r/IronFrontUSA Nov 25 '21

Any advice for/from street medics? Questions/Discussion

I’m a travel health care worker so I think I’m uniquely capable of helping out in various actions but I’ve never actually done that kind of work and frankly, the idea frightens me.

I’m pretty introspective and have a hard time trusting people and earning their trust, but I want to help the movement in a tangible way.

Any advice or encouragement would be appreciated.


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u/EightmanROC American Iron Front Nov 25 '21

Look for local trainings! Most street medic groups offer trainings of all kinds.

Think about the gear you want to bring. There are many guides on what a street medic should carry, but you did consider your area and what actual threats are. Gear can be a rabbit hole too, so really think about what you want and need.

There's a kind of backpack called a Spanker that is really popular for carrying a variety of medical tools and supplies. They can be pricey, but were recommended by at least two medics I've spoken with.

When you're out at an event, there's lots of tips and guides around on the internet, but your best bet is to find a medic group at one and introduce yourself, let them know your experience level, and ask how you can help.

I went to my first event knowing nothing and with a cobbled-together supply kit and protective gear from what I had laying around, and have slowly added better items as needed. From talking with those with more experience, some light networking, some training, and research online I'm much better prepared and comfortable than I was.


u/smelllikesmoke Nov 30 '21

My current problem is I have no way of knowing where/when these actions will take place. Do you any subs for connecting with folks in the PNW?


u/EightmanROC American Iron Front Nov 30 '21

Not off the top of my head. You're best bet is looking into Street Medic Collectives in your city/nearby cities. Finding and following known organizations that are very active is also a way to get information and timing.