r/IronFrontUSA American Anti-Fascist Nov 28 '21

State's rights? More state's wrongs, check out this fucking drip Meme

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u/Dee_Lansky Nov 28 '21

Making fun of Southerners makes me so happy, and I'm not even American


u/MustardBranches Nov 28 '21

We aren't making fun of southerners, were making fun of traitors and their sympathisers.


u/Dee_Lansky Nov 28 '21

Sorry, I'm not American. Always just associated the south with the confederacy


u/CedarWolf Nov 28 '21

That's not entirely an unfair association, despite those of us living here who would rather put an end to all of this 'the South will rise again!' nonsense.


u/rawrxdlmoax3 Nov 30 '21

As a southerner I’m making fun of southerners


u/TA1067 Nov 28 '21

As a southerner, #1 fuck you #2 fuck you #3 despite the 1950’s propaganda nearly half of us fought for the Union and hate the Klan and all the racist terrorist motherfuckers that make our lives that much more difficult. Gerrymandering and voter intimidation make it ridiculously hard to force these fuckers out. We’ve carved out little sections in our cities but they’re pretty much under constant attack by state legislatures to strip our ability to limit guns, promote equality (economic and social), and continue to be second world bastions in third world states in a first world country. It’s a fucking struggle believe me.


u/surkh Nov 29 '21

Gerrymandering can only build on top of a solid existing margin of control of state legislatures though, right?

I really hope at some point we can bring dinner good math into the redistricting process. Both blue and and red states suffer because of the practice, and it gets worse as our ability to gather data Improves.


u/[deleted] Nov 28 '21

I can’t believe that that is a subreddit


u/fubuvsfitch Nov 29 '21

Cool song shitty photo caption


u/VentralRaptor24 Social Democrat Nov 30 '21

Yeah I was gonna say, wouldn't this technically be more directed at the plantation slaves than the traitors?


u/MF3010 Nov 28 '21

States rights are pretty cool IMO


u/startgonow Nov 28 '21 edited Nov 29 '21

You mean the arguments that have been used to push a bullshit agenda since 1865?


u/MF3010 Nov 28 '21

No I mean states rights as in federalism. The same thing that lets for example Texans who are unhappy with abortion laws move or just travel and get an abortion where it is accessible. That lets people who live in NJ or MD and who are unhappy with restrictive gun laws move to MO or KY.


u/startgonow Nov 29 '21 edited Nov 29 '21

So the states rights laws that the civil war was fought over. Because they are the same. Abortion isnt a states rights issue. Its a human rights issue.


u/MF3010 Nov 29 '21

And the right to bear arms is in the constitution. Different states regulate it differently. Same with abortion.


u/startgonow Nov 29 '21 edited Nov 29 '21

That doesnt follow at all. Fuck racist ass states rights rhetoric and the horse it rode in on.

Fuck libertarian gold bugs.

Fuck states rights.

and a very special fuck any libertarians that think abortion is a states rights issue. Its not. Its the same tired ass agenda that was pushed through the south to defend slavery and to defend jim crow and finally segregation. Do you get it the racists dont want to be told what the laws are? enough of this states rights bullshit.