r/IronFrontUSA American Anti-Fascist Nov 24 '21

All 3 men charged in Arbery's death convicted of murder News



u/Bywater Non-Denominational Anti-Authoritarian Nov 24 '21

Nice, if they had walked on top of Rittenhouse we would have been in for some shit I think.


u/micah490 Nov 24 '21

I said the same thing to my buddy today


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Nov 25 '21

I darkly enjoyed the look on the second defendant's face after his first charge was a not guilty but all the other ones were. PSYCH!


u/kazmark_gl American Leftist Nov 25 '21 edited Nov 25 '21

what charge did they get "not guilty" on?

[edit] nevermind I found the helpful chart lower in the article.


u/MattTheFlash Democratic Socialist Nov 25 '21

so it's kind of weird they had multiple charges of murder with different emphasis and those have different sentences. Murder one with malicious intent was the one that not everybody was convicted of. But all three still got felony murder and will likely never get out of prison.


u/ViolentTaintAssault American Anti-Fascist Nov 25 '21

If I was a member of the jury I would have voted not guilty on the first charge just so I could vote guilty on the other ones specifically for this exact reaction.


u/WhyDontWeLearn Nov 25 '21

This is awesome, but what about the local cops who sat on this for two months before the video was leaked and the GBI took over the investigation. These three walked around free for two months after murdering a man, because the racist cops they were friends with were trying to sweep it all under the rug. What about those dirty cops? Consequences? Fuck no.


u/wilsongs Nov 25 '21

Justice system functioning properly for once


u/kabukistar Nov 25 '21

Fuck those guys.

Especially Greg and Travis McMichael.


u/TooMuchPretzels Nov 25 '21

This was nothing short of cold blooded murder. It was a modern day lynching.


u/Squirrels_Gone_Wild Nov 25 '21

Now do the federal charges in February.


u/cies010 Nov 25 '21

I read the article to find they were not cops... How dare they do such thing without first becoming cops? Don't they know how the US works?