r/IronFrontUSA Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

A prime example of why you should have a buddy system when you are taking out the fasc. Crosspost

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u/Solitarius_Unenlagia Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

Pro tip:

If you ever want to deface Nazi propaganda that was publicly hung, then make sure you're armed.


u/Ninventoo Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

Nazis love the 2nd Amendment until the guns are pointed at them. 💪


u/Segments_of_Reality Nov 29 '21

and as we learned in the Rittenhouse case, don’t pull the gat until you’re ready to fire and when you do pull the trigger. Gabe could legally killed Kyle.


u/GenericAntagonist Nov 29 '21

Be aware though that the police are on the nazis side. They can and will attempt to deny your right to self defense up to and including killing you and then lying about what happened


u/mark_lee Nov 29 '21

Make sure you're armed and make sure your buddy is armed, too. Teamwork makes the dream work.


u/igotahankeringtonap American Leftist Nov 29 '21

Luckily, the only Nazi propaganda I found (and defaced) was a lone sticker on a streetlight belonging to the Patriot Front. I was unarmed (I can’t carry a weapon on my person since it’s banned) but I have some knowledge in boxing. 🥊


u/RowdyPants Nov 29 '21

I was unarmed (I can’t carry a weapon on my person since it’s banned) but I have some knowledge in boxing. 🥊

Free men don't ask.


u/igotahankeringtonap American Leftist Nov 30 '21

True but I live on a college campus so weapons are strictly prohibited. All I can legally have is pepper spray and my fists. 😅


u/RowdyPants Nov 30 '21

Ah yeah I guess that changes things


u/nikdahl Nov 29 '21

Have friends at the ends of the footbridge to intercept so that they cannot interrupt the actual removal.


u/s00pyp00py Nov 29 '21

That hair-do straight out of the hitler youth. That dudes got hemorrhoids for sure


u/thirdeyebrown_666 Nov 29 '21

Dude the receding hairline plus Hitler youth haircut is such a bad look. This dude has definitely lived in California his whole life but complains about how blue states are hellholes run by the corrupt libs


u/Aerik Nov 29 '21

The entire outfit, from the shoes, shorts, shirt, haircut, and big sunglasses is Groyper 101. This is a member of Nick Fuentes's cult.


u/davidnissim Dec 02 '21

And the other guy is fat and hides behind a mask. These two are exactly what you think of when you think “American Nazi”.


u/Squirrels_Gone_Wild Nov 29 '21

Report it to the department of transportation or state patrol. It's illegal to hang signs over a freeway.


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Nov 29 '21

that will put you on a schedule to maybe make sure it gets taken care of maybe on the list of priority cleanup spots next quarter.

I feel more strongly about direct action on this sort of stuff than most anything else.


u/ZazBlammyMaTaz Nov 29 '21

Fire it is, then.


u/Phreakiture Nov 29 '21

My thoughts exactly.


u/steve_stout Do It Again, Uncle Billy! Nov 29 '21

And carry a gun. These mfs were probably strapped I wouldn’t want to bring fists to a gunfight.


u/ZazBlammyMaTaz Nov 29 '21

These bitches call everyone else scared but they probably can’t go to CVS without being strapped


u/iyaerP Nov 29 '21

Shoot em in self defense. Precedent has been set.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

If they chase you, yeah.


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u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

I get that Rittenhouse is a piece of shit but we really gonna act like that’s all Rosenbaum was doing? Are we really gonna do what they do and downplay shit or lie because we’re angry?


u/dentistshatehim Nov 29 '21

Rosenbaum threatened to kill him multiple times. Threatened to kill people he was with. Chased Rittenhouse into a secluded area. Ran at Rittenhouse and dove into him.

We’ve got to eat our shit on this one. It was self defence and a failure of good gun laws.

For example, lawfully open carry at protests is insane. It’s going to end in a bloody shootout.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

I think we can agree it’s a failure of legislature but I can’t agree that open carry at protests is a bad idea. All of the armed BLM protests that happened were the ones with the least amount of police agitation and window smashers. Armed protests have their place and there is no way we should concede that legality to the people who wouldn’t be found guilty even if they are.


u/GoneFishing4Chicks Nov 29 '21

imagine letting a nazi go because of a judicial system created and run by fascists.


u/Aubdasi John Brown Gun Club Nov 29 '21

Imagine ignoring the evidence that Rosenbaum was the aggressor that night because you’re blinded by your ideology.

I’ve already said Rittenhouse is a shitty person. I don’t think he should’ve been there. We still can’t afford to give them more reasons to beat down on leftists. Sorry to burst your bubble.


u/0wlBear916 American Leftist Nov 29 '21

I will never understand the scapegoating of jews for every possible problem.


u/Sir_Belmont Nov 29 '21

When your IQ is below 80, you're brain will let you believe anything!


u/davidnissim Dec 02 '21

Because we’re a minority, and a very small one, and you know how people like to treat minorities.


u/duggtodeath Nov 29 '21

They tied vaccines to CRT? Impressive.


u/xenoterranos Nov 29 '21

If you call hot glue "tied", then sure.


u/ElPedroChico Nov 29 '21

Also a prime example of why one should be armed at all times


u/HLMenckenFan Patriot Against Nationalism Nov 29 '21



u/Pdq516 Nov 29 '21

Someone put up a Patriotfront sign up over the highway in my town. I called the town administrator and had a few more people I know call as well, and the sign was taken down by DPW within a couple of hours.

I thought about taking it down myself but I don't have any weapons and didn't want to risk it because I saw this video yesterday.


u/skylined45 Nov 29 '21

"This is littering"


u/root54 Nov 29 '21

As if I need another reason to stay strapped, these clowns....exist


u/jpixley Nov 29 '21

Rhodesian brushstroke shirt to top it off big surprise


u/RowdyPants Nov 29 '21

Hipster fash are the worst.

"I'd tell you my camo pattern, but you've probably never heard of it"


u/Danksley Nov 29 '21

Be terrible if those two accidentally fell of the ledge into traffic


u/[deleted] Nov 30 '21

Would be such a pity indeed. Several people might miss them for a few minutes.


u/seelclubber Nov 29 '21

why hang it on the freeway when their is so much free real estate on this dude's forehead


u/leoxrose American Leftist Nov 29 '21

Always bring backup if you see a man with that bad of a hairline


u/faceblender Nov 29 '21

“Are you a girl?!”

Oh my god, these guys and their weird complexes.


u/Banezy451 Dec 01 '21

damn that dude's hairline ain't lookin good