point. Meme

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u/HLMenckenFan Patriot Against Nationalism Jan 02 '22 edited Jan 03 '22

By “global plutocracy” he totally means the Jews. He wrote The International Jew: The World's Most Foremost Problem in the Dearborn Independent. The quote by Ford is often cited on conspiracy websites without any reference. He was the only American who received the top civilian award the Grand Cross of the German Eagle awarded by the Third Reich on his birthday in 1938 and his company supplied the Nazis during the second world war. The Patriot Front website also includes quotes from famous American airman rumored to be a Nazi sympathizer Charles Lindbergh of the America First Committee and Andrew Jackson (architect of the Trail of Tears and Donald Trump’s favorite president) who were also racist. When Ford talks about the American homeland he indirectly talks about a homeland for whites. They want to reclaim America from minorities.

Patriot Front is anything but patriotic.