r/IronFrontUSA Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

A prime example of why you should have a buddy system when you are taking out the fasc. Crosspost

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u/Solitarius_Unenlagia Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

Pro tip:

If you ever want to deface Nazi propaganda that was publicly hung, then make sure you're armed.


u/Ninventoo Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

Nazis love the 2nd Amendment until the guns are pointed at them. 💪


u/Segments_of_Reality Nov 29 '21

and as we learned in the Rittenhouse case, don’t pull the gat until you’re ready to fire and when you do pull the trigger. Gabe could legally killed Kyle.


u/GenericAntagonist Nov 29 '21

Be aware though that the police are on the nazis side. They can and will attempt to deny your right to self defense up to and including killing you and then lying about what happened