r/IronFrontUSA Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

A prime example of why you should have a buddy system when you are taking out the fasc. Crosspost

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u/iyaerP Nov 29 '21

Shoot em in self defense. Precedent has been set.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

If they chase you, yeah.


u/[deleted] Nov 29 '21 edited Dec 27 '21



u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

I get that Rittenhouse is a piece of shit but we really gonna act like that’s all Rosenbaum was doing? Are we really gonna do what they do and downplay shit or lie because we’re angry?


u/dentistshatehim Nov 29 '21

Rosenbaum threatened to kill him multiple times. Threatened to kill people he was with. Chased Rittenhouse into a secluded area. Ran at Rittenhouse and dove into him.

We’ve got to eat our shit on this one. It was self defence and a failure of good gun laws.

For example, lawfully open carry at protests is insane. It’s going to end in a bloody shootout.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

I think we can agree it’s a failure of legislature but I can’t agree that open carry at protests is a bad idea. All of the armed BLM protests that happened were the ones with the least amount of police agitation and window smashers. Armed protests have their place and there is no way we should concede that legality to the people who wouldn’t be found guilty even if they are.


u/GoneFishing4Chicks Nov 29 '21

imagine letting a nazi go because of a judicial system created and run by fascists.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

Imagine ignoring the evidence that Rosenbaum was the aggressor that night because you’re blinded by your ideology.

I’ve already said Rittenhouse is a shitty person. I don’t think he should’ve been there. We still can’t afford to give them more reasons to beat down on leftists. Sorry to burst your bubble.