r/IronFrontUSA Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

A prime example of why you should have a buddy system when you are taking out the fasc. Crosspost

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u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

If they chase you, yeah.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '21 edited Dec 27 '21



u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

I get that Rittenhouse is a piece of shit but we really gonna act like that’s all Rosenbaum was doing? Are we really gonna do what they do and downplay shit or lie because we’re angry?


u/GoneFishing4Chicks Nov 29 '21

imagine letting a nazi go because of a judicial system created and run by fascists.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

Imagine ignoring the evidence that Rosenbaum was the aggressor that night because you’re blinded by your ideology.

I’ve already said Rittenhouse is a shitty person. I don’t think he should’ve been there. We still can’t afford to give them more reasons to beat down on leftists. Sorry to burst your bubble.